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  1. Hi. After our 2nd baby my wife now has stress incontinence. Until now it has only been when sneezing and occasionaly coughing but last week she was out with her sister and friend for lunch and she was laughing that hard she wet herself. Its a real turn on for me as she dosent know when or where its going to happen.
  2. Hi It does not bother her if i walk past whilst she is peeing. I think she is just glad of the relief. Installing a camera would be un acceptable as there are others use the toilet including children. She is quite open and i have also seen her squat outdoors on numerous occasions and also had to stand in front of her to hide her. I am nearly 100% sure she has also wet herself as she mentioned it briefly but didnt go into much detail.
  3. For me it was when I was 19. I had seen girls wet themselves in school but it never interested me until i met my now wife. She was a few years yonger and we arranged to meet for the first time in a nearby seaside town. When she came up to my car and got it the first thing she said was. "I nearly wet myself earlier" her belt got stuck and she couldnt get her jeans pulled down. I though that was so sexy. The following week we met up at her parents house and were playing pool when she was standing with her legs crossed and said"hurry up cos im gona pee myself" i was hard in an instant but she fin
  4. My sister in law comes to our house for tea every evening and when dhe comes in from work she tells us all about her day whilst standing cross legged and holding herself because she wont use the loo at work. She then makes a dash for the toilet and doesnt close the door so all we hear is a big loud hiss and her sigh of relief. She has never admitted an accident but im sure it has been possible.
  5. Has anyone here laughed so hard they peed themselves or have you seen it happen anybody. I seen my cousin do it. She was laughing so hard then grabbed her crotch and the splashing started.
  6. Behind a bush in a garden while working. Had to sit on the ground on my knees.
  7. Just saying hi to everyone. Had a look through and seems a great site. Any other irish members on here?
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