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Our forum might not be sustainable without help

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I do need to bring this to the members' attention.

This forum is not really sustaining itself financially. I myself have agreed a regular monthly donation to help support the site but very few others have, and Admin is losing money. And the larger our membership grows, the greater the costs.

Admin is having to consider the long term possibility of having to hook up with a payment processor and charging for some form of premium membership in order to make the site pay for itself. But this could make us vulnerable to payment processor content restrictions. If that were to happen, we might have to delete all golden shower type content and focus exclusively on naughty peeing.

What could avoid this would be if just a small handful of members chose to agree with Admin a regular monthly donation. 


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If I can make a suggestion, I believe it may help people donate if there's a sort of way to see how many donations are needed to cover costs for the month and how much has been donated. It's a handy little thing I see on a few other sites, and it always seems to make people understand the situation of the site.

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