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Evening all!

Today I got home from work around 4pm. I had been drinking plenty all day knowing I'd be up for some good fun this evening. The weather is beautiful, and I returned home with a nice full bladder.

One of my favourite evenings can be spent lay on my sun chair in the garden wearing my swimming shorts. I love the hot weather and have been making the most of it for pee fun as well!

I got out into the garden around 4:30pm. Bladder already bulging and pee muscles quivering. I was already wearing my swimming shorts (baggy blue ones) and was ready for some fun. I moved the chair onto the grass, lay myself on it on my back. I fought my bladder for about 25 minutes, muscles aching and cock quivering with excitement. Eventually I couldn't resist any longer. I released a huge spurt of pee and felt it spread fast in the swim shorts, splashing around inside them and soaking my excited penis.

I continued for around 15 minutes, just letting out spurt after spurt, prolonging the enjoyment until I couldn't wait any more and just released a waterfall like flood into my shorts. It felt incredible!

By 5:30pm I was totally soaked and fully relieved. I then lay and read a book on my kindle until I was sufficiently dry enough to come in and get changed into my fresh boxers. Maybe I'll give my pissy boy another soaking later tonight. šŸ˜„ I may as well considering I'll have to shower later anyway.

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