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    I love ladies that piss and love showing off that they do - but that's why we're all here!

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    A girl was sat on my face, really enjoying herself. Some piss dribbled out of her wide open crack and I drank it, so she did some more.

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  1. Gracey, I was feeling a bit down after my holiday, but every aspect of that story has perked me right back up!
  2. Oh, I see. Well I'd probably let her do it anyway!
  3. I am fortunate enough to have had a girl do it in my mouth a little. An ex was once drunk and was sat on my face while I was pleasuring her. She really enjoyed it came a bit too hard and a bit of wee came out. I found it a real turn on so she dribbled a little more while I carried on. She really liked it as one off but it was never mentioned again (pity). She claims to remember nothing of the incident. I'd love to relive it some day. As for the picture, there can be no question of forced compliance. As much as I find the idea exciting, I'm not sure I would be able to accommodate a girl rel
  4. Hello everyone. I'm a newly single man and I've just discovered this fantastic site. Stop me if you've heard this before but... I just can't enough of girls pissing! Once I've gone through all the pictures (!), I'll start a couple of themed threads myself. But that might take a while... :)
  5. Hello I'm new - and this is a wonderful site! I've often wondered about this sort of thing too. Do girls find it arousing to open their labia when pissing? Or does it depend on the individual? Or do they find it even more arousing if someone else is doing while they piss? :)
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