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    Love having my dick peed in and peeing in pussies till they explode!

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    Feeling it or filling a girl that with it
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    My ex thai gf squated over me and peed all over my crouch and then asked me to put it in her wet pussy and do the same. It was my first time experiencing that and I get hard the sec I feel a girls warmth splash on to my dick.

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  1. Remember pee has sperm in it cos when they do urine checks when you get a physical, part of the urine analysis is speed count. You just don't have a billion sperm thats consolidated in it like you do cum
  2. This is my profile on youporn if you want to check it out. Grrrrryo is the name.
  3. Its a very iffy thing and only was able to get in her when we were hammered. Its def more exciting when she was not aware i was doing it to her letting me do it but it was more pleasurable getting to pee in her clit or she would pee on my penis cos if the warmth. Its always worth a shot though lol
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