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  1. I've had well timed marking. There's a construction fence between our yards, so, we see each other alot.
  2. Hmmm...yeah, idk...looks like it can be damaging. I don't know that it's safe, and I was in shock to see it.
  3. Love the play on words!!
  4. I'm sorry this happened in front of the kids, but did you enjoy the wee anyway?
  5. I think that is ridiculous. First, the pelvic floor is a muscle, like any other muscle in our bodies. If you contract or relax it, that is not damaging the muscle, it is using it. The process of contraction and relaxation gives you control over the muscle. It is healthy to do Kegel exercises to strengthen it because an absence of exerices, combined with childbirth and menopause, weakens the muscle. Then, you can get urge or stress incontinence. But there are a number if devices, including electrical stimulators, ben wa balls, and certain vibrators that are designed to help stimulate and
  6. Yep, it completely depends on the company.
  7. Ok, so I ran across a vid on Pornhub showing urethra dilation. She appeared to like the procedure, but oh my freaking god, I have questions!! Has anyone had this done? Why does someone get this done? Is it safe? Does it cause constant leaking? Or even incontinence? Like, what are the advantages to this?
  8. I live in normal suburbia with about 1/4 acre, and one of my hobbies is gardening. In fact, I do some yard marking to keep deer out; however, I'd like to do more. How does everyone hide their outside yard pees from the neighbors? Especially on weekends when neighbors are home. I don't have all of my fence finished, but getting caught would likely damage my close relationship with my neighbors. Suggestions?? Pictures??
  9. Pissing outside...but holding can be intense too. I really enjoy watching men and women pee.
  10. I'm new here. I was excited to find a community for this fetish. I've been lurking for a few days, and I've enjoyed the posts in the forums. Looking forward to interacting.
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