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  1. The puddles are big in comparison with my feet
  2. I was walking on a secluded urban road near to a railway, today was a warm day. After minutes, the air began to smell as fresh piss at first soft but then the smell was quite strong penetrating. I found an urinal alley. These puddles are from a male or a women? I think that it made by a horse because the puddles are enormous. A big bladder. I want to pee there but I don't know how do that....
  3. TOP 17 BEST PEE SCENES IN MOVIES! https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ranker.com%2Flist%2Fpeeing-scenes-in-movies%2Fjacob-shelton&psig=AOvVaw2fSHONAibAss8ORjQ-QZy8&ust=1711071929157000&source=images&cd=vfe&opi=89978449&ved=0CBIQjhxqFwoTCND7v9udhIUDFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  4. Maybe, because the piss made a river with no splashes on the walls. I think about a woman peeing there
  5. I was walking and I found fresh pee pools on the street. I could to take a photo of these. I dont know it from a man or a woman? What is your opinion
  6. Good explication. Around that part of the station was smelling like fresh piss
  7. In the image what is the difference between the male puddle and female puddle?
  8. I was in the subway and I found a piss puddle in the floor. The question is from a male or a female? It could be from two or three days ago
  9. I was on a long journey from another city to visit her older sister, who lived in a metropolis. The journey had been smooth until I reached the city limits, and I was suddenly caught in the grip of a massive traffic jam. As the minutes turned into hours and the cars barely budged, my discomfortly grew unbearable. I had been holding my bladder since I left my hometown, hoping to find a restroom on the way. However, the unexpected traffic jam had dashed my hopes. I squirmed and moaning in the seat, trying to distract myself from the growing urgency. I looked toward the dark tunnel, th
  10. Since a few days ago I discovered that some chatboxs can write pee stories with some tricks. Here I show you the best story created by my opinion. I don't have such redact level. HERE'S THE STORY In the heart of the bustling city of Port the Cruces, where life never seemed to slow down, lived a girl named Ayleen. She was a spirited young woman who always embraced the vibrant energy of the city. On a scorching summer day, Ayleen found herself in the depths of the city's subway system, clad in an armless crop top that exposed her shoulders to the warm air, light jeans, and
  11. AUGUST 4 It was at night, I was in the same pool with huges wants to pee. I used a long sleeve jacket with a bikini. I was sitting in a deck chair enjoying the sensation of a full blader. I was with my cell phone and with my legs crossed, I really have to go to the bathroom but the sensation is fine. Then at 10 pm the pool started to close and I take my bag and put my sandals for go away. When I stood up I felt a rock inside my belly. I don't held it for a long time, but it was like If I endured it for hours. I tried to walk I my legs pressed, my thighs are contained my crotch. My pu
  12. JULY 22. I't was in a pool. I was in a chair next to the pool wearing a bikini. The day was cloudy for that there no many people in the park. In a corner sitting on the chair I began to feel a bit of wants to pee, I decided to endure. Moments later I realized no many people is nearly to me, so I started to drink more. I continue enduring for a long time, in a moment I had to crossing the legs, I leaned back in the chair watching the fair skin of my legs and feet trying to concentrate myself to hold. In a moment I couldn't hold it more and I tried to pee. I put my buttocks in the edge of t
  13. This story is since 7 years ago when I was camping with my classmates. The scenario inside a large farm that was used for camping and other activities, this farm has about 4 square miles (10.36 km2) and in it there were very few buildings, almost everything was forest with small moors. The end of the hacienda was delimited by a wire fence held together with cut logs. We decided to camp among some trees near the fence. There was a little lake in the farm. We spent the day playing and then in the night we made a bonfire. In the farm there was bathrooms, but it was 20 minutes walking.
  14. Yesterday I tried to pee standing up in the street. When I was desesperate I go to looking for a calmy street to piss. When I found one I stood in front of a brick wall and seeing that nobody be close I pulled down my jeans until my calfs, then I took off my panties and tried to pee in the wall. I pushed my crotch to can pee, I flexed my knee a bit and support my belly in the bricks. After some seconds doing nothing I started to evacuate, when the tap of my bladder was open, my urine first came out as a profuse drip that created a vertical river over the bricks and then as a spray. I woul
  15. 6 JULY 2023 I'm in my native country and today I had free time. I was alone in my house, so I did something I want since months ago, pissing in the parking lot of my neighborhood. I wake up early and drank a Ceylon tea, then I decided to wear my favorite pair of jean shorts and a stylish long sleeve blouse, my jean shorts covered less than half of my thighs and it's light colored. I drank two glasses of water in a row without stopping, I waited for despair to come, I was sitting in order to press my belly to make myself want to urinate. Then seeing that the urge
  16. As we stumbled out of the restaurant, giggling and feeling a little tipsy, I glanced over at my older sister, Ilsa. Her mischievous smile matched mine as we made our way to the car. It had been a fun evening so far, catching up and enjoying some drinks together. However, as we merged into the evening traffic, a familiar urge began to gnaw at both of us. We exchanged nervous glances, silently acknowledging the growing urgency in our bladders. We desperately needed a restroom, but the endless stretch of cars and concrete offered no respite. The minutes ticked by agonizing
  17. really yes, my mother hold me by the hips to piss between two cars when I was little and no one said anything.
  18. The chewing gum is another restriction in Singapore, for that I prefer endure me there
  19. When I've been in Singapur or Malaysia I prefer to hold it, I dare not to spray in public.
  20. In Indonesia and another southeast countries, If nobody sees you, we relief in public. I never pee in middle of the street always I looking an alley, between two buildings, on a parking behind a car.
  21. Where no bathroom present I do it. But sometimes I holding for fun
  22. I am from the Philippines but I lived I have lived all my life in Indonesia
  23. My mother tells me to pee anywhere they can't see me, it can be a parking lot, on the side of the road, behind a tree.
  24. Several times with my older sister we urinated together hidden in the street after parties, pubs or concerts or any event where we had to put up with each other
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