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[FICTION] Be Good to your Waitress

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Hey all.... New story from me. :-)

I hope you like it. 

Here it goes:


“Hey there, welcome to the Jolly Rancher. My name is Alicia and I will be your server. What would you like to order today?,” I cheerily said to the group of 5 guys sitting at the corner booth of the restaurant. One-by-one they started rattling their orders. I took out my order pad from my apron, put it on the table, and lean down to write down the orders. By doing so, I am giving them ample view of my prominent breasts encased in a form fitting denim tube dress and framed by a checkered shirt tied on my small waist. From experience, I know that guys will order more from a sexy girl. Therefore, I completed my ensemble with a pair of knee length high heeled boots that really enhances my ass. Oh well…. Not every guy is a breasts lover. Gotta give something to the ass guys out there. 

As I continued taking orders, the guys started making lewd comments to me. Working in a diner that is trying to be a breastaurant, I am used to such comments and just laugh it off with them. As I left the table, one of the guy smacked my ass. I yelped and hurriedly left the table, hoping that it would be just a one time thing. Multiple rounds of beer later, my guests became drunker and even rowdier. They grabbed my exposed thighs and slightly pinched them. One guy went so far as to trying to snake his hand under my miniskirt. I sternly slapped his hand away. However, instead of realizing his mistake, he laughed louder and high-fived his friends. 

Steaming with anger, I hurriedly walked to the walk-in fridge at the far corner of the kitchen. As I went there, I grabbed a relatively clean looking 60 ounces pitcher from the sink. Ensuring that nobody paid any attention to me, I slipped into the walk-in fridge and leaned on the closed door. The chilliness of the fridge sent a signal to my bladder. All of a sudden, I felt the need to urinate. I placed the pitcher on the floor, started pulling down my black thong to my knees, and wiggled my tight dress up my wide hip. The cool air that rushed to my exposed, hot pussy created a very interesting sensation. I assumed a squat atop the opening of the pitcher and aligned my opening with the pitcher's opening. My lower lips parted slightly exposing the pinkish folds inside and drops of urine began to fill the pitcher. My liquid honey had strong smell and dark yellow color as I have not been able to pee since the start of my shift. My stream grew stronger and the hissing crescendoed as it struck the bottom of the pitcher. Due to the strong power of the streams, small droplets flew out of the pitcher. After filling up about a half of the pitcher with my foamy yellow piss, I was pretty much spent. I pulled out a piece of napkin, dabbed it on my wet hairless slit, wadded the leftover, and tucked it inside a box full of fresh produce. Hey..., don’t judge, nobody wants to carry damp tissues around. 

I quickly redressed and left the walk-in fridge. Now comes the fun part. I scooped some ice into the pitcher, added a generous pour of cheap vodka, and topped it all off with some coke. I brought my “special” cocktail to the rowdy table. “Drink up boys…. It’s on the house,” I said as I filled up their glasses. “If ya’ll can finish it, I’ll give ya’ll something special,” I said with my fake southern twang as I winked at them. Quickly they gulped the content of their glasses. Their faces winced a bit. I guessed even though they are very drunk, they can still taste the weird flavor of the cocktail. 

Not long after, they all finished their special drink. I went behind the guy who marginally won the drinking race. He happened to be the guy who tried to feel up my skirt. I leaned close to him, rubbed my breasts against his back, and whispered, “Liked your cocktail? That was my piss that you were drinking, douchebag”. He retched and looked as if he was about to throw up. His friends looked puzzled and started questioning him. They finally understood what has happened and appeared to also be disgusted. Meanwhile, I quickly and happily left the table, rejoicing on a successful revenge. 

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9 hours ago, new2this said:

Now you're never going to get a tip!


Great story.

It depends.... Some of the people in this forum may give her extra tips. ;-)

Thanks for your feedback

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This was another well told tale, miniskirtpisser. I'd love to read more from this intrepid waitress.

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On 27 December, 2016 at 4:33 PM, nopjans said:

This was another well told tale, miniskirtpisser. I'd love to read more from this intrepid waitress.

Hey nopjans,

Thank you very much. I'm glad that you like it. I will definitely write some more when the inspiration strikes. :-)

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Great story and highly believable revenge.

I reckon quite a few obnoxious customers have unwittingly drank the staff's piss over the years without knowing it. But that she actually told them afterwards is a nice touch. Obviously not into pee though, since they retched. If I'd been told I'd just drank a sexy girl's pee I'd have thought "Awesome, wish I knew at the time. I'd have enjoyed it even more." lol


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