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PeeFans Has Advertising Space For Sale! (& Ad Swaps) - If you run a site, please read

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Promote your website, product, service, or message to 1000's of daily users.

Whilst we are open to working with a wide variety of advertisers, adult or pee related content is of course going to appeal to the largest percentage of our audience. The campaigns previously run have been specifically for pee websites, and click-through/conversion rates have been exceptionally positive.

If you have anything you would like to promote, and would like to immediately reach a huge audience of pee fans, please privately message me ( @Admin ) or email peefans[at]gmail.com with the subject 'Advertising'.

We believe this can be a win-win-win relationship.

> You get a huge traffic boost / potential sales from a large, loyal and very specific audience.

> PeeFans gets revenue to help support the forum and its running costs.

> Members continue to get free access to a fully-funded PeeFans, and also access to the relevant websites/products being promoted. (Our recent pee-related ads which have proved very popular are prime examples of this).

However, if you are a member who is strongly against adverts, you can upgrade your account to remove them - find out more by clicking HERE. 🙂 

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Please note we are also looking at ad exchanges. For example, we both promote each others sites to help people find more pee websites they'd be interested in.

If you run a pee website, or know somebody who does, please let's get in touch to see if we can find something mutually beneficial. 🙂 

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