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Question for the guys

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Hey people. I am new here so nice to meet you all
(I am going to make the opposite question for the females in a different topic)

Ive only recently found an interest in peeing. I love to watch girls pee.. so my queston for you guys is...

What does it feel like to have a girl or your wife pee on you? in your mouth? face? I would really like to know... you guys who have girlfriends/wifes who pee on you are veryyyy lucky!

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My wife and I are still working on baby steps developing her pisd fetish. She will piss on me in the shower. When she does it feels amazing. If she pisses in my foot or leg it almost tickles lol. 

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Wife Bonnie gives me a workout...

Bonnie and I from time to time make intensive plans to brighten up our sex lives, and this time early in our relationship we decided to make it piss-intensive.

Early in the day one weekend we made sure we both took in massive amounts of liquids -- coffee works well for us as it is a diuretic -- so we always made sure we had a supply of either hot coffee or iced tea handy during the morning.

We planned to wait until one of us was feeling the urge to go, and then we'd go into the bedroom and warm up with an intensive round of pussy lapping.

As I slowly removed Bonnie's panties and spread open her moist labia, I could tell from the swelling of her belly that her bladder was reaching it's limit. She also shooed me away from leaning

my hand on it as she didn't want to spray me prematurely.

My stiff stander had been hardened for an hour beforehand with anticipation, and had been leaking its own special lube of liquid for a while and thus was slippery with moisture which I gathered on a finger and used to massage Bonnie's nipples. She moans and asks me to put some of it on her bunghole, which is usual in our lovemaking as light anal fingering turns us both on.

As I am rimming out her anus with my precummed finger, Bonnie coughs once and a tiny drop of her pee flies out her pisshole and lands on my tongue, which is slowly circling her swollen clit. At the same time her twat contracts and it's own wine emerges, salty and thin upon my heated tongue.

Bonnie convulsively reaches for my ballsack, tugs and grasps the skin between the two eggs in their purse, our usual signal for me to move up and get ready to insert my cock in either of her eager openings. Tonight it's the pussy -- my favorite fuck hole. Although Bonnie does seek my rod in her slickened asshole from time to time, we always try to finish in her pussy as she orgasms the best when she feels my scalding jizzum splash her cuntal membranes.

Tonight we have planned to see if she can pee when she starts to cum. We've tried before, but my massive member in her tightened cootch seems to block the flow of pee until after I've shot my load and withdrawn. Tonight we want the pee to flow while I'm inside her cumming.

"Give it to me.. I'm soo close to peeing I need your cock inside me now" Bonnie moans using her thumb to strip out some of my precum and then rubbing it on my own anus.

I break off my pussyeating expedition and move up. She's on her back, spread wide open and gripping my cock with a deathgrip, aiming it's purple head dripping with lube directly at her pussy opening. With a slight twist, I guide it home and she's so slick and tight it immediately goes in full length. Usually we go slow and ease it in, but not tonight. She wants it all in all the way right now.

Immediately Bonnie begins the fuck. Hard and fast, bucking her ass so my cock slips out all the way to the rim of the head, then down and back in all the way again, my balls slapping against her spread open and clutching asshole, wet with my precum.

Almost as fast as she began, Bonnie now moans that she'd got to pee

"Oh my god get ready, it's coming" she moans. And I feel a slight stream trickle out and run down my balls but then it stops.

"Dear god take it out I have to pee first" she moans, and I slide it out but not all the way. Just the tip remains in, but it's in the outer lips and just a fraction of an inch away from her piss tube.

That's far enough, though and now, unimpeded, the pee flows hard and fast like the fountain of spring cascading down my hardened shaft and all over my flapping balls, flowing like a rivulet down across her opening asshole as she suddenly cums and cums hard, raking my balls with her fingernails, moaning -- "Fuck damn fuck me hard I'm pissing"

I lean back up and slam it home into her clenching cunt again, and the pee stops and she multiple orgasms with each and every slow cock-stroke .. hitting those soprano I'm-cumming sweet vocal sounds that drives me insane.

Bonnie reaches around now and inserts, not too gently, her thumb directly and all the way into my eager asshole, which triggers my cum. Boiling up from the depths of my balls, it screams out my fucktube and into her greedy vagina squirt by squirt --creaming the insides of her belly, her clit, the peehole and running sticky and warm over her asshole. She removes her thumb from my grateful butt and rubs the cum leaking from her over her own anus.

I finish and collapse, pulling my snake out and laying it against her pounding clit as the last clot of cum oozes out onto her. When the last drop of my spew hits it, she moans and releases her last shot of piss, washing the head of my cock for just an instant before we see stars and almost pass out. 

After a brief moment of rest, I slide down to savor her pussy and our combination of spendings -- my nose sucking in the fragrances of warm cum, vaginal liquids, female piss, the faint whiff of ass --as I dive into her sopping muff to lick and nuzzle and taste it all.

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Well with my ex we started in the shower the. When ever she went to the toilet I went with her . Then she stared to pee in my room on a towel and then my bed. Then she sad I need to go lay down . She down in all 4 and she marked me up . I was so hard went within 1 min as she feed me her warm pee from the towel.

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Ah it feels amazing. Just the other day I received a golden shower and it's such a turn on. A few months back we had a weekend in a hotel and I told her every time she needed to piss it had to be on me and lucky enough she went along with it, it's not really her thing but she does it for me so I'm very lucky. Just saving up for another dirty weekend away again so I can ask the same thing next time. Its absolutely amazing and I will never stop wanting more

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I did not get involved in pee drinking with my first wife. She was willing enough to go along with me watch her weeing but that was as far as it went.


My second never talked much about her previous relationships or sex life. I was used to long build ups with much foreplay, cunnilingus being a favourite but it was my hand which got her started. We had been going out together for about six months & as the time had passed she was more & more eager to make love & especially to take part in our long foreplay. It had just been a normal play time when it suddenly changed. I had been rubbing her clit & she grabbed my wrist & held it very firmly. I wasn’t sure if she intended to keep it there or push it away so I just carried on as I had been. It became obvious she was climaxing. After it had pass & she had come back down she got out of bed quickly & stood at the foot, leaning against the wall with her hands behind her bum. She was very agitated, not upset exactly but seemed unsettled. She asked what I had done to her. I guessed she’d had an orgasm so told her so. It must have been her first ever, not that she ever admitted it to me. She was 34 years old.


From then on she was the one who did the steering into the bedroom most of the time & many more orgasms followed. At first they were only manual ones but then I managed to get her off orally & finally she had her first fuck orgasm. Even before her first vaginal orgasm she had been a really good little fucker, willing to explore different places around the house &a variety of positions & her orgasms became a regular part of our lovemaking.


I had started to suspect she was leaking quite early on. After we had made love there was always more than just cunt juice on the sheets but it was never really discussed. There had been what I’m sure was wee during cunnilingus, not a lot but enough to tell its distinctive flavour. In the build up to her orgasms she could get in quite a state, climbing up the headboard trying to escape from me as if the sensations were just too intense.


When it did happen there was no denying it, a big spurt flooded my mouth & face. I hadn’t been expecting it so the sheets & mattress copped most of it. She became very upset & started cry apologising profusely which & went to great lengths to reassure her everything was okay. It took a while for her to let me go down on her again steering me towards manual orgasms for her. Even then I could tell there was leakage.


A few weeks passed before she finally came round & admitted avoiding cunnilingus because she wets herself but that she was really missing it. It lead to a long revelation. Yes, she had been leaking ever since we had been together, her orgasms just so good she was pushing to make them even better & knew her pee was escaping. I manage to convince her it didn’t matter I that I didn’t mind if she leaked a bit, better than going without it all together. We resumed cunnilingus & the spurts began. She was always so ashamed of what she had done but I told her not to worry because I was enjoying it & didn’t mind the taste.


That was how it started, barely a mouthful but gradually it built up & built up. It drove her crazy & her orgasms seemed to get more & more intense. In the end she would empty the entire contents of her wee wee bag in my mouth & stare down at me while she was doing so, the power of the experience showing in her face. At the start we didn’t get it right & some of her pushes were too much for me to swallow in one go, but we got better & she regularly emptied the entire contents of her bladder down my throat without me losing a single drop.


Unfortunately the rest of our relationship did not enjoy the success of our time together in the bedroom so we separated. 3 years after we were both in new steady relationships. I got a call from her one day with what turned out to be an excuse to see me. She cried & admitted that was the one big thing she missed from our relationship. I had been set up but still went ahead & drank her bladder dry for the last time without missing a drop what’s more. It was a very special parting that day. Whether she has found someone else to take her wee I will never know. As a strange irony, we did that hundreds of times, but I only got to watch her peeing once. The embarrassment of me being there was just too much for her.

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