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  1. When you say squat, do you mean high squat as over the toilet, or do you mean a low squat using a hole-on-the-floor squatting toilet? I ask because I assume a low squat would more likely get you a wet backside because pee can run down your bums since they are lower. Is that your experience?
  2. Wow, since you pee so powerfully when standing, I assume your stream must also be quite powerful when sitting? Which is interesting because I thought most women who have stray streams running down bums or thighs have a weak stream, since it goes to the side when not shooting forward with enough force. Do you get stray streams when sitting only toward the end, or do they run stray the whole time you’re peeing?
  3. Interesting, would you mind sharing some more details? Like what position on the toilet makes you wet yourself the most? And where do you usually get stray streams, bums, thighs, or else?
  4. Looking forward to knowing your research results. when you say “sometimes,” how often is it exactly? And when you say “everywhere,” do you mean your bum cheeks, thighs, or else?
  5. This is fascinating. I’ve heard of and watched some women who pee quite messy, and they can’t seem to control it. So I want to ask the girls here, when you are not trying to wet yourself, like when just peeing normally, do you have to deal with stray streams running down your butt cheeks or thighs? How wet can you get on a day when your pee really seems to have a mind of its own? does that happen to you a lot? It’d be amazing to know.
  6. Wow, a wonderful girl you’ve got there! some women pee rather neatly, so they don’t get wet panties as much even without wiping. Others pee more messy and needs more wipes to fully clean up. Would you say your girlfriend is closer to the neat or the messy kind?
  7. From what I’ve heard, women who pee sitting with legs and feet together can sometimes make the pee flow backwards, and wet their bum cheeks or thighs. Obviously it differs from one to another but is that a common experience for you or others here?
  8. Hello everyone. New to the site, but so far everything looks lively and nice. I developed my pee fetish when I was fairly young, but became sexually connected for me as I became a teenager. While I like watching others pee, inside/outside etc, my greatest fascination is watching girls who pee with messy streams, with lovely dribbles running down their bums and thighs. Looking forward to sharing and reading more pee stories!
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