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I Need Some Ideas

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Ok just a few quick ideas:

- Peeing from a climbing frame. I wasnt as wild as you when i was a kid but maybe it hits the same "feeling like a naughty kid" vibes for you to 

- Peeing in a parking garage. This one is especially fun if you undress completely. Ive done that only at night because i was to scared to do it during the day. But it was quite exciting :3. If you still want an added challenge you could pee on your own clothes and disguise it as water you used to cool yourself down. Its not so much naughty peeing but i liked the idea of walking around with a pee stained shirt. (Dilute with real water if you want to make it less obvious or if you need to hide the smell)

- it could also be fun to go to the mens restrooms. Maybe take your husband with you if you don't feel safe but I don't think this is necessary. If you feel daring you could just go in to the urinal. Just explain that the other restroom is full if you get weird looks. 

- last idea: (not really a place)  I like to pee when others don't expect me to. Just go in your usual spots but be in a call while doing it. Maybe test it with some friends first and then do it while calling something like your bank or the pizza place. You could also do this while being at the drive through. Added challenge: Do it in front of the delivery guy. I don't know if you have seen videos of that sort of thing but i really like the idea of letting it out while someone who i will never see again is standing right in front of me. And it would be at home so there are no bad feelings for ruining someones day. (You could even combine it with being nude.) 


I will add to this list if i have more ideas. Hope i came up with something interesting for you :D.

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Sounds like you hit all the good, exciting spots. You can get a small section of thick carpet and piss on it constantly for a period of time. I said to a female friend of mine I was going to purchase a used, cloth chair with a thick, bottom cushion, clean it up real nice, deliver it to her so she can constantly piss on in for a period of time. Then I’d come pick it up. 

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6 hours ago, Peeteller said:

I enjoy pushing my challenges and doing something different and crazy. I try to have One and Done adventures, only  it's hard to choose from what would be considered Crazy place to go, becuz I'm running out of ideas. So,  I choose 3 places my Night Stand, my Closet (Meaning definitely making a mess, by closing my eyes and just letting go) and one of my bathroom drawers. Made each one a number, rolled the dice and let my freak fly with the choice. 

An interesting take on this might be closing your eyes, spinning around to disorient yourself, and spraying your piss in front of you for a while before opening your eyes to see what you were covering in piss. Would work better for men than most women but might be interesting nonetheless for any people with vaginas who can spray in front of themselves.

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