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  1. I accept and respect your opinion. I guess our fetish can be divisive., even amongst us.
  2. They mean 'hold off peeing on stuff" for 24 hours so it can dry. Meaning, pee in the toilet, sink or shower instead for a day or so.
  3. I keep reading about peeing in hotels. As I stay in hotels quite a lot (with my wife) it's an exciting prospect and I have already done a few things. But I see people mentioning using towels to clean up afterwards. I am a bit apprehensive and confused. Obviously hotel towels are usually white. Pee is yellow. Doesn't it show up and make it obvious? Or do you just make sure it's very dilute? Or do you rinse with water afterwards to clear it a bit? Some people have said put the towels in the corridor. But surely that means you have one (or two!) towels less in your room and won't that n
  4. Great ideas! Thank you. I have shied away from peeing anywhere that people might eventually eat / drink. Don't know how I feel about that. I will give it some thought. The garden and outhouse sound great especially under the cover of darkness. We are there for 8 days this time.
  5. I wrote about an adventure as a House/Pet sitter a while back: https://peefans.com/topic/25175-housesitting-peeing Well, I have an update which is exciting (for me at least)! Recap: me and my wife do Housesitting to look after pets when their owners are on holiday (vacation) - in their home. It relieves trauma for those leaving pets and gives us a reason to travel. The people who we help (when I say "help" - they give us free accommodation and usually food and drinks) give feedback (for others to look at) and we also give feedback. Following on from my adventures (link abo
  6. Hello. Yes I have asked her but I think she is grossed out about it all. I understand.
  7. Not a frequent poster here but I love all the stuff I read. Some of you may remember I am an older guy who loves the idea of peeing but my wife won't (still) entertain the idea. So, I have to do what I can. Some of my solo adventures revolve around hotels. But this time it was whilst housesitting. For background, İ live in a place where people travel frequently. A lot of people have pets and, rather than put them in to costly kennels, they often ask if people can look after them. Sometimes they want the pet to be looked after in the other person's house but other times it's in the owners
  8. I am an older guy married for over 30 years. I have asked my wife many times to do some pee play but she has never been too keen. A year ago I came across some hot videos of people peeing in hotels (never seen it before) and I broached the subject again with my wife. Also I found "public toilet mess" pees too. That too I discussed with my wife and she thought it over but was not interested. I was frustrated but respected her choice. The only option - do it myself. It was not my preference but it was either that or nothing. I first of all thought about store dressing rooms but I chickened
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