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So my wife really enjoys reading the comments on the pictures i post of her. I want to have her imagination run wild. If you had the chance for a 1 night stand and she was down to get crazy kinky, what would you do to her? Add details, rough us ok but dont go overboard! If you want to add pictures of yourself hard as a rock go for it. She likes all shapes and sizes! If your afraid to pist it here pm it.






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Ill start by saying i want her to stand over me as im on my back. She squats low and pisses all over my cock to get me hard. Then she lowers her self down and i slide into her pussy. She rides me hard till i cum inside her. She slowly lifts up and i can see my cum dripping out of her slowly.


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Hi. I would need to be the maintenance man coming round to sort your knackered toilet.  When I arrived you told me to go into the bathroom. When I did your wife was taking a pee (i think you knew she was in there! !) I just stared and watched her and she carried on. It was a real turn on and I got very hard. She asked me to get closer and unzippedy my fly and took my cock out and said piss now..I did and what a fantastic feeling.  Anybody else have any ideas what they would want to do..lets share.  My pic to follow







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