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Jenny and her friend Sara part 7

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So after a long wait here comes part 7. Thanks to Wetwulf and everybody else for commenting and wanted to read more. So I hope the wait has been worth it. Enjoy. 


After Linda and Jenny changed clothes. Both in dresses now. Was in the supermarket. Looking for something they could put on the grill.

- Mom. What about chicken?

- I don´t know. I´m not sure I want chicken today.

- Yeah, now when you say it. I don´t think I want it either. But lets take a classic. A big steak.

- Yes that´s perfect. And leats make some fries.

 - Thats great. Some salad please.

- Of course sweetie.

The next thing they will need was something to drink. The supermarket has a lot of different kinds of soda and juices. It´s good in one way and bad in another. It´s not that easy to choose.

- Ah. All this drink make me feel like I need to have a pee.

- Haha. You have to wait until we get home. It can´t be that bad. We peed for leas then half an hour ago.

- I know. But it has been a great day. To just be able to pee where you are, thru what I´m wearing is great. I love the feeling of freedom it gives me.

- Thats great that you found something that gives you that feeling. But we have to keep it private. It´s not regarded as okay by the public.

- I know mom. I just like it a lot.

- You know I like it too. Wait someone is coming.

A couple came in the same aisle. Talking about drinks for the BBQ they were going to have later. Jenny smiled. When the couple was done and walked away.

- Sounds like we are not the only ones who will have a BBQ tonight.

- No. Probably quite a few will have it tonight.

- Maybe. But ours will be the best.

- Sure it will. Even if we can´t wet ourselves. Now when we invited Sara´s mom.

- Oh I didn´t think about that. Your right. Well maybe we can find a way to do it discretely.

- No Jenny. Don´t take that risk. We have to be careful. If she founds out. The risk is that Sara won´t be allowed to come over anymore.

- O no! That would be terrible. Sara is my best friend. So I just have to do it before she comes over.

- Well you can probably do it one time before she comes over if you plan it right.

- Actually. I will have time to do it twice. I´m sure about that.

- How can you be sure about that?

- Because I´m doing my first one right now.

Linda look down and saw pee came down between her daughter´s legs. Making a splashing sound and the puddle grow. But the stream ended quickly.

- Jenny! I can´t believe you. You just wet yourself in public.

- Sorry mom. But I just couldn´t resist. And I just let some out. I have more but I will save that for later.

- That was a big risk you took.

Jenny looked away from her mother. She was a little bit embarrassed. But something inside her told her to do it. She just hade to know how it would feel to do it in public. It was great. But she also knew her mother was right. The risk was high. Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar sound.

- Mom! You are peeing too.

- Yeah I know. I just couldn´t let you take that risk alone. And I became curious.

Jenny smiled and looked at her mother closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling. But she also stooped quickly.

- Well now I have tried it too. And I think we have to try some things at home. If we are you somewhere and have to pee. It will be nice to know how to do it discretely.

- Wow mom. You are actually planing on wetting yourself in public again.

- Well just in a emergency. It would be a lot easier then looking for a toilet.

- I´m not going to say no to that. But I think it´s time for us to get back home.

- Yes it is. And we don´t want to stand over two puddels if someone sees us.

So the girls bought the rest they needed and went home.

When they got home. They started to put all things in place and started to prepare for the BBQ. Linda went out and lit the grill while Jenny prepared the salad. Both girls thought this evening will be great. Even if they can´t wet themselves. Jenny thought it was fun thinking about that all this started with peeing in the shower. Something almost everyone does. And now they have started to wet through their panties. Then her mother came back in. When Jenny looked at her legs she smiled. It was wet streaks on both her legs.

- Well I just let some out while I lit the grill.

- So I see. And now it´s my turn. Just to feel the warmth.

And soon she let some pee out. The feeling is great and gets better everytime. Not by much. But better anyway. She stopped just when her pee reached the floor. She smiled and they both continued to get everything ready for the evening. Soon everything was done.

- Well they are here in about ten minutes. So what do you say about we go out and emptie our bladders before it´s to late?

- That sounds like a good idea mom.

They both stepped outside. Stayed behind the house so they couldn´t be seen from the front of the house. And without saying anything they parted their legs and let the pee out. Both had to pee a lot so the girls legs was soon really wet. Both smiling and enjoying the feeling. They peed so much that the ground didn´t have time to suck everything down. But when the girls bladders finally was empty the ground could finally catch up. Just when they stod and enjoyed the feeling they got from their wet panties. A sound came from the front of the house and got closer. It was Sara and her mother Erika. Luckily Jenny and Linda had time to move away from the puddles. But there was no time to dry of their legs.

- Hello girls. Thank you for inviting me. Erika said.

- You are welcome. My mother needs someone to talk to. When Sara and me talk about things she´s not that interested about.

- I can understand that. The young has their own language haha.

- Well we can say the same about adults.

- Yes I gues you can haha. But I just have to ask. Why are you both wet on your legs?

- Oh. We have prepared everything outside and the sun warmed our legs. So we cooled them down with water. Jenny said and winked at her girlfriend.

- Thats a good idea. That will probably come handy this evening. Erika replied.

- Well then. Lets get started with our BBQ. Linda said and started to go against the grill.

Erika followed her to see if there was something she could help out with. But Jenny and Sara stayed and Sara pulled Jenny behind the bush were the hose was.

- You both had wet yourself´s didn´t you? Sara asked in a low voice.

- Yes we did. We wanted to enjoy it one last time before your mother came. We can´t wet ourselfes when she´s here.

- I know. I can´t do it either. And I really need to go. In all excitement for this evening I forgot to go before we left.

Well we are standing beside the hose. So just go and I will start the water if your mother comes.

- Oh thank you so much. Good thing both me and my mother are wearing bikinis. Well for me it´s a good thing at least.

Then Sara smiled and without moving her legs she started to pee. It was so clear that she really enjoyed herself. The pleasure was great. To feel the pee go down her legs. For a moment she was in her private heaven. She was really close to start to touch herself. But stopped before her hand touched her bikini panties. She opened her eyes and look straight in her lovers. Sara quickly gave Jenny a kiss.

- Just a quick one. I don´t want my mom to see that I´m kissing in her eyes my best friend.

- I understand. We take it slow until we feel it´s time to reveal that we are a couple. So should I spray water on your legs now?

- No I don´t think thats necessary. You didn´t do it and my mom believed you.

- Yeah but you can´t see our panties.

- Oh you are right. But just from the waist down please.

- Sure. Well the warmth the pee gave you will be gone now when the cold water hits you.

- Sadly yes. But now we know that we can wet ourselfs if we do it here.

- Yeah and thats great. But we have to be careful so Erika don´t see us do it.

- Of course. Now lets go back to our mother´s.

When the girls got back. The grill was lit and their mother´s had a drink each. Sara and Jenny took a glass soft drink each. They talk about how the liked the neighborhood and gossiped about the neighbors. Jenny and Linda went inside just to change to bikinis. When the food was ready they sat down to eat. They talked and laughed. A really nice evening. After all drinks she took, Linda feelt she would need to pee soon. So she asked her daughter to help her without saying what she needed help with. She also told Sara and Erika to sit and wait. When Linda and Jenny came to the busch. Linda pointed on the hose. Jenny knew immediately what her mother needed. So she started the water and was just going to start to aim at her mothers legs. Linda stopped her. She wanted to pee first. Jenny smiled and waited for her mother to emptied her bladder. Soon Linda´s blue bikini panties got darker and pee ran down legs. She had to look down on her legs while she peed. Jenny looked at her mother and smiled. This is great. Both like to wet themselves now. She tried to feel if she needed to pee too. And yes she could do it if she wanted. She wanted to do it a lot. So she planed on doing it when her mother was done. At her mothers feet the pee formed a puddle and if her mother wanted. It was enough to splash her feet in it. But she just enjoyed the feeling. After about thirty seconds after she started, her bladder was empty and Jenny pointed the water against Linda´s legs. While she did that she got a poke on her left shoulder. It was Sara.

- I´m sorry if I scared you. I guessed you went here for a pee. So thats why I´m here.

- Sure Sara you can take my place. I´m done now anyway. Linda said.

Linda steeped aside and Sara now stood in the same spot Linda peed. Just when she was about to let go. Her mother came.

- There you are. Everyone left so I was just curious about what you were doing.

- Oh we are just cooling our legs down. Jenny said.

- That sounds like a great idea. I will just go in and use your bathroom first.

- You do that mom. I will cool you down when you are ready. Sara said to her mother.

Erika went inside. Sara walked to the door and watched her mother go in to the bathroom.

- Well while she´s in there. Lets pee without the water on. We have time enough to go before she gets out.

- That´s fine with me. I love the feeling it gives me. And to have the water on is not the same.

- Great. On three. One two three pee. Sara said.

Within five seconds both girls where peeing. The both closed their eyes to enjoy the feeling to the max. Sara´s pee ran down her legs but most of Jenny´s pee just went straight down. So she put her legs closer to each other and that feel a lot better. Now it went down her legs just as she wanted. Just when the where almost done. A voice they did not want to hear was heard. Erika´s.

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7 hours ago, MrSonata said:

Thanks to Wetwulf and everybody else for commenting and wanted to read more.

You're welcome. I hope there is more to come. I'd love to see Emily become a wetter, as well, so that Linda would have someone her own age to enjoy peeing with.

Edited by wetwulf
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8 minutes ago, wetwulf said:

You're welcome. I hope there is more to come.

Yes more is to come. 

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On ‎7‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 8:14 PM, MrSonata said:

Yes more is to come. 

We are waiting!!!

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