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Girlfriend couldn’t hold it!

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13 hours ago, Schmitty20 said:

The other day I was with my fairly new girlfriend and she is 42 and divorced but has a teenage daughter. We were out for drinks one night and when we left to come home we had about a 20 minute ride. Halfway home my girlfriend was really squirming and I ask what was wrong she said that she really needed the bathroom really bad and she said it came on all of a sudden. I said we were almost to her house are you going to be alright she just said I sure hope so. We did get home and in her house but her daughter was in the bathroom and we waited in the bedroom and she kept saying I hope she hurries up I really have to go. Another minute went by and she totally wet her pants.

do you have a video for this?   This sounds very hot

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Oh ok yes there is a story! We were out at a party and we were all dressed up and when we left my girlfriend said halfway home I should have went to the bathroom before we left I really need to go. We were on the highway and I asked if I should pull off the exit and find a place and she said no I should be able to wait until we get home. When we got home she rushed into the bathroom and I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed. She came out of the bathroom and said she didn’t quite make it in time I peed my panties and I laughed and said let me take a picture of this and she said ok just don’t show my face. She was a little embarrassed but it was only me there and she didn’t really care.

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