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  1. I've been doing kegels and ab workouts so I don't know if that helped or not, but I've peed just a little over 16 feet. So far I've seen no man or women in videos able to beat this. I will probably show a video/ proof once I hit 17 feet, I am still a little shy to share a video because I joined just a month ago. My goal is 20 feet but I don't know if that's even possible yet!
  2. Holy shit! I would like to see that. What do you mean by the other form? Sorry I am new.
  3. I've been really working on my distance peeing over the past couple months, my best is about 15 feet (I use a tape measure so I'm not just guessing). I know with more practice I can definitely make it past that. I'm just wondering what I should shoot for? I've seen a lot of videos of both genders peeing really far distances, but I don't know an exact number to try and beat. Anybody have videos of people actually measuring their pee distance or an unofficial record somewhere? I know this record isn't going to go in a book or anything but its just a fun thing to try and beat! 🙂
  4. Oxyy

    22M :)

    Hi! I am a 22M and in college. I consider myself straight but I like to watch both genders pee. I really enjoy watching people (and taking part in) distance peeing. Glad to now be a part of this community!!
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