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Urine of The Goddesses - Ch. 3 Larmissa's Scripture

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(Chapter 2 linked above)


Urine of The Goddesses – Ch. 3 – Larmissa's Scripture

(Planet Estress, four months after the events of chapter 2)

On the eve of her 24th birthday, in the town of Kinera, Bianca awakened late in the night, with deep breaths from the most vivid dream she had ever experienced. She arose from bed and walked to the window, looking out at the half-moon, the forceful female voice from the dream still buzzing in her head. She told herself it was a temporary effect of the venom from the scorpion that stung her earlier in the evening. Mild venom it must've been, she figured. Too afraid to sleep following the disturbing event, the young brunette remained awake until sunrise three hours later. After helping her mother and younger sister Tara gather food from their garden for the day's first meal, she spoke of her dream. “Ma, are you familiar with...dreams? I mean...dreams that feel as real as flesh and bone, and that keep you awake?” Her mother Camille, replied, “Goddess, what's gotten into you, now? What dream?” Bianca responded, “It felt so real and I saw a woman's face, bright blue eyes and she just said with a loud emboldened voice to me, “Halass ret zov zu” or something?? It's weird, yes ma?”

Girl, did you just say “Halass ret zov zu?”

After a full hour trek through the open plains, under the urging of her mother, Bianca arrived at the old secluded house of Lady Vera high on the hill at the river's edge of town. After a few knocks on the door, she was told to come in. She entered the old log cabin house, full of vintage furnishings. Shelves along the side of her home were stacked with vast potions and herbs. Straight ahead at a small table sat in a thin quilted dress, the white haired Vera, in her 70's despite looking of a mid 40's beauty without a single wrinkle. 

My...what a sight you are. I barely recall the youthful joy of having such perky breasts that just bounce with each step! I used to go about with mine fully exposed just as you are! Oh, pardon me, I haven't had a visitor in ages! I am Vera. What brings you here young lady?”

“I...had a...dream last night, or rather...more like an experience. Some woman said to me,”Halass ret zov zu?” And when I asked my mother about it, she ordered me to come here and didn't say anything else. Lady Vera, what is happening to me?”

Ohhh....Oh my. It is time...My dear, those words you heard in your dream are not just words. That phrase is an ancient call from the the Wicked Mother, Larmissa. I believe her spirit lives on in all of us, but only rarely comes to one of us this way. What you experienced was no dream but a call upon you to carry out the next step in a series of steps from her scripture. Larmissa was an ancient demigoddess tasked with purifying the Stones of Emala with her golden flow in honor of Sequestina. While en route to holy ground to gush on them, she was stung by a scorpion and died before completing the ritual. The stones soon fell into the hands of the Sertic elves. Being keen in magic and envious of our dominance, they enchanted them to curse the soil of our land with nutrients that would allow men to overcome EvePoxia over generations. They then buried them in multiple locations. We are now seeing the results of their evil deed. Larmissa's spirit lies in wait for a special woman. The stones require the gush of a being with stronger blood than the original enchanter to break the elven curse. Elves are naturally resistant to scorpions. Young lady, when did you survive a sting and have you felt any physical illness?”

“I...I, was stung last night...my mother just thought it was a weak scorpion since I didn't get sick at all...Vera, oh my goddess...can it be? Am I truly touched by the Wicked Mother?”

Yes, child. I believe so. Your blood is very rare, making you fit for this task. It is you that must carry out the scripture. She has called upon you to seek out and purify the Stones of Emala. I have here the scripture, which I have kept guarded in secret for 3 generations. In the hands of someone with your blood, it will glow brighter gold in color as you approach the location of the stones. All I can tell you is that it is somewhere in the Deep Woods far west. When you find them, you must release a full gush onto them. My dear, I've waited a very long time for you. It has been 22 years since the last woman completed a purification of stones in a different location. These final stones are all that remain. This is the most important task of your life. Your importance cannot be overstated. It is imperative that you complete Larmissa's scripture to save our way of life. I cannot force you to do this or even force you to believe it as truth. Not even the empress knows of this, as it is closely guarded in secrecy according to the scripture. All I can do is show you the way. From this point, the fate of all women rests with you.”

Overwhelmed with the vast history and the impact of what she must do, Bianca gathered herself and took the scripture to head out on her journey, unsure of what to expect. She was familiar with the wilderness and learned to be a skilled huntress in youth, deadly accurate with her trusted bow. Venturing so far west was something she hadn't done in the past, and knew it would take all day to make it there. Along the way, she continued to subtly hear Larmissa's voice, as her mind played it over and over. The temperature increased as the morning hours advanced into the noon. The sun was relentless against her skin, turning from her natural light brown tan to a darker brown with a slight red burn. Sweat poured from every inch and crevice, dripping from her face and breasts, sliding down in between the cheeks of her backside. Her young body was in top shape however, and she continued on, with a steady pace across the wilds.

Three hours into the trek, a slight breeze picked up as she climbed in altitude, making her way farther west. Feeling the wind on her nipples and face in the shaded surroundings of tall trees was the first remotely pleasant thing to happen since her dream the night before. Relishing the moment, she stood still and lifted the cloth hanging from her waist to let the pleasant breeze dry her sweat soaked pussy. As the air circulated, the potent aroma of her prized hole tickled her nose and she started to become aroused. Being no stranger to allowing sexual urges to interrupt her, she slid two fingers inside and started to slowly caress. Her clitoris was hungry to be touched, sending sharp pleasurable sensations deep into her abdominal area. The wind grew stronger, gently pushing her hair around, a sensation that she didn't often get to enjoy during masturbation or sex. As Bianca became committed to getting herself off, her mind seemed to become instantly infected with Larmissa's voice again saying, “Halass ret zov zu.” Shocked out of her sexual act, she looked around, gazing at the distance into the quiet desolate woods, as her heart pounded with fear of another powerful experience. Removing her fingers and letting the garment fall back down against her thighs, she continued onward with a hardened sense of purpose. Back home in Kinera, her mother Camille was becoming worried and asking townsfolk about Bianca, eventually heading out toward Lady Vera's.

Four hours into the journey, the edge of the Deep Woods were finally in sight. Still sleep deprived from the previous night, Bianca was tired, hungry, dehydrated and needing to urinate badly, still holding it for the stones. She soon came across a pond amid the tall trees, and immediately knelt down to the natural spring. After a long drink, she laid down along the pond for a quick rest and unintentionally fell asleep. Bianca was eventually awakened by the sound of birds nearby. After four hours of sleep following a large drink, her pee could wait no longer and would soon release itself without her consent if she didn't do it now. Standing up, she walked a few feet over to the base of a tree and lowered down to a squat.

Before even properly positioning her feet, piss rushed from her young folds with ferocious speed, quickly soiling the surface of the tree roots and splashing upward along the bark. The relief was heavenly as her stream gushed forward with a noisy hiss. Looking down briefly, she noticed a trail of ants emerging from their hill on the ground, and didn't bother redirecting, more intrigued at admiring the plentiful width of her stream. As Bianca relaxed further into the relief, she remembered the need to save some for the stones and clenched her pelvic floor tightly. Her toes curled in the mild agony of cutting off such a strong flow at it's peak pressure. Every muscle of her body begged to finish the euphoric gush. Cutting her blissful release short, she stood up and noticed a slight golden hue from Larmissa's scripture on her waist. Taking it out to look closer, the reality of the powerful forces at play became ever more apparent as it rested in her hands, illuminated against the darkening evening sky. Bianca was in disbelief seeing it shine and quickly started walking again, determined to fulfill the mission. Any doubts about the story from Lady Vera were now fully in the past.

Now into the Deep Woods, the scripture was slowly growing brighter with each step. The dark blue of the final daylight hours soon gave way to pitch-black skies. The temperature was now lower and more windy as it blew her long thick locks to the side and hardened her nipples with a slight chill. The stars and full moon above provided natural light, but the scripture served as the primary source, radiating it's hue several feet in all directions. Following it's lead, Bianca made her way up a long hillside, covered in thick grass. At the top of the hill, the scripture brightened more. She took a breather and headed further inland. Her bladder was again aching at full capacity. Back in Kinera, Camille arrived at Lady Vera's and pounded on the door.

Oh dear, what has happened, young lady?”

“Lady Vera, have you seen my daughter? Her name is Bianca. I sent her to see you this morning, she never returned, no one has seen her. I'm getting worried.”

Yes, yes dear, the young girl came by asking about a dream. I didn't recognize that phrase she mentioned, I'm afraid. There was nothing I could do. Where she went from here is beyond my knowledge. I'm so sorry. I do hope she turns up. It pains me to hear of a sister going missing and to see such a pretty mother distressed.”

Walking deeper through the woods, Bianca saw in the distance, an old grave site covered in lush overgrowth, seemingly the only grave in the area. As she walked closer, Larmissa's scripture pulsated bright gold. Arriving at the stones' location at last, she was met by Utom, one of the Sertic elves of the area. Only a few feet tall and with a chubby build, their numbers remained low after being largely exterminated by women centuries before. This one was obviously advanced in age, with a wrinkled face, white beard and carrying a cane as he stood looking at Bianca. He had just finished digging up the grave of the High Master Litoro, a legendary elven hero that fought against the invading women. Buried next to him were the Stones of Emala, glowing with a dark red hue.

“Stop right there, sharp-ear. Step away from those right now. They're coming with me.”

You are here to purify them and break the ancient curse, I suppose. I've spent the past 37 years searching for these to stop one of your people from what you intend to do. Well, as we are both aware, I cannot stop you. But I will not concede to you either. I only ask that you have the mercy to kill me now before you treat the stones with your gush. The magic I employed to find these has a high cost. That being that should a woman of proper blood douse them with her nectar, I will burn alive. Please stranger, do not..condemn me to such a fate.”

Annoyed by his mere presence, Bianca paid little attention to his plea and stepped forward, looking down at the remains of the high master, with her bulging bladder aching and begging to be emptied. She looked up at the night sky, overwhelmed with relief at being at the end point of her day long journey. She then spread her legs to each side of the grave, focused on the stones and nervous with excitement at completing her task. Seeing that she was taking position to unleash her gush, Utom charged at her in panic, screaming, “NOOOOO!!! DON'T!!!”

As he rushed, Bianca caught him by the neck and said with angered intensity, “Your savage people are the reason for women's struggles with our men and you beg me for mercy, elf?! BURN!!!” She shoved him down into the grave atop the high master and rushed to quickly positioned herself over them both while lifting her garment, exposing an engorged wet pussy that seemed happy to be aimed at it's victims. With not even a second passed, her golden gush burst forth, so tremendous that little control could be exerted over it, spraying wildly all over the area. Utom felt pains quickly sharpening and intensifying all over his body as her shower rained down. Pulling her beefy labia apart allowed her to aim at the bones of Litoro. It's impact splashed back up from the dry dirt surface and lightly sprinkled her ankles.

Utom thrashed about in pain, his entire body jerking around violently as his flesh began to burn. His screams of agony went ignored by Bianca as she focused her iron resolve on carrying out the mission. Shocked at what her pee was doing, she felt more intrigued by the enormous gush and intense relief from her bladder than the soul she was torturing in the process. As she looked at Utom with a cold emotionless gaze, his hellish ordeal continued as the skin of his face melted away farther, revealing the the pink flesh beneath. His screams were now a mumbled gargle. Bianca's stream flowed relentlessly, showing no signs of getting weak, fueling Utom's torment. She tilted her head back and sighed in relief as her pressurized torrent struck the dirt below with a heavy splatter. Bubbles accumulated into a thick foam layer covering the surface of the puddle that was growing directly under the rib cage of the high master.

Utom's flesh was now melting into the ground, as he twitched, drawing his final breaths. Bianca directed her stream slightly to the side, aiming at the stones. Her concentrated pee covered and shined each one, making them change color from deep red to the bright gold of Larmissa's scripture. She placed two fingers on her hairy pubic mound, recklessly shooting the stream in various directions, some of which landed on the ground above and to the side of the grave. She glanced down at Utom again, his screams no more, and the smell of his burned flesh in the air. Bianca then knelt down into a squat, with her fierce torrent still raging from within barely within her control. The tremendous volume managed to wet the entire surface area of the grave and the puddle had grown enough that the stream now sounded more like landing into a river than onto dirt. Nearly 2 minutes in, her gush finally weakened, with the final drips sliding across her ass cheeks. Her bladder remained sore from the pressure it was subjected to all day.

Shocked at what just took place, Bianca reached down to grab the cherished shining stones, and placed them in her waist pouch, ready to head back to Lady Vera and report success. She stood up feeling a sense of accomplishment, then set off on the long journey back home. Nearly five hours later, between the late night and early morning darkness, she made it to Lady Vera's house, lethargic, noticeably thinner, covered in grime and sweat, with the aroma of three slaves at the end of their standard sixteen hour shift. Hearing a knock on her door, Vera opened it and saw the young woman collapsed on the doorstep from exhaustion, with a gold glow emanating from her pouch. She knew that Bianca had succeeded, and drug her inside to care for her. Ten hours later, she awakened in Lady Vera's house on a spare bedroll completely naked. She stood up and walked outside, finding the old lady working in her garden.

“Vera where are my clothes?”

Oh, you're awake! Darling, the stench on you was nauseating. I washed your clothes and scrubbed you down. Might I say that you have a very nice clit. So full and ready for touch. Surely it gives you great pleasure! Ah, here you are, get dressed. I sent word to the Golden Palace. Someone is coming to escort you soon. You have an important meeting today with the empress. Here, eat something as well. Quickly now.”

Soon, 3 female guards arrived for Bianca. After a one hour ride on horseback to the palace, she stood at the large shiny gold doors of the entrance, with two more guards standing sternly on each side. She was escorted in, through the main hall to Agnetta's private suite. Walking in nervously, her senses were fully alert as she looked around at the beautiful décor, quality far beyond what she was accustomed to. “Come, young lady.” said the empress from the rear corner of her suite. Bianca made her way back, round the corner and in her robe sat the empress, the most powerful and important woman alive. Archduchess Zeena stood beside her, ready to address the young girl.

Welcome. I am Zeena, and this of course is our empress, Agnetta. We've brought you here today because you have done something of amazing, cosmos shifting significance. You have completed the ancient scripture of Larmissa, something that has never been done before. It has the power to restore our absolute reign over our men, by ensuring that all who have immunity to the parasite will soon perish, leaving only the weak and vulnerable alive to serve us as it should be. Only with our golden nectar will they be able to live. The power of Sequestina has been unleashed on this land, in a way that not even I fully understand. On behalf of Estress, we thank you for your service, young Bianca. Now, there is another matter. The scripture also demands that the previous woman to complete a purification of stones must offer a high reward to her sister that did so after her, provided she is still alive. Well, here I stand before you. I completed the last purification of stones 22 years ago. As reward, Bianca, I offer you my position as archduchess to the empress. I have served for nearly thirty years. A fresh vibrant lady of your creed would make a fine successor. Do you accept my offer?”

“...Ye................................Yes. I accept.”

A wise decision, child. Let the record show that at this moment, I, archduchess Zeena, officially resign and vacate my role, in favor of Bianca Li Pensodim on this day of the 9th of Fondiq 813.”

Zeena took off her crown and for the first time in 28 years, handed it over. The 3 of them bowed to one knee and blessed Archduchess Bianca with a prayer to Sequestina. Zeena then hugged them both in tears of happiness for a moment before disappearing through the private suite of the empress for the final time. While walking down the palace hall, once again a citizen, she looked up at the painting of the goddess on the ceiling and smiled before pushing the large double doors open and leaving. Agnetta looked at her new subordinate and said, “Let's get to work, Archduchess Bianca. We have many important matters to fill you in on. I would also like to hear more about these ancient stones and your journey to purify them.”

“Yes empress. But before we do that, I haven't released my first gush at all today. Do you mind if I use your pot?”





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and is the highest thing I can say of anything since almost nothing disturbs me

it's not its content, it's the writing style

it was like living within it

I have read novel who became famous and sold hundreds of thousands of copies that entertain one tenth of this

Amazing, really, sometimes it gave me emotions compared to  the most Poe-lik Lovecraft short stories...


a masterpiece

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@spywareonya Disturbing to you?! Damn what have I written lol. 

But a sincere thanks. That was a moving response and it makes me proud to receive your highest praise.

What do you mean about the writing style? What is different from how I usually write?

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8 minutes ago, Brutus said:

Disturbing to you?!

the idea of dead relatives manifesting through descendants and their inherited destiny and/or apparently-all-personal-features is something so deep linked to the most hidden secrets of Witchcraft that the sole unvoluntary mention of it can disturb me greatly


you Always write in an excellent way but are fictional stories, like those I write, like those I have read from Tolkien and Stephen King and who  the fuck you want


THIS was hypnotic, like you were possessed while writing

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31 minutes ago, spywareonya said:

the idea of dead relatives manifesting through descendants and their inherited destiny and/or apparently-all-personal-features is something so deep linked to the most hidden secrets of Witchcraft that the sole unvoluntary mention of it can disturb me greatly


you Always write in an excellent way but are fictional stories, like those I write, like those I have read from Tolkien and Stephen King and who  the fuck you want


THIS was hypnotic, like you were possessed while writing

I dont know that it was involuntary. I mean I thought long about how she would go on this journey and figured that an ancient spirit makes sense and fits the lore, knowing that this concept exists in religions and these women in this world are highly religious and use it to justify their horrid behavior, just like in real life.

That being said, I was laser focused when writing these last 2 chapters because Im starting to get a clear vision of it. It could be called possessed. I just see the scenarios play out in my head and it mostly writes itself, if that makes sense. I can see the next chapters now, it just takes so damn long to type and edit.

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4 minutes ago, Brutus said:

last 2 chapters

they are both great, but this is written differently



5 minutes ago, Brutus said:

It could be called possessed

no, focusing is another thing from what you did here

what you did here is paramount



6 minutes ago, Brutus said:

this concept exists in religions

not only in the despicable ones, there is something similar also in the occult-related, respectable ones

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