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What happened with the scat content? Are you being pressured by someone?

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No, this was precautionary more than anything. There are a variety of reasons, some legal, but in all honesty the most important was this:

This is a pee website. Removing that content has freed up a lot more space for actual pee content, which is why we are here. I'm sure there are dedicated sites for scat, but this simply isn't one of them. The majority of people here probably don't like it - myself included - and in fact I know some are actively put off by it. Whilst I am sorry to the small percent who did enjoy it, I have no doubt it is readily available elsewhere. I hope you can understand wanting to dedicate more of our resources to pee stuff, especially when we are currently short of funding. If we had more money and resources maybe it would be different. If there wasn't a potential legal issue it might be too. Unfortunately, it is what it is, so please refrain from posting any scat.

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Scat content will always get unwanted attention, probably safer to have none. As Admin has stated, this is a pee site, there are lots of other places to find scat content.

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