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De Praestigiis Angelorum

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“What does it actually mean?” Claire asked, reclining her head to better look toward her playmate. From her side, Scarlet rised her arms toward the ceiling of the room, stretching after completing her shaving. All her body was smooth of his own, after an expensive permanent hair removal, but she refused to extend it to her lovely pubic bush: she didn’t want to eliminate it forever. There was something romantic and intimate in the fact that it always re-spawned, thus bringing her to delicately remove it again. A permanent removal would have destroyed that intimate relationship, a cycle similar to one of the trees with their leaves, during the cycle of seasons, the Equinoxial Circle.


Looking now toward Claire, she allowed her steel-hard heart to let go a little sprite of the light she felt for her: “What does it mean what, darling?”


“The song. I mean, the whole album”

Her smile was radiant, the golden hair moved in the sun that penetrated throug the window’s curtains. Scarlet couldn’t help craving for her once again, but it was clear that for that evening there had been enough. Regardless of the nickname she chosed, Sophie was still inexperienced about the darkness of visceral passion. She was smart, playful, and deliciously unpredictable, but she wasn’t yet the kind of person to walk thru-and-fro from flames unscathed. The past month had been great, they switched from simple chat on the bus to having sex. And Sophie, though serenely bisexual, never had ex with somebody like Nancy. Though delicate, almost romantic in certain cases, Nancy's romanticism was the one of those majestic, enburdened titans who never lost their heart, despite unable to utterly hide the abysses they stared into. Nancy not only did stared in the abyss: she visited it, she learnt its rules, she gladly sucked its ruler’s cock, and when time came, she bite it out with a single cruel chunk. When he eventually fell off his throne and lied dead on the scorched earth, she just unloaded her aching bladder on his corpse, celebrating that Hell got now a new queen. Everybody usually thought that her nickname, Scarlet, was due to her hair, dyed red as ancient prostitutes used to do in order to state clearly who they were, making easier for clients to recognize them, but was indeed the deep purple of blood. Red were the hairs of Lilith, according to certain mythologies the first wife of Adam, refusing to submit to him sexually, and according to other, and more ancient and accurate mythologies, a goddess in her own right, acting as a wife to Adam meanwhile God created Eve so to give the first man a peer.


“De Praestigiis Angelorum. It’s Latin sweety, it means The Deceptions of Angels. It’s from a terrificly dark interpretation of some Bible quotes, adfirming that angels are so useful and important to God that they are authorized, would they ever be willing to do so, to rape and murder any humans without the slightest punishment, unless the human was thoroughly good or elsewhere very useful to God. Since angels are anyway good guys and we aren't ready to face the truth, they actually deceive us about it”

"Which truth?"

"That cruelty is part of Good, and can be funny, unless exerted over the undeserving. And very few among this World are so great they actually deserve not to bothered ever, by anybody. Evil is he who is so selfish and negative that he strikes blindly. But striking is not evil in itself. And if you feel like being a little cruel, you CAN be my Darling, just don't do that for blind destruction, but oly to state that sex is so Paramount, that it allows you to do EVERYTHING, save disturbing great people. From my side, the more I love somebody, the more I am cruel to that girl. It's because loving somebody unleashes something from my depths"

Scarlet observed her reaction, her eyes staring throughout the curtains, looking for a ray of light to grab with all her soul.

“It sounds awful” she admitted in the end.

“What?” laughed Scarlet, yet without scorn, “The music? It’s black metal at its finest sweety, I knew it wasn’t your style, it was you who asked to better know me. I don’t need for you to know me, I just need for you to allow me tasting your soul. I never asked anything in return for what I give you among bedpans, not even your love. Nobody could love me, I just couldn’t affort losing you”

“Oh no!” Clair hugged her friend, “I mean your explaination! It would be awful it things were like that!”. Scarlet felt that hug to the very roots of her being, and lost herself in the hairs of Claire. Claire. From “Leclaire”, which meant Lightning in ancient French. Sophie chosed that nickname because she thought it was respectful of what she felt when Nancy ran across her life. It started with little things, most than anything silly yet tender messaging on a piss-fetishist forum, and it evolved into friendship when Scarlet finally moved to her own city. At first they used to meet on the bus, but as they became more united, and Nancy felt it wasn’t unsafe for her to allow Sophie deeper into her own life, she started visiting her with her expensive car, one of the many luxuries Nancy had conquered living outside of the law for so many years. First time she killed a man was ten years ago, out of self defense, even police endorsed her deed. But from that moment, something changed in her. The need to understand if what she did was without-turning-back pushed her to explore the immortality of soul, in the end leading her among a satanic sect. She learnt everything they had to give, in the end angering the pathetical, power-hungry boss. Her powers were developing at a terribly quick pace, giving the coven the power to give excellent counsels in economical and political matters to various powerful individuals of the public scene, amounting enormous quantity of money. It was only when he started actually fearing her and convinced all the others to sacrifice her that she had to prepare a plan. Helped by entities that were much displeased of the evil use the leader was making of such powers, and wise about the fact that he was too stubborn to stop and too powerful to be simply reported to the police, she simply prepare their hideout, an abandoned building, to go aflame while they were gathering, thiking they were smarter than her. Police found nothing but ashes, and nothing could relate her to the deed, but a powerful politician, who had been blackmailed for long by the evil group, remembered her from previous acquaintances. Instead of reporting her to the authorities, which would have ended up in an empty claim, he simply offered her a job: occult consultant. Her duty was to utilize thelepathy to spot out lies in the speech and actions of other businessman he worked alongside with, or in opposition to. Nobody ever understood why their CEO was giving this absolute stranger so much money and power, and the worst rumors started to spread about a sixty old man having sex with a girl who wasn’t even twenty. On her behalf, Scarlet was slutty to the extreme, and her dark brown eyes were scary, ‘cause they looked able to pierce secrets, to pierce the very walls of people’s mind. And when he died, she was left with a terrifying money heritage, and nobody to know her secret, the death of eight criminals, burnt in the flames for attempting at her life. In the following years, her powers continued to develop, just as much as her loneliness.

“And beside, why are you saying nobody could love you?” she sighed, she was even more beautiful when she seemed worried, “…I do…”

Scarlet couldn’t wait for more and rushed on her, kissing her desperately, hugging her with heart-broken force. When she finally detached to breath, she murmured “…because in order to love somebody, you must love EVERYTHING of that person. You must know everything, and love it knowingly. I’m too much, my dear, lovely Sophie. I’m too vast, too dark, too deep. Too dangerous. I gave love up”.

And at that point, unexpectedly, Claire popped up in front of her, gently scoffing her hair to one side, and kissing her again, gently this time: “I will learn to love you. And I will deserve your love, either”.

Overcome with feeling, Scarlet repressed a tear: “You already got my love. You are pure light”.

Claire, from her side, smiled naughtily: “And maybe, now it’s time to Balance it, just a little, with a bit of darkness…”

The red one laughed, looking away, and started dressing up.

“Where are you going, if I can ask you”

Nancy reflected very cautiously about the answer. In an hour, she would have been among bedpans with another woman. No love with her, only a lot of dirty sex. Her pussy was still filled with the memories of Sophie’s tongue, and indeed she just finished shaving it in Claire’s own apartment. No, it wasn’t definitely fitting to answer.

“No sweety, you cannot”. The exceedigly short black satin dress swung up along the athletic legs, till it stopped just between the ass and the breasts, barely covering any. That was the dress she had on when she presented herself to Sophie’s house, and it could have looked like it was fitting for the occasion. Poor Claire wouldn’t have grasped that Scarlet was seeing two women the same day, and with the same dress. It was a bit of cruel, but Nancy was a bit, indeed.


Claire too was preparing to go out with her friends, a mixed group of party animals, yet she was starting to consider them a bit too… normal. More than anything after starting to date Scarlet.


She started to put on that marvellous light blue dress Scarlet just gave her as a present (“oh it looks expensive, I shouldn’t be that frivolous but OMG it looks so expensive!!!”), when she felt an unmistakeable splashing sound. Claire looked in disbelief as Nancy, now full dressed up with her high boots and her minimal dress, performed an high squat over the moquette of the bedroom. Her legs were parted, her ass all out, without warning nor asking permission, she just unloaded herself, sighing in relief as the thick stream rushed out from her pussy, creating a dark wet patch enlarging from second to second. Her first thought was to run toward her shouting “Stop! Stop! STOOOOP!!!” but she remained thunderstruck by such boldness, it wasn’t like those pathethic stories found on the web outside her loved forum (where stories were good!) about a nasty heartless femme fatale, this was Scarlet, and Scarlet wasn’t heartless, but was majestic like she hadn’t any. Sophie looked in disbelief as Nancy slightly changed position, bending even forward to make her ass even more backward, pushing hard, so that the stream jetted also a bit backward, hitting the scratchbook Claire used to plan new pictures, that had been left dangerously on the floor among their dresses, when passion overtook them hours ago. Now the stream was exactly above it, and Sophie rushed to retrieve it, incidentally getting her hands soaked by Scarlet uncaring relieving. She opened it while kneeling no more than a feet from Nancy still-shooting pussy, and her heart lost a beat when she noticed it was actually soaked. She couldn’t resist anymore, and started crying. She loved Scarlet also because of her brazen cruelty, but that was too much: “Turn around and look what you’ve done!”. From her side, Nancy did nothing but stretching with all herself to eliminate from her aching bladder all the remaining of her pent up piss, and her muscles strained to the utmost liberation, producing a very loud and bassy fart that enlarged her tight asshole, while the last rivulets of piss find their own resting place in the very large puddle in Sophie’s moquette. Standing up quickly in order not to breath that not-exactly-perfumed smell, Sophie completed her submission by offering Scarlet one of her shirts from a desk chair nearby, so that she could wipe her pussy, and throw it on the floor. Remaining silent while Nancy headed toward the door, she finally found the guts to ask: “Why did you do that?”. It was a whisper, like when a girl ask mommy why a deranged father escaped with a stupid whore half his age.

Scarlet breathed slowly, and exhaled her soul with the answer: “Because I love you”

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3 hours ago, spywareonya said:

If appreciated, more will follows. I'm also open to custom stories request

Mmmm, kind a light 'Darkness' to it. Very nice, thank you.

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2 hours ago, Scot_Lover said:

Mmmm, kind a light 'Darkness' to it. Very nice, thank you.

I accept suggestions for the next chapters, though I also have ideas that feel the need to put down regardless. I'm so glad you liked it, it is my first fictional story!

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Love how Sophie is so weak against Nancy's influence. That's a toxic level of love and lust, to be unable to resist someone who does things that offend you. 

Also love just how brutal and opportunistic Nancy is. Unapologetic, reminds me of a certain member on this forum! 

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On ‎4‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 1:49 AM, Brutus said:

toxic level of love and lust, to be unable to resist someone who does things that offend you.

if he/she who wield such a power do not use it to actually corrupt but only to brutally strenghten the other one, testing him/her and pushing him/her toward something that was indeed in his/her character but repressed in the unconscious, in such a case that power is the power of OCCULT INITIATION

On ‎4‎/‎19‎/‎2018 at 1:49 AM, Brutus said:

how brutal and opportunistic Nancy is.

she's enlightened by the knowledge that Good is not innocency, but the psychological capability to shield what we love. This capability is born out of psychological exploration and Mastering of the unconscious.

making things short, if you want to be a good person, you must know yourself and avoid being subject to unconscious immature drives, thus being responsible. and to be so skilful about yourself, you must explore your darkst side, and live it when you can, avoiding it just when it would be blatant and unfitting.



EDIT        second chapter is available, look for it!!!

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I loved reading this story. It is wonderfully written, and features some of my favorite themes. It is one thing, as the story says, for a heartless woman to piss wherever she feels like relieving herself. It is another, and hotter, for a woman of feeling and caring to choose to piss somewhere provocative. 

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5 hours ago, nopjans said:

 a heartless woman to piss wherever she feels like 


5 hours ago, nopjans said:

 a woman of feeling and caring to choose to piss somewhere provocative

Scarlet is both 

she's not heartless, in any way, it's more subtle

On ‎4‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 7:13 PM, spywareonya said:

Scarlet wasn’t heartless, but was majestic like she hadn’t any

it's the "standard" Witch attitude, misunderstood from the rise of civilization

another good reflection comes from Coppola's Apocalypse Now, the speech of Marlon Brando starring as Colonell Kurtz:

he talks about him getting disgusted by the dishonour of the Vietnam war, explaining that they received orders to inject children with cholera clamining it was a medicine given by americans as a peace-offering to the Vietcongs

later they had orders about returning to the town and executing any survivors, thinking they had all been eliminated by illness, but what do they discover?

the village elders discovered the american deception, and CUT OFF the arm of the children as soon as american soldiers relinquished the village: when the marines arrived there, they found lots of this children playing some kind of football, each of them without the right arm, like it was nothing. And the vietcongs angry as hell and ready to ambush the soldiers.


this is the essence of our Path: cutting off my son's arm to save his life

cruelty for a Greater good

it's not being heartless but I utterly know sometimes real Witchcraft can look like that

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