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    Normal straight guy, who likes peeing and pooping girls. I absolutly love if girls piss where they shouldnt.

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  1. Id really like to Reader the part where she is doing number 2. If youre not allowed to post it herein, it would be great if you can send it to me via the Chat.
  2. Great Story, thank you for your effort.
  3. My last piss outside the toilet was two Werks ago. Im working at a public Office and i share my Office with 10 people. Outside the Office theres a long floor with a snack Maschine at the end. At this Day i was the last one in the Office so i wanted to piss on the wall behind the snack Maschine. I opened my Jeans, pulled my Big cock out and After a second of silence i pissed a thick Stream on the white wall. I have pissed about 30 seconds and there was a really Big foamy puddle on the floor. I put back my cock into my Jeans and left the puddle right there on the floor
  4. Great Story, i cant wait to read the next part.
  5. Thats one of the best Storys ive ever seen here. Please post the second Part, i csnt wait to read it.
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