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The Interrogation

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The following depicts tales of embarrassment, slight desperation, and nude female on female pissing. Enjoy. 


It was dark and cold. Sofia woke up wondering, “Where am I?” Her head hurt a little bit, probably a headache from whatever was put into her drink last night. As she was starting to come to her senses, she looked down and realized she was fully naked and tied to a chair. She had a medium sized build with mocha colored skin and C cup breasts. She had not shaved down there, a small bush covered her vagina. A light switch came on and a single light went on over top of her. The door opened and in walked the person who captured her. She was an undercover FBI agent, she was a curvy white brunette, with big thick thighs and a huge ass. She also had very large and beautiful breasts that were almost popping out of her tank top. She was wearing jeans and a belt. 


She walked in and said, “Hello, Sofia. You disappeared for a long time there so I had to resort to other methods to bring you in. But the important thing is that you’re here now. You probably know me, my name is Heather Moss. I’m an undercover FBI agent and I know you were involved in the murder of Mason Jimenez.” 


Sofia had to really hold back tears. She didn’t want to show weakness. But Sofia wanted out.


“Please why are you doing this? Just let me out? Is this necessary??” Her voice quivered as she said this. She was getting very nervous. Getting captured was one thing but now being stripped naked and interrogated was something completely different. 


“I’ve been working this case for two goddamn years without leads. And now I got you on substance abuse so you’re not going anywhere. And I also found a cocaine packet in your jean pocket. That’s why you’re sitting there like you are. But also, I really want you and your people to learn that you can’t get away with this much longer.”


“But that wasn’t mine! And you drugged me! This isn’t right let me go!”


“The only way you let me go is if you promise to cooperate and give me what I need. I need a list of all your associates.”


“No, I cannot do that.”


“Are you sure? I don’t think you’ll like what happens if you refuse...”


“I’m not telling you anything! Let me out!


Sofia started to squirm in her chair but it was to no avail. Heather laughed. Her laughter reminded her of one thing though, she needed to pee. She had filled up on coffee before the interrogation and had a full bladder. But she wanted it this way. Heather made it clear what was going to happen as she stuffed a hand over her crotch. 


“Ooooh. I have to pee. But I’m not leaving this room. If you don’t start giving me some names, I’m going to use you as my toilet! Are you sure you want that?”


“You’re lying. You can’t do that!”


“Why not? No one will believe you, you’re a liar, an addict and a murderer’s accomplice! Are you giving me the names or what?”


“I’ll never give you anything you bitch!”


Heather took that as an invitation, kicked off her shoes and started undoing her belt. She was so ready for this. Then she unzipped her pants and pulled them to the ground. 


“Quite frankly I was hoping you’d say that. I’ve been holding it in all morning so you’re in for a treat!”


Heather stripped off her pink panties and let them slide all the way to the ground. She had a little hair there as well but she had a bigger stomach and now her massive bubble butt was on display. She went up to Sofia and sat in her lap. Sofia was now in tears. She knew she had made a mistake and crossed the wrong person. As she sat there naked and bound to a chair with a large half naked woman on top of her, she finally started to show some remorse. 


She sat on Sofia’s lap facing away from her, her butt touching Sofia’s stomach. She made sure Sofia’s legs were close together so they could support her well and catch her stream. Heather relaxed the hold on her bladder and unleashed a torrent of piss on her suspect’s lap. Sofia was thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed by what was happening. Her legs were getting warm and wet all over and Heather’s urine started running all down her legs and making a puddle underneath the chair. There was no holes in the chair so there was plenty of pee that pooled around Sofia’s legs and bottom. She could feel the pee as it hit her lap, it hit hard and fast and created a mini lake along her thighs and pussy. Heather even blasted out a fart as well as she continued to push out her strong stream of pee all over Sofia. No part of Sofia’s lower half was left dry. Heather let out a big moan in relief, partly as embellishment to belittle Sofia. Sofia was screaming throughout the whole thing and at a certain point she couldn’t hold back her tears. Heather was really enjoying herself because she needed this relief and it finally felt like she had made big progress in this case after years of disappointment. What better way to celebrate than for her to sit in her naked suspect’s lap and drench her in urine. She was definitely turned on by all of this and she would think about it later. Heather’s stream showed no signs of letting up even after 15 seconds. She then leaned forward and decided to get some on Sofia’s stomach as well. Heather was pissing so hard that she even managed to splash onto Sofia’s boobs. Sofia let out such a shrill scream when it happened, but no one would hear her. Sofia did not imagine things to go this way, especially now that she was just used as a personal toilet for a federal agent. 


Finally after what seemed like forever, Heather finally finished her pee. As Heather slowly got up off of Sofia’s lap, she felt the pee dripping down her large butt and back on to Sofia. Heather loved the fact that little drops of pee ran all the way down her thick thighs and calves. She looked at her suspect to see what she had done. There was pee everywhere. Sofia was completely soaked in hot urine, big puddles on her thighs and on the chair around her and a big wet puddle on the floor. Her whole nude body was dripping with Heather’s pee and she still smelled a bit of the fart that Heather let out on her. Sofia was horrified. Heather got up, took a tissue out of the back pocket of her pants and wiped al around. She set the tissue in the puddle on the floor and put her clothes back on.


“Whew! Thank you so much! I needed that! I’ll be here getting my bladder filled if you change your mind. I hoped you’d be a good witness but either way you do make a damned good toilet!”


Just as Heather was leaving, Sofia finally relented. 


“Wait! I’ll give you the names. And I’ll do whatever you want. Just promise me you’ll never do that again.”


“Great! And don’t worry, only if you give me a reason to will you do that. All you have to do is cooperate and the next time I’ll find somewhere else to use the bathroom... or someone.” Heather left the room chuckling. 


Sofia realized what she had to do. She gave up her associates to the FBI and vowed to never be a part of any crime ever again. For her, she knew that nothing else could ever be as humiliating as what she just went through. She didn’t get into any more trouble after that. 


As for Heather, none of her colleagues ever knew about the outrageous interrogation methods she used, but they could never argue with the results. Heather didn’t care who’s lap she had to piss on, she would drink as much coffee as it took to uphold the law. 



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Sorry for editing so much guys, I keep getting new descriptors in my head and want to add more detail to the story to make it absolutely perfect. I’m satisfied with it now and I hope you are too!

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I have to say, if I were being interrogated, I might be tempted to hold out for a while and enjoy being bathed in pee at least a couple more times before relenting.....

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