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    Love peeing/watching girls pee in unusual places, also a fan of desperation/wetting.

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    Peeing where you shouldn't, desperation, wetting.
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  1. Welcome, I'm a long time lurker, but trying to post a little more these days. Hope you have some fun here.
  2. I think my ability to hold generally got better as I got older... but I'd always rather pee outside than wet myself. Nothing specifically got me "into it" at school... my first memory of being fascinated with pee was sitting in my bedroom late at night, the girls in the house behind having a party in their garden and just peeing off the decking, butt's in full view of me some 50-60 meters away. Never deliberately went to see "how high" I could get it, but I did do that once in a school urinal with a few friends... seeing who could get it highest up the wall... Never really foug
  3. I have a male friend who wipes after he pee's we were once both peeing into his toilet at his house when he did it and at that time to me it was odd because I'd always just been taught to shake it off... strange how differently people can be brought up.
  4. I feel your pain... I've had many a desperate drunk train ride home... and like you I try and find somewhere to go when I get off... there is a playing field not far from mine which I can nip onto for a quick wee... luckily I've yet to be caught in the act however.
  5. Not so much in school. Although I once snuck into the girls bathroom after an after school club and took a pee in the cubical. My walk home used to be an hour, and a lot of the time I'd be desperate as I'd not pee'd in school. My walk home took me over fields so I'd make sure noone else was about then dip into some bushes and whip myself out and piss up a tree or just on the grass. Once or twice a girl friend of mine would join me, hike her skirt up and drop her tights/knickers and piss on the floor next to me. Those were the days.
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