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The Holiday Pt 5: Going Into Town

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Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/


We picked Maddie and Adam up from Maddie's house on our way into town. The previous evening the two had promised to show us around the local sights. It was a Saturday and the roads were busy, and we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way into the town centre. Looking in the mirror, I could see Maddie starting to jiggle in the back seat. For a few minutes she didn't say anything.

“So guys,” Maddie said after a while, leaning forward between the seats to speak to me and David. “I wonder if you have an opinion on people peeing in your car? Because I drank two coffees this morning and they've gone right through me.”

“Probably best not to,” I said, while David rolled his eyes. “It's our parents' car, we don't want to get it messy.”

“No worries,” Maddie said. “I can hold it a bit longer.”

The queue crawled forward, and eventually we managed to find a spot in the multi-storey on the edge of the town centre. All four of us climbed out of the car and stretched. It was a hot day, and it had been stuffy inside the car. Given the heat, Maddie and I had both opted for pretty short skirts; I had leggings underneath the skirt and wore a pink tank top, while Maddie had put on a tight-fitting chequered shirt. Both boys wore t-shirts and shorts -- in Adam's case, the swimming shorts that he seemed to wear everywhere.

“I'm going to have to pee here,” Maddie said, sinking into a squat beside the car. “Wait for me, will you?”

“Watch out, though,” Adam said. “People coming.” He gestured towards the lifts, where there was indeed a couple walking towards us.

Maddie swore under her breath and stood up quickly. “Let's get going, then,” she said.

“There might be some toilets downstairs,” David said, as we crossed towards the elevators.

“There are,” Maddie said, “but they've been out of order for months.”

She scurried ahead of us to push the elevator button, and stood restlessly shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Once the lift arrived, she darted inside and waited impatiently for us to join her.

“Listen,” she said, as soon as we'd caught up with her. “I need one of you to hold the 'close doors' button for a few minutes.”

“Why?” asked David, startled.

“Why do you think?” Maddie said. She rolled her skirt up, giving us all a clear view of the fact she hadn't put underwear on today, and adopted a high crouch position. In no time at all, a forceful stream of piss was hammering onto the hollow metal floor. The noise echoed in the enclosed room. Drops of spray bounced up the walls, and the floor was soon completely awash with her puddle.

“My classy girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen,” Adam said, snickering.

“You have a better idea?” Maddie asked, still pissing like a racehorse.

“No,” Adam admitted, “and if it's going to be a mess in here anyway ...”

He started to unzip his flies, before looking questioningly at me and David. “You two not joining in?”

David shook his head, and I said, “I peed back on the campsite.”

Adam shrugged and continued what he was doing. He didn't turn to face the wall, but pointed his cock towards the centre of the elevator, giving us all a good view of it. He played with it for a few seconds, making it harden a little, before he started to piss. He was facing me, and his arc landed between my feet. I felt droplets of spray land on my leggings, making them damp. I found it difficult to look away from that big, hardening cock pissing straight towards me.

From the corner of my eye I saw Maddie standing up, her own piss finished. She was watching Adam and me, smirking. David was looking nonplussed.

Adam finished up as well. He spent another second or two playing with his cock, before Maddie leaned over and grabbed it.

“If there was time, I'd help you take care of this,” she said. She lowered her voice another notch, and added, “And I think Sarah wouldn't mind helping out as well.”

I felt myself going red, but Maddie just gave me a wink as she tucked Adam's cock back into his shorts.

David cleared his throat. “Er … What floor was it we wanted?”

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