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A beam of moonlight came through the window in the dormer and shone on our faces.

"I think this bedroom was a secret lovers nest." Zhan gazed into my eyes as she played with my penis and balls. 

I felt Zhan's furry little mound and found her little clitoris. It swelled as I rubbed it..


A gentle breeze woke me. I was alone in bed.  

"The ghosts didn't get us." Zhan stood naked at the window looking out. The floor was raised by the window, where it crossed over hearing ducts. "I think the ghosts would be pretty cool." She rubbed herself. "No computers.. no TV's. A simpler time.. A simpler life.."

"Not that simple. Things were changing fast." I got out of bed fully naked. 

"Ever want to live back then?" Zhan looked at my penis. 

"Yes and no.. I bet it was fun before the depression." I joined Zhan at the window. "Look at the size and scale of this place. People were living large." My penis grew hard in Zhan's hand. Her clit was hard and I could feel wetness at the opening.

"They were rebelling.. exploring the forbidden." Zhan grasped my penis firmly. "I like forbidden.."

"But it didn't work.." I poked the tip of my finger into the wetness. "..and the country went into a depression." 

Zhan smirked, "You saw me pee in the library… and yesterday was the first time you peed anywhere other than a toilet?" Zhan pushed my hand away from her vagina and squeezed her knees together. "Does a full bladder make you horny too?" She braced herself on the window sill, spread her legs, and leaned forward.

"I think it's the pressure.. like the buildup to an orgasm.. " I answered awkwardly as I stepped off of the platform and took position behind her. I could sense her nervous anticipation. 

"Our encounter in the library yesterday has to be one of the most sexually exciting experiences of my life!" Zhan gasped and trembled noticeably as my penis slid right in. I placed my hands on her breasts. Her huge erect nipples pressing against my palms. "Make me pee." She said under her breath. 


The waitress seared us at a large round table. Zhan ordered various dumplings and Chinese dishes. 

"I can't believe that I've never heard of dim dum."

Zhan shrugged her shoulders, "You didn't grow up in a Chinese community like me."

"No, a special breakfast for me was esteak and eggs with pancakes."

"American's eat a lot of food!" Zhan laughed.

"That's why they're so fat!" Shu plopped her purse down on the table. "What? Did you two like.. spend the night together?"  

Zhan rolled her eyes, "Yes, you guys can join us."

The other girl – a very conservative looking, slim Chinese girl, with long hair – smirked, "Yes we can join you, or yes you guys spent the night together… and we can join you?"

"Yes Wen." Zhan grinned broadly.

Wen gave me a hard look. "I hope you used a condom!"

"What's a condom?"

Wen shook her head, "You're just as bad as Zhan."

"Partners in crime.." I watched as a tall, slim, but broad shouldered, Asian guy – probably six-one, six-two – approached our table. "Wow, he's tall for an Asian! He's taller than me.."

"That's Daniel Kim," Zhan said, "..he's Korean. He's a total player.." 

Daniel eyed Zhan. "Are you with him?"

"Zhan's with me! I'm Richard. Good to meet you Daniel!" I held out my hand. 

"Good to meet you Richard." Daniel gave me a very firm handshake. "You like Asian women?" 

"Daniel, what are you doing here?" Zhan asked uncomfortably.

"I work here. My shift starts in forty-five minutes. I just came early to get some breakfast." He looked at me. "Maybe I should date a white girl?" He nodded his head in the direction of a blonde and brunette watching us from the entrance. The brunette smiled at him. 

"Maybe you should." I agreed.

"How about the blonde?"

"How about the brunette?" Zhan suggested. "She's absolutely gorgeous and she's totally crushing on you."

Daniel looked a little nervous.

"Com'on Daniel!" I goaded, "Show us how it's done!"

Daniel took a breath, turned around, and smiled at the girls. The brunette smiled back.  

Daniel strode confidently over to the girls. "Hi, i'm Daniel Kim."

The brunette, and blonde said something back but they were so quiet I could not hear them.

"Jen, I find you incredibly hot." Daniel smiled broadly. "Would you and Nancy like to join us for breakfast?"

"Gawd!" I burst out laughing, "He's got balls!" 

"He's super tall, and good looking – and he knows it." Wen groaned.

"Here they come." Zhan said quietly. "I didn't expect such a big group for breakfast."


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I’d love to read more! Doesn’t need to be totally polished if you didn’t post just because you didn’t feel like it was ready. More of the story would be great. 🙂

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NOTE: I will post a little more.  Somehow I changed "Shu's" name to "Chu" earlier, or the spell checker did.  I am going to change it back to "Shu".




"Ribs, brisket, potato salad, coleslaw.. with beer.. Yeehaw!" Zhan laughed loudly. "I'm becoming totally white."

I glanced at the woman with the strong Asian features seated next to me in my pickup. "You don't like it?"

"Smells good." Zhan unfastened her jeans. "I'm being Colonized." She pulled her jeans down and scooted to the edge of the seat. There was a hiss, and her pee as it splashed noisily on the floor. "What? What's that look? I'm joking!"

"I don't know.."

"You gave me that look in the store. What? You think I'm crazy. You think I go too far?"

"What if we'd gotten caught? You want to get caught and punished?" 

"We didn't." Zhan wiped herself with a tissue. "What you think I'm some pitiful suicidal bitch?" She dropped the tissue on the floor.


Zhan pulled her pants up. "Richard, you're angry because I just pissed on the floor of your car." She stuck her tongue out at me. "Listen, you can fuck me – your little Asian sextoy – anytime you want, and I get to piss any time and any place that I fucking feel like!"

"Zhan!" I pulled my truck over to the curb and parked. "Will you stop that stupid talk! I'm getting sick of it. Look! if I lived in China.. I mean if I were born and raised in China.."

"What are you talking about?!" Zhan interrupted.

"I'm saying that if I had grown up in China – a tall gangly White guy –surrounded by shorter black haired Chinese I would have wanted to be shorter with black straight hair."

"You'd want to be short?" Zhan unbuttoned my jeans. "Believe me it's overrated!"

"Look.. Look! Why is it good to be tall? So I can dunk a basketball? Let's say the average guy was six feet tall. Would I want to be seven feet?"

Zhan unzipped me. "If you were seven feet tall, then nothing would fit, and you would be too big for everything…" She slid her hand into my underwear. "But your penis would be bigger. "

"It's big enough!" I acted angry but I sure enjoyed her touch. "Anyway, I would rather fit in than be some weird oddball."

"Some weird self-loathing White guy?" Zhan stopped for a second.

"No, It's not about being self-hating. It's about wanting to fit in. 

Would it really be that weird if I ended up dating and marrying a Chinese woman – in China? Would people argue that I chose an Asian woman, rather than one of the few Caucasian women there, because I was a self-hating White guy?"

"Asian women are sex tigers!" Zhan stroked the shaft of my swelling cock .

"In your case it's true!" I laughed. 

Zhan curled her tongue. "Is it bad to be sexual?" She took my hand and placed it on her crotch.

"I don't think so." I started rubbing gently. "But a lot of people, especially the Christians, imply that it is."

Zhan sighed and kissed me on the cheek."Women use sex to get things. Like the Flappers – chasing money."

I laughed, "And men use things to get sex." I felt Zhan's clit beginning to swell. I unzipped her jeans and slid my hand inside – on top of her panties "Zhan you are different, absolutely gorgeous, but sort of forbidden..If I grew up in China my idea of beauty might be different – but not so forbidden."

"Mmm.." Zhan closed her eyes, "I'm surrounded by white guys, and it's still forbidden. People come up with these long convoluted arguments.." She sighed. "People just don't like to see racial mixing."

"People lose their culture."

"What is a culture?!" Zhan caressed my balls. "Some group of people invented it. Do all of the ancestors have to preserve and practice it?" Can we change, can we adapt? Can we mix?!"

"Not without getting people upset."

"Well I'm a rebel.." Zhan kissed me on the lips. "I don't have to confirm to other people's expectations."

"Yeah, we're both rebels in our own way… I could use a beer."

"Me too! Let's go eat this barbecue." Zhan awkwardly pushed my hard cock back into my jeans, and zipped me up. "It smells good!"

"It does." I started my pickup truck up and eased away from the curb.

Zhan pulled out her phone and snickered. "I've had my phone turned off and Shu's sent me like twenty messages. Now she doesn't trust you and she thinks you're some poor white bum."

"I thought you guys knew all about me."

Zhan sighed, "It's just more of the 'Asian fetish' bullshit."

"Asian fetish?"

"Yeah, you know how some Asian women say that white guys just have a fetish for them. What they're really scared of is that the White guys who would go for them, have something wrong with them, or are just broke losers."

"I'm not that poor.."

"Yes you are!" Zhan laughed loudly. "Just kidding! Let's get home and eat some barbecue."



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