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What's the most desperate toilet pee you have had?

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Hmm I would say that my most desperate time would've been a while ago but I was when I was 5.


I woke up and had to pee really bad and couldn't figure out how to unlock the dog gate leading to the upstairs, So I tried ripping it up and then my mom came downstairs and undid the gate for me and I cant remember after that but I was crying from being desperate it was so bad.

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Once when I was I high school. Last lesson of the day, and really needed to go.  Couldn’t get out of class, so held it. Then school finished and we walked to where we got picked up (not a bus, a friends dad who was a teacher at another school, so we had to wait like 15 mins). There was a public toilet there, so I knew I could go.  By this time I was absolutely busting and hard too

I got into the toilet (just a male trough) and got my cock out, but as I was hard, it would only point straight up.  I just let go and pissed a fountain up the wall, over the top of the trough. Must have gone 4 or 5 feet up the wall above it. 

Felt so good to finally go, and with such a torrent. And kinda naughty, pissing up the wall and it going everywhere.

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Trying to hold my pee in while quick-walking outside to release. As I'm walking with thighs clenched together, pee dribbles down my legs almost to my feet. Bladder is tight starting to ache. When I get even part the door I just let it go as I go to my spot. 

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Last year during a protest march. I had my bike and due to the activity you have to drink a lot of water. As is in my city bathrooms are already hard to find and there are no alleys to pop into, now combine that with a pandemic and the city thinks it's a good idea to close park bathrooms too. Sometimes we stop somewhere for a break where you can dip into a secluded corner, such as an outdoor storage area, or you get good at kneeling in bushes (as a guy). Usually I end up holding it until I get home and those have been some of the most desperate.

Anyway, this particular night the water was just hitting me different and before I knew it I was really desperate. Suddenly my attention shifts from looking out for police (who were already following us) to looking down side streets for anything that might do as a makeshift urinal. However, like I said we were being tailed by the police and you do not give them any excuse to shut it down or make arrests (like public urination). End up having someone watch my bike and I ran into a restaurant (they had been open by now) to find no one in the dining room. Trying to be polite and mindful of the pandemic I call out, no one answers and I even tried the bathroom door but it was locked I basically burst into the kitchen and asked if I could use the bathroom, they looked at me weird and told me the bathroom was occupied. At this point I was leaking and actually had to hold myself, first time doing that in public since I was a kid. Absolutely desperate I ran back out onto the sidewalk and found another restaurant, the person watching my bike didn't even see me run out. By this point I had my hand squeezing my spurting cock as I quickly asked the staff there if I could use the bathroom while I was already making a hurried bee line there. Made it into the bathroom and instantly cursed my choice of pants. They had a button fly, then I was cursing my dampening bike shorts (no fly) and managed to pull my dick out the top as the torrent unleashed, luckily getting most of the first stream into the toilet. I had to have peed for like 2 minutes straight. When I was finally done I put myself back together and cleaned up my errant piss with toilet paper the best I could before exiting and graciously thanking the staff. 

Funny thing is before I left that night I considered wearing a pee pad, not that it would have been able to contain this pee, but it would at least let me hold off until I made it home.

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