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Confessions of a piss vandal. Part 3. Flat wrecking party

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You know that I enjoy most everything you write, but this an exceptionally good story. Well done, Steve!

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After a long period of writers' block, new ideas are germinating. Have another plot in my head for a Wet Carpet magazine letter, and plans to write a fourth part to this, also possibly updating my Wild Girl thread. Sadly, work in a couple of hours and cant write well when writing against the clock. Stories cannot be rushed. So this might have to wait until my next day off,  possibly tomorrow if I don't get called in or maybe Wednesday


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On ‎05‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 11:04 AM, steve25805 said:



I fingered myself while reading this. Slowly at first, then the quicker and the quicker until I just exploded. During all of that, I was listening to a personal compilation of Gorgoroth and Sargeist songs, it was a real trip

You got what's inside my fucked mind

You know, since a Witch is a Guardian of Balance, we are prevented from undertaking any exceedingly selfish/destructive behaviours unless under certain circumstance, but oh boys if I wanted to do the things you wrote!

Maybe one day I'll find somebody who deserve it, since a Witch's limitations are called back when there is no need to give ethical example to onlookers, and/or the "victim" doesn't possess a "not-to-be-bothered" spiritual mark...


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