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Wetting In The Rain

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I wrote the following story for my website.  I hope you like it.

I'm now in my mid-forties, but have been into wetting and watersports for many, many years. Some of my past lovers shared my fetish over the years, but my husband does not. So, I've resorted to a little solo wetting trick I learned back in my college days. In fact, sometimes wetting fun can be more erotic when alone. It can be one's naughty little secret.

When I was in college, I thought of a way to wet myself without anyone knowing, even on a crowded street.

I wait for a night when it's pouring rain and go for a walk. I put on a tight pair of jeans with no panties. Sure, some folks who see me must think I'm crazy for walking in a downpour without an umbrella or raincoat. But, who cares?

Within just a few minutes of walking, I'm drenched! Then, I stop and let the pee just gush from me. (One must first drink a lot of water, of course.) Sometimes, I'll even appear to be window shopping while I am actually soaking myself! I have even had conversations with people whilst peeing this way!

When I arrive home, I simply throw my wet clothes in the wash basin. Then, it's off to the bathroom for a good rub of my clit with an intense orgasm! My hubby thinks my habit of walking in the rain is just a silly little quirk. Oh, if he only knew!

I got the idea from chatting with a woman at a pee site long ago.  I merely "jazzed it up" a bit.  She did this.  But, since I wrote it, I think it belongs in the fiction section.

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I have actually done this.   It is very liberating and also the warmth spreading within already cold wet, clammy clothes is a great feeling.

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