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  1. Guys. Do not worry, soon I will transfer all videos to my personal server and buffering will work faster. I will also remove numerous pop-ups. They will be, but in much smaller quantities. I will also make 2 modes of viewing the site - free with ads and normal buffering, and paid (maybe 3 per month, idk now) without any ads and with very fast buffering. I am worried that you see viruses. This is the problem of the advertising companies Vidoza works with. Hope this ends soon. Admin PissRIP.
  2. Universal


    Hi all! 🙂 Now videos are loading much faster than before. The hosting administrator (Vidoza.net) has expanded their physical capacity and now it works faster. I still try to add new content every day, thank you so much for using this site. 🙂
  3. After I went to her site, I wanted to poke out my eyes or tear off the hands of the person who created it. It looks like the student has just written his first HTML code. I've been looking for 5 minutes where you can download samples of sounds, but never found them. Can you specify direct links to files?
  4. Universal


    Vidoza recently corrected these problems. How long have you tried the video for the last time?
  5. Universal


    Install the extension for your browser - uBlock or ADBlock.
  6. Universal


    Hello dears! I apologize in advance for my impeccable English (this will be Yandex translation). Since I very rarely come on this forum, I have not seen your messages. I will try now at a time all to answer to the maximum. 🙂 1. Where's PissRIP.tk? - This domain "died" a few months ago because of its free. All free sooner or later ends or breaks. So I had to buy a domain in the zone *.net, and now the site is available at pissrip.net. 2. Why is pissrip not on Google? - I added the site to Google in about November 2017, after a couple of months at the request of pissrip Google showed my
  7. The site is always online. There are problems with the playback of some videos, this is the issue of hosting a video.
  8. My Pissing-Tube - http://pissrip.tk
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