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  1. Ahh, finally! I've been waiting for these two to hook up since chapter 1! What a great hook up it was. My favorite part has to be when Lily accidentally walks into Sara's stream, and then not only enjoys her shower, but takes a few gulps. Hot! Like Fyrman, I really hope that this story isn't over.
  2. Another absolutely briliant chapter nopjans. This story of yours is highly imaginative and brilliantly thought out, and the action is very hot and well described. I completely understand the problem of not being able to write as often as wish. I hope that you somehow find the time, because I an anxiously awaing the next chapter.
  3. This is another great chapter that I somehow never commented on here on PeeFans. I'm hoping that I did so on PS, if it's posted there. Either way, it was another brilliant chapter. I have never before felt envious of a caterpillar! I'm now off to read part 3.
  4. nopjans, did you post this story to PS as well? I was going to start reading part 3, but wanted to read parts one and two again before doing so. I remember reading it, and was sure that I had commented on it, but I found that I hadn't left a comment or rating for you on this site. I hope that I read and commented on it on PS. If is a fantastic concept, well executed, and deserves all of the kudos it has received and more. Oh, and I'm very jealous of William.
  5. Hmm, watching piss porn, masturbating, pissing, and then cumming. It's hot when I read about women who watch pee porn in the same way I do when I can. Okay, it's actually much hotter when you do it Lizz than when I do. Thanks for the hot and horny story. And blushingblonde, thanks for posting your reaction. What a hot response to this story.
  6. Thanks. I really loved Anne's wetting, and her reaction to it. I saw that you have another chapter posted, which I will read later today. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. While this "daddy" fantasy is not my thing, you did a really good job with it steve. Thanks for the story.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate that. It now looks the way I intended it.
  9. I realized that I wasn't smart enough to post the story's URL: https://peefans.com/threads/ruths-surprises-f-wetting-f-f-watersports.6377/
  10. Is there any way to edit old posts on this forum? I just realized that I made a mistake in a story that I recently posted, but I don't see a way to edit it. If it is possible for me to edit it, please let me know how to do so. If not, could a mod please fix it for me? The only words in the story that should be in bold are the word please in the first paragraph, which should also be italicized, and the title, Ruth's Surprises. Thanks for your help.
  11. That was absolutely amazing Alfresco! From Fiona and Julie crossing streams and soaking each other's legs, to the pissing contest, to the nine girl piss, and everything in between, that was incredible! And I have to buy that bus from Derek. Lucky bastard! I agree with Steve that it was worth the wait, and, like him, I can't wait for the next chapter. But you have your work cut out for you, as this one will be pretty hard to top.
  12. This is a story that I wrote three years ago. I was reminded of this story recently when it was bumped on PeeSearch. I hope that like it. Either way, please let me know. Ruth's Surprises Veronica's eyes popped open. The feeling of warm liquid had caused her to wake up immediately. At first she was worried that she was wetting herself, but after taking a few seconds to assess the situation she realized what was actually happening: her girlfriend, Ruth, whom she was currently snuggled up against, was wetting the bed. A few months before Veronica would have never imagined sharing
  13. Thanks, I really enjoyed the story. Like Kevin, I think it would have been great if you had continued the story, but I do like the fact that you left that part to our imagination.
  14. Thanks wetman. I don't know what is fiction and what is fact, but, given the fact that you have a pic if Nicole wetting her panties, and now have the panties themselves, you obviously had a great time. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.
  15. Thanks Nicole. I really liked your well written story. I would have absolutely loved it if you had focused more on the wetting, as desperation isn't among my interests while wetting is, but I still really enjoyed it. I have to imagine that the dislike that you received is related to the ad at the end. I wouldn't worry about it, we all need to make money. I wish you the best if luck with your business.
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