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    Professional Manager & Pisser
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    In a steady relationship, a private person, good personality, tend to be moody, love clothes, love eating out, love trying new things.
    Completely hooked on the pleasures of pissing, have big bladder which is used to capacity every day.

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    Filling my bladder more and more, love watching my own piss leaving my body, love to hiss my piss!
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    When I peed for three and a half minutes in a butcher's shop, I was creased up with pain and had to try and act normal to ask to use their toilet and try and pee quietly as the toilet was in the shop. I've never seen my bladder in such a state, the relief when I actually let go was incredible. This pee is on one of my pee files, I just had to record it! https://www.cascademag.com/victoria-super-pisser/power-pissing.html

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  1. This was a truly scary experience for me, it was a first & a last, it was so painful and worrying, I honestly couldn't move, I had to be helped to the toilet. I recorded all of my attempts at trying to get all the pee out, I think I had 4, my bladder was solid! This link takes you to the page on my site. Vx
  2. 5 minutes is a long time to spend on a web page, maybe you're a slow reader? If you'd read the information on the page about Victoria, at the bottom of her intro you'd come to a link, it's a big link, you can't miss it, (unless of course you're too busy scoffing at the web page design) it says: Here is the link to my information page, there you can read (or hear) all about my bursting to piss experiences, play my free pee samples, get my e-mail address and I describe one of my worst bursting bladder situations! If you can see it, (most visitors do) you can click on it and there, lo a
  3. This site features a girl who can piss for 3 minutes, she really can piss! Beautiful sexy distinctive female pissing sounds. There's free pee samples and she has different sections for you to choose from, her name is Victoria, she's a friend and she's a super pisser. I've never known a woman who can make her pissing fanny hiss like she does, she's amazing, she's sexy and she's fun! 1stSept: She sent me another audio this morning of her pee last night, it was for three minutes, she held it so much that she could only spurt it out as it wouldn't flow on its own, she's such a brilliant pisse
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