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His Daughter's Girlfriend

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Holly rolled over on the bed and and whispered into Marcos’ ear, “Holy shit, Marc, do I ever have to piss!”

Marcos laughed. He realized that in most marriages, such an expression would be met with a complaint of “just go already,” or that it was "too much information". He and Holly, however, did not have a normal relationship. He turned towards his wife as her hand found his dick, already stiffening. “So what do you plan to do about it?” he asked.

As she smiled, about to give her answer, he reflected on how lucky of a man he was. Holly was an incredibly beautiful woman. She was about 5’5” tall, with jet black hair, bright green eyes, and a smile that could light up the room. He knew that the bed sheets were hiding an incredibly toned and fit body, a curvy, but tight ass, and a wonderful set of firm tits that fit perfectly into his rather large hands.

“Well, you see, I’m too comfortable to get out of bed. I was hoping that you might be able to help me out,” she replied.

“Hmm, come to think of it, I am a bit thirsty. Maybe we can help each other out.”

Holly giggled. She knew that his answer would be something similar to that. She pressed her lips to his and gave him a kiss. “See, I knew that there was a reason that i married you! You come in handy sometimes,” she teased him.

With that Holly pulled down the sheets, revealing her tight body. She was wearing a thin, white tank top, which was doing nothing to hide her very erect nipples, and a pink thong. The sight of her did nothing to quell Marcos’ now raging hard on.

She turned herself around climbed on top of her husband in a 69 position. She pulled down his shorts just enough to reveal his hard dick, which she immediately began to lick. At the same time, she relaxed her very full bladder.

Marcos has just started to enjoy the view of the thin pink fabric barely covering his wife’s pussy when he saw that same fabric darken, and then a stream of piss come pouring out. Marcos opened his mouth, letting the golden stream fill it, and then swallowed it down as more piss poured over his face. Grabbing her ass cheeks, her pulled his face to her crotch, clamped his mouth over her pussy, and drank her piss as it came pouring out of her panties.

Holly was now working furiously on Marcos’ dick, sucking the shaft in and out of her mouth with increasing speed. She knew that her husband had staying power, and was happy for it - she wanted his big, hard cock in her pussy.

It seemed to Marcos that he had already consumed a gallon of Holly’s wonderful piss, but he still found himself disappointed to realize that she was almost done. As the last of it trickled into his awaiting mouth, he held it in there. When she had finally finished emptying her bladder, Holly let go of her husband's dick, and turned around to lay on top of him, face to face.

As she started to kiss him, she was rewarded with a wonderful surprise. The piss that Marcos had saved was now pouring out of his mouth as they kissed, some pouring down the side of his face, some being lapped up by his horny wife. While this was not the first time that Marcos had done this, it was not a usual occurrence, and Holly loved it when he surprised her like this.

While her tongue was intertwined with his, she reached down, pulled her panties aside, and mounted his dick. When they broke from the kiss, she whispered to him, “Fuck me and fill me.”

Marcos knew exactly what she meant. She had wished that he had the ability to piss while he was fucking her, but, unfortunately, he couldn’t piss with a raging hard on. Instead, he would piss soon after he came inside her, from which she had coined the phase, “Fuck me and fill me.” She loved the feeling of his piss filling her up, and pouring out of her. If she hadn’t cum yet it always put her over the top, and if she had already cum it usually gave her a second orgasm.

Marcos was squeezing her ass and enjoying the sight of her tits bouncing up and down while she rode him. He was reveling in the sensation of the tip of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He could feel the sensation building up, and feel himself about to cum, and said …

Marcos woke up just as he was on the verge of having his first wet dream in years. Not excited about the prospect of having to clean himself up, he calmed himself down, stopping the eruption that was about to occur. It was then that the tears started to flow.

It had been eight years since a brain tumor had taken his wife’s life. Eight long years since he lost that amazing woman. Eight years that he had spent raising their two wonderful children, which he had planned to do with Holly, rather than without her.

Carlos had been 15 years old when Holly had died, and Juanita only 12. The death had devastated the three of them. He had always been a caring and attentive father, but with Holly’s death he had become both father and mother, and had done an amazing job.

Carlos was at the top of his class in med school; he had made the decision to study medicine at 15, having watched the tumor take his mother away from him. His stated goal was to find a cure for cancer, and Marcos was sure that if anyone could, it was his brilliant, dedicated, and driven son. Maybe he would do so with the help of his sister. Juanita was carrying a 4.0 as a premed major, her schooling paid for by an unbelievable number of scholarships. Marcos knew that Holly would be proud of the adults that her children had become.

Marcos allowed his thoughts to return to his amazing dream. He did not know if his mind had recounted a particular love making session from the past, or if it was inventing one from one of the countless similar sessions that they had enjoyed, but the dream had definitely awakened several feelings in him. His wife had been a wild, sensuous, adventurous, and remarkable lover. He was sure that he would never find her equal.

Realizing that he was parched, and wanting to get his mind off of all that he had lost, Marcos got up out of bed and made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He had turned on the light and opened the refrigerator door when he heard a voice: “Hi, you must be Juanita’s dad.”

Startled, he almost dropped the pitcher of water, but was able to recover. Upon closing the refrigerator door, he was startled again. The voice had belonged to a stunningly beautiful blonde, who was standing in the kitchen completely naked.

The girl reached out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Heather. Juanita’s girlfriend.”

Juanita had, long ago, let her dad know that she was gay. Marcos had not been too surprised. Her mother Holly had, with his encouragement, experimented with female lovers in the past. He had even joined in on occasion. When his daughter had announced that she was attracted to women, Marcos had reacted the way he always reacted: with love, understanding, and support.

He had met some of Juanita’s girlfriends in the past, but this was much different: the others had been clothed. Marcos didn’t know how to react. At first he stared, mouth agape; when he realized he was staring he kind of turned his head, and stuck out his hand. “Hi, I’m Marcos, pleased to meet you.”

Heather laughed. “Hey, it’s okay, you don’t have to be ashamed at looking at my body. I’m certainly not ashamed of it. Oh, and no need to stick out your hand. It looks like you’ve already sent something else out to greet me!”

Marcos looked down and immediately saw what Heather was referring to: He had a huge tent in his shorts. He hadn’t noticed it, but couldn’t really be surprised. Seeing a beautiful naked woman right after having an incredibly erotic dream had only produced the expected result. Already red faced, he was shocked when Heather reached forward, stroked his dick through his shorts, and said “Pleased to meet you too!”

Marcos immediately pushed her hand away. “What the fuck are you doing! You’re dating my daughter!”

“Yeah, but not exclusively. We have an agreement that we can sleep with whomever we want, you can ask her about it in the morning. And now that I see how tall, dark, and handsome you are, well, I want to sleep with you.”

Marcos was shocked. “But still, I am Juanita’s father!”

“Yeah, and ...? Our agreement is that we are allowed to sleep with whomever we want. We never said that parents are off limits,” she replied.

“But aren’t you a lesbian?”

“No, Juanita is a lesbian, I’m bisexual. But enough talking. Don’t you want to do something about that?” she asked, pointing at his still hard dick.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not sleeping with my daughter's girlfriend. The answer is still no!”

“Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Sorry for making you so uncomfortable,” she replied. “Oh, and by the way, you spilled some water on the floor.” She then grabbed a kitchen towel, bent over, and started to dry the spot, enjoying the effect she was having on Marcos as he watched her.

Knowing that the best course of action was to leave this situation, he started to walk out of the kitchen. “It was nice to meet you, but I’d better go back to bed. Alone.”

That morning, Marcos waited in his room until he heard Heather say goodbye to Juanita and depart. As soon as he heard the door close he climbed down the stairs to talk to his daughter. "Juanita, I have to talk to you about your girlfriend Heather."

Juanita looked up to see to her father descending the stairs. "Good morning Dad. So have you met her already?"

"Yeah, I met her very early this morning when I came down for a glass of water. She was buck ass naked!" Marcos interrupted his daughter as she started to giggle, "No, listened, she came on to me! She told me that you two have an open relationship, and tried to get me to sleep with her!"

"Oh my god, she didn't!" exclaimed Juanita. Marcos noted that while Juanita was obviously shocked by this news, he was only able to detect surprise in her voice and face, not the anger that he was expecting.

"Aren't you pissed off by this?" he asked.

"Surprised? Yeah. Weirded out? Most definitely! But pissed off? No," Juanita replied. "We have an agreement that we can sleep with whomever we want. And trust me, if I decided to make a move on Heather's mom, who is a total MILF, Heather would be totally cool with it. Now I wouldn't do it, that's to weird for me, but I guarantee you that Heather wouldn't mind. Honestly, I know her."

"And you cool with her making moves on me?" Marcos asked incredulously.

"Cool with it? No, not really, it weirds me out. But I'm not upset about it. And hey, you're an adult, she's an adult, and obviously I know that she's hot. If you really want to ..."

"Oh hell no! Yeah, she's attractive, but she's your girlfriend. There's no way I'm going to sleep with her!"

"Good, I'm happy you said that. Like I said, it would be weird," she replied. "Changing subjects, I have to get to school a little early today. I'll see you when I get home." She kissed her dad's cheek, grabbed her backpack, and walked out the door.

Over the next few weeks, things didn't let up, except for those occasions when Juanita had a different girl over. Every time Heather was over, she would openly and aggressive flirt with Marcos, and would sometimes walk around the house naked, whether Juanita was around at the time or not.

Unlike the first time they met, however, Marcos was prepared every time the blonde beauty came over. He would make himself as scarce as possible when she was there; when he did see her, he would ignore her flirtatious advances, and had practiced calming himself for the times when she wore little or no clothing.

Juanita had become amused by the situation. "You might as well give it up," she would tell her girlfriend. "He's not going to sleep with you."

"Don't be so sure," Heather would reply, "everyone has a weakness. I'm going to find his kryptonite."

That weakness was discovered quite by accident. Marcos had just finished working on the yard one Saturday morning and was in the bathroom scrubbing his hands. Juanita had left a few minutes before, headed over to the university library to meet some classmates to work on a class project. Heather, who had spent the night, was getting ready to leave, but had something she desperately needed to take care of first.

Bursting into the bathroom where Marcus was scrubbing his hands, she hurried to the toilet, exclaiming, "Sorry, Marcos, but I really have to piss!"

Heather had pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and sat on the toilet seat when she noticed Marcos. She had become used to him ignoring her when she was naked, or acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. Now here he was, staring at her, his mouth agape, and a tent forming in his shorts. She knew it wasn't because he had just seen her pussy. He had seen her completely naked many times before, but, with the exception of the first time they met, had shown no reaction. No, it had to be something else.

"Hmm, look at you," she playfully addressed him. "I think that we might share the same fetish!" She then opened her legs to give him a view and briefly released her aching bladder, allowing a quick, strong stream of piss to be released into the bowl. At the same time she dipped a couple of her fingers into the stream, covering them with piss. As she stopped her stream she placed her fingers in her mouth, sucked off the piss while looking directly at Morcos, and seductively said, "Mmm, tastes good! Would you like a taste?"

Marcos stood still, rooted to the spot, his mouth still wide open, his dick now completely hard. His hands and arms now free of the mud and dirt that had completely covered them just moments before, he knew that he should leave. This hot, young woman in front of him was his daughter's girlfriend. He definitely did not want to get involved with her.

Still, there was something preventing him from moving. It had been almost nine years since he had engaged in any kind of pee play, back before the tumor that had taken his wife's life had made its presence known, making her sick.

He hadn't dated much since her passing, and he never revealed the interest in pee play that he and his wife had discovered and shared to any of his dates. He didn't want to scare them away, to be thought of as perverted and sick. And now here was this incredibly sexy girl pissing right in front of him, and licking her piss off of her fingers.

Heather again released a quick, strong burst of piss, and again placed a couple of fingers in the the stream. This time she lifted them up to Marcos. "Do you want a taste?" she asked.

Marcos' conflicting emotions left him standing motionless for another second, until he remembered something Juanita had said to him: "...hey, you're an adult, she's an adult, and obviously I know that she's hot. If you really want to ..."

He knew that his mind was just rationalizing things, that he really shouldn't do it, but he didn't care. He leaned down, gently grabbed Heather's fingers, and sucked the piss of off them. He enjoyed the taste of the salty little droplets, and desperately wanted more.

He kneeled down in front of her and opened his mouth. Heather, understanding what he wanted, stood up, her pussy an inch or two above his mouth, and finally gave her bladder the complete release that it had been begging for.

A torrent of piss came streaming down into Marcos' awaiting mouth. He gulped down what he could, savoring the slightly salty taste of her urine. The rest flowed out of his mouth, soaking the clothes that he was wearing.

As had always happened with Holly, Heather's stream began to wane way too soon. Marcos opened his mouth wide to collect the remnants of the once powerful stream. He then stood up and gave Heather a kiss.

As he kissed her the piss he had saved in his mouth filled Heather's mouth as well, some of which she drank, the rest of which came pouring out of their mouths. Heather was shocked by this, but found it to be very hot and sexy, much like Holly had on the occasions he had given her such a kiss.

As they were kissing, Heather's hands were fumbling with his pants, working to free his raging hard cock. As soon as it was free she broke off the kiss, held his cock in her hand, and knelt in front of him. "Now it's my turn," she said, "let me taste your piss."

"I'm sorry," he replied, "I can't. I'm too hard."

"Please, just give it a try."

Marcos did his best to relax, and did manage to produce a couple of spurts, which she eagerly drank down. But the sensation of her holding his dick as he tried to piss, and the sight of her eagerly awaiting his piss, was too much for him. "I'm sorry, that's all that I'm able to do right now," he told her.

Heather was disappointed, as she was looking forward to drinking more, but was still undeterred. The horny blonde stood up and whispered in his ear, "Then fuck me with that hard cock of yours."

Marcos grabbed her, turned her around so that she was facing away from him, indicated that she should bend over, and slid his dick into her wet, awaiting pussy. He started started slow and gentle, but increased the pace as Heather cried out, "Fuck me harder!"

She held on to the sink for support as Marcos fucked her hard, his dick ramming into her pussy faster and faster, his large, strong hands holding her waist as he thrust in and out of her. She looked into the mirror, watching her body shake with each thrust. It turned her on to watch herself getting fucked; she also loved how kinky it was that the two of then were covered in piss. She just managed to say, "I'm cumming!" before being rocked by a powerful orgasm.

As Marcos felt her body tighten and enter the orgasm he lost control and started to cum himself, his sperm filling her as they both came.

As they both came off of their orgasms Marcos reached for one of Heather's tits with one hand, and started rubbing her clit with the other. With his dick, somewhat hard but not raging like before, still in her pussy, he relaxed and released the remainder of his bladder.

Heather was shocked and let out a squeal. She was not expecting this, but was instantly turned on by the sensation of his piss filling her up. That, combined with the other sensations she was feeling - his piss splashing all over their legs, his pinching her nipple, and his fingers working their magic on her clit - quickly led to a second orgasm.

After she came off that orgasm she turned around, he held her tightly, and they exchanged a long passionate kiss.

As the glow of their intense session started to disipate, Marcos looked around the room and said, "Fuck, what a mess!"

Heather helped Marcos clean up the bathroom and throw their piss soaked clothes in the washing machine. They then took a shower, exploring each other's soapy bodies with their hands, which led to Heather's third orgasm.

They were exiting the bathroom, each wrapped in a towel, heading to find some clothes to wear, when they heard Juanita exclaim, "NO. FUCKING. WAY!"

They looked over at her, with her mouth wide open, and the keys she had just used to enter the door having been dropped on the floor. An expression of shock was clearly present on her face.

Marcos sheepishly looked down at the floor, his face turning red. Heather looked at her girlfriend and smiled. "Hey babe, I told you that I would find his kryptonite!"

Heather rolled her eyes, put her hands in the air, and half chuckled. "Eww! I don't want to hear about it!"

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@wsvoyeur, Your stories are always excellent, this was no exception!

Thanks peedude. I'm happy that you enjoyed the story, and really appreciate the compliment.

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