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    bi male
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    Want to Develop games, currently working at a clothes store
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    I love pee way too much to be healthy and it feels great. I am a huge horndog, currently single but masturbate a lot. I'm an exhibitionist and love showing my body off, and love seeing others bodies too.

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    Wetting/Public pissing/Furniture Pissing
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    In college when I was going for Computer Game Development all my classes (pretty much all) were in a computer lab at the back of the campus. Often times security would forget to check it late at night. I would stay after everyone left, leave my dick out and if I needed to piss, occasionally right at the desk other times just walking backwards along aisles and pissing. I loved all the stuff I did there.

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  1. camoboy0

    Grizzlys pee pics

    Lol yeah, same. Then again, I masturbate a lot, so it''s not always pee-related. Like right now I am just because I haven't done it all day today yet, and man does it feel good. Hehe, hope I'm not saying too much.
  2. camoboy0

    Grizzlys pee pics

    I live with family still so I don't get to do much, but one thing I can do is piss in the sink when everyone's gone too bed. so that's just what I do. And afterwards I usually rub one out too because I'm turned on and horny by that point.