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  1. Nice site but I had a tough time figuring out how it works.
  2. Bring them on, the more the better or wetter.
  3. Similar thing with Androids, they send them to trash then you have to empty the trash (looks like a small garbage can). 0
  4. No problem, totally understand. I have videos of my wife peeing and p--ping but if i ever posted them and got caught she would be my ex-wife!!
  5. PLEASE post the video if you can, I'm sure we would love to see it!!
  6. Have you had any luck finding another female that liked any kind of pee play??
  7. How do you find the "member map"??
  8. WOW Abby, love to read more about peeing in cars. I love to pee while i'm driving. I use pee pads to keep the seat dry, the car is leased.
  9. Hi Goose. Going way back to one of your earlier answers. What about a Shelby Cobra 427SC or a Ferrari 250GTO?
  10. Ever try going in the car while the two of you are out for a ride? My wife and I do this all the time. Use pee pads to protect the seats (our car is leased).
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