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Wetman's News Thread

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Thanks for the updates Wetman, the pictures were a nice addition too. I look forward to hearing more. :)

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GOLD members can watch NEW & Exclusive Spywareonya Pee Videos in Full HD... Click HERE to upgrade now!

Some of the latest updates from around the wet web.....

Sinna's latest videos....

Bedwetting, the Universe and Everything

A girl goes to the toilet 11

Two days worn panties, dried and re-wet several times, wetting again then blow-drying and wearing them for another day

Sneakypee features an update starring Ayla witb Huge pee and the sexy Little Chloe almost getting caught by a passing car

Miss Lizz gives us a St. Patricks Day Pee !!

Bound2Burst features a new model Cadence in 4 videos

Meet Cadence

Naked Wait 21

Cadence Can't Wait Much Longer

Cadence Holds It While Texting

Skymouse WHP features

Tammy Oldham in a Bonus Webcam Wetting

HD Wetting features Sosha in a sexy Thong Bed Wetting


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Wetmanjf ,

I have just checked out Patches Place . They have just released Sneaky pee # 40 # 41 & # 42

Plus that of High Tise titled " Teacher'a Pet " . The description pages with still capture photos . Are now up o the video descrptions for each of these videos on Patches Place . Plus there are free trailers for down load for each of the Sneaky Pee videos that everyone can watch . Through a link supplied on the description pages at Patches Place :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Update for 3-27-2014

Lot's of great new updates to be found:

Sinna has some great new clips

Three pees, one in public with two trains passing very nearby

Hate pee - taking revenge on my boyfriend (Never forget your anniversary)

Desperate schoolgirl in ballet flats - massive peeing accident 2

Messy toilet pee and fart

Miss Piss has been up to more wet fun

Warm Feet (Miss Lizz pees in her shoes then puts them on.)

St Patricks Day Pee. Miss Lizz celebrates with some Green and Yellow :)

Bursting Bladders (Miss Lizz and Ashley are desperate to piss)


Michelle Barrett pees outside and flashes her lovely Breasts

IndiaXXX Pees outside and also has an outtake where she almost gets caught

HD Wetting

Sosha is outside and cold so she decides to warm up by pissing her jeans

Skymouse WHP

Ashleigh wets her tight jean shorts in a webcam session


Taylor has 4 clips in her new offering

Waiting in Black

Naked Wait 22

In a former Life

I can't wait for long


Rebekah and Nikki are at it again.

It's time for me to introduce my latest victim, his name is Gimpy and he's a lot of fun. When recently I got together with Nikki Whiplas and Ms Nikki he had the temerity to ask for a coffee. He got a coffee alright but I suspect he didn't quite have in mind what we did because the coffee we gave him was pissed into his mouth half an hour after we drank it.

Some really great new stuff to be found


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Will be doing a more full update ASAP But just to pass along info about a great new video on HD Wettings website

It was like the writer of this video went into my mind and found one of my ultimate fantasies.

The video is titled "Waking up with Sosha"

It's a point of view video filmed as if you were laying in bed sleeping with the beautiful Sosha. Then she wakes up. After a short exchange she tells you that she needs to pee but she doesn't really want to get out of bed. So you suggest that she pee on you.

She warns you that she really has to go and that you'll get soaked. She then crawls over you and pees all over you in the bed.

It's a great hissing pee...

I have actually had this happen to me many times during the time when my friend Dawn was staying with me. I would always tell her when she woke up in the mornings she was always welcome to pee on me before she got out of bed...and she did this many times....it's an amazing feeling :)


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Sorry for the delay in updates...things in the "Real world" have just been very busy. Planning on doing an update tomorrow and then getting back into the swing of things....Wetmanjf

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As promised I am working on a update today to be posted here and at my website. But first a word about the sites I promote.

One of the things that got me started with my site was to guide my visitors towards the best wet sites on the net and to steer them away from sites set up to mostly rip people off. The webmasters of many of these sites are kind enough to give me access so I can provide you with the most up to date and complete information about what's new at their site. These are great sites with outstanding content. So I would encourage you...if you are not a member of these sites find your favorite site and Join...Please use the links provided at my site to access the site. If you are already a member of the site be sure to let the webmasters know that you follow their updates via Wetman's place. This will help us to be able to continue to provide you with our 100% FREE service.


Webmaster Wetman's Place


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Wetmanjf ,

Can you list a few of these sites that are good to go to. To get a better idea . As to what all is out there to snag some one in being misdirected most times

Even though I will check your site in visiting it . I thought . That a short list here might be good for others to see and also check out your site . Which to me . Really offers a whole lot . To those who love pee


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Any of the sites I list are great...just depends on the type of peeing you enjoy. Here is the first part of my update:

Sexy Sinna 2pee4you latest updates. Sinna is one of the hottest pee girls around and she REALLY loves peeing

7-1-14 Using jeans as toilet squatting standing staining

6-30-14 Outdoors black spandex pants pee with pee steam

6-29-14 Naughty pee into the bathwater

6-29-14 New bikini panties wetting amazing golden pee shower

6-28-14 Swimming pool desperate pee break in the bushes

6-27-14 Shiny Pink Overall pee wetting

6-26-14 Two times going to the toilet to pee

Sneakypee One of the top sites out there in daring outdoor peeing. These girls really push the limits

Holly Kiss pees on a path and gets spotted

New girl Aruba in her first pee shoot

Chessie Kay has an amazing standing piss

Ayla pees for over a minute near a busy road Wow

Marlyn Lindsay is desperate and has to pee

Angel has to abort mid pee after getting spotted

Angel long and Chloe Lovette pee by a road with cars driving in full view Amazing

Miss Piss 4 You We all know Sexy Miss Lizz....she's a member here and has her own pee site as well Now in HD !!

6-30-14 Luv 2 Pee my Shorts

6-22-14 Drunk Pee

6-10-14 Peeing in HD

6-3-14 Warm Pee & Shower for Lesbian lovers

5-22-14 You are my Pee Slave

5-14-14 Yellow Pee in White Panties

5-7-14 Sweet & Salty

4-29-14 Body Slamming Piss Match

Skymouse Wetting Her Panties website. Great site for Jeans and Panties pissing...in private and in public. And Free webcams too for members !!

6-28-14 Desperate Pippa pees her pants

6-28-14 Natalias been saving it up for her panties

6-21-14 Kacie has a soak in the bath

6-21-14 Natalia just cant hold it

6-15-14 Toni seductively wets her panties

6-15-14 Its my garden and I will pee if I want to

6-8-14 Faye pees her panties in the kitchen

TV Guys HD Wetting Website. Watch the girls of HD wetting Wet and Pee for you. Lots of lesbian action too

6-27-14 Carly recorded this video of herself peeing in her jeans in the kitchen

6-24-14 Join Carly in bed as she films this private wetting video for you

6-17-14 Watch as Carly intentionally pees in her jeans and then takes them off for you in this video

6-14-14 Sosha and Alisha are making out in the kitchen when Sosha unexpectedly pees in her jeans in this video

6-11-14 Carly gets really wet in this video… In more ways than one

6-8-14 Sosha and Alisha have another holding contest to see who can hold it the longest

Be sure to support these websites....if people quit joining they will shut down and we will lose them forever !! Join your favorite Today !!


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Great to see another update, thanks wetman. :)

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A few updates to report. Will post more soon.

Sneakypee has posted 2 new videos.

Charlotte pees by some water in plain view of people standing on the bridge

Michelle Barrett Has a great pee filmed from above followed by a long view of her Puddle

HDWetting Posted a video of Sosha and Alisha waking up in bed and they decide to pee in the bed instead of the toilet VERY HOT


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Oct 1st 2014

Hey guys....sorry for the delay in putting up new info here. Just a busy time of year for me at work etc. Plus I've had company at my house for the last few weeks. Then on top of all that a glitch at my site erased my update section so I'm going to have to rebuild that section. But anyway here are some highlights of new things I've found.

As seen in the pictures section Miss Piss has updated with more videos from her trip to Charlotte. She waters the back yard and trees at the house she was visiting. A very good update.

HD Wetting just updated with a video showing poor Sosha out in the woods and not a toilet in site. She ends up wetting her cute shorts. Lot's of good updates recently with some very good desperation and wetting.

Sneakypee has lots of new updates and some new girls. In the last update McKenzie has to wait for the coast to clear before peeing and ends up very desperate. Columbia gives us a nice arching pee and then a 2 girl boob flash at the end.

At Skymouse WHP Faye pees her panties onto a hard wood floor. Before that Franka invites you to follow her as she wets her pink pants.

Bound2Burst has a large update with Becky

Becky Set 2

Naked on Arrival

Naked Pee

Nowhere Else To Go

Where Can I Go This Time?

Delayed Until She Wet Herself

Pee Dance at the Bathroom Door

Also Bound2Burst is now offering a Membership site. Here is some info on that

We have opened a membership site for Bound2Burst. It contains movies from the period 2007-2011. At any given time, the membership area will contain 40 movies. Each week, 4 titles will be added and 4 removed, providing a turnover rate of at least 16 titles per month. The new additions will appear boxed at the top of the membership page to clearly indicate what has changed. All movies are in WMV format with aspect ratio 4:3. These are not edited clips but the full original movies providing approximately 14 hours of viewing. The cost is $35 per month

Stay tuned for more info


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Sorry for the lack of recent updates...things at work have been hectic and by the time I get home I'm ready to crash. But I promise I will look things over tonight and bring everything up to date by the end of the week..so keep checking back !!!


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Sorry for the lack of recent updates...things at work have been hectic and by the time I get home I'm ready to crash. But I promise I will look things over tonight and bring everything up to date by the end of the week..so keep checking back !!!


Wetmanjf ,

Just heard about H.D.WETTING releasing a new DVD called H.D.Wetting Live !!

Which might be interesting to check it out to add to your new updates for this thread .


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Sorry I planned to do this Friday and I had a hectic day at work and didn't get to it.

Here are some of the most recent updates around the net:

SneakyPee Features Skye having a hissing pee in a puddle by an old building and Nicky Osbourne Flashes her Boobs and pee in a Large Field. The site has featured some great updates lately in some very daring public locations.

HDWetting The last update features Sosha peeing a pair of purple panties in the Wilderness. More great updates lately. Alisha tied to a bed and wetting her panties...Alisha dressed in a cheerleaders uniform pees outside...and Sosha in an amazing Jeans piss scene kneeling on a bed WOW

Skymouse WHP features Danielle Maye wetting a pair of pants and another model flooding a pair of jeans.

Miss Piss soaks her feet in a bowl of her own pee for her latest update. Also a recent Blog where Miss Piss pees on her self Amazing

I will be updating this with more info very soon


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Just a notice in advance for any Skymouse WHP members: Tomorrow Sun Nov 23 Skymouse is featuring a rare 2 girl webcam event. Info as follows

Sun, 23 Nov 2014 with PIPPA AND ASTRA: 2-girl show with desperation and wetting! 8:00 pm GMT to 11:30 pm GMT (3:00 pm EST to 6:30 pm EST)


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Just to let everyone know what's going on with my website. The website is currently offline due to a change of servers with the person who graciously hosts my website. He has been a great friend and has hosted my page at no cost to me. However because of the fact that he is having to change servers I would have to pay to run this site...which I have offered to everyone for Free. The cost is not a problem ...it is a very small amount. However I have just become aware of a new Law banning any type of pee porn in the UK. Since my site is based in the UK I have no idea how this could effect my site. I can't risk running a website that could be considered Illegal.

I will let everyone know soon what I will do with my site. If it closes I will continue to offer updates and other information here.

Thanks for your support.....Wetmanjf

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I wonder whether that of Sneaky Pee might be effected as well . With this new law being passed !!

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I have no idea how this could effect other UK based sites. I guess that's up to each individual webmaster


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I have no idea how this could effect other UK based sites. I guess that's up to each individual webmaster


Wetmanjf ,

A suggestion on checking with Paul Compton at Wet Set Magazine . To see if they might host your website on their servers . Since Patches Place is run from those servers that Wet Set is now using .

Just an idea there to help you with . With your situation


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