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Summer filled with pee

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14 hours ago, p1ssputz said:

Dude, nice. If you don't mind me asking, was this one of the really nice coach buses - the types used for touring? Were the seats the plush kinds, or more of the hard plastic type (like some public city buses)? I'm wondering how much you went and how much it soaked in. I love these types of stories; thanks for sharing!

Thanks 😊 it was the tour bus. Not very fancy but an okay one. I left a wet patch that didn't dry until we went off the bus for sure. My bestie sat there (on the non wet one) after me, but didn't mention anything. She either didn't pay attention or it was dry by then.

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On 12/9/2020 at 4:53 PM, Ppgirl said:

One more summertime memory with my bestie... (Seems like all we do is pee, but that's not far from the truth)

We were returning home on the bus from our vacation. We spent 10 lovely days with our friends abroad (lots of pee stories as well). On our last bus break around 12 am I drank 2 0.5l juices and a bottle of water. She also drank a juice or two. As we entered our country, a tour guide said we'll be stopping in about half an hour in one of the bigger cities to drop some passengers off. It was already 2:30 in the morning and the desperation really started to kick in.

As we said goodbye to one of our friends who lived in that city, I approached a tour guide shyly asking him if I could use the loo. He said that we didn't have time and we had to rush so I went back to my seat. As my friend left, I had another seat to myself so I laid down, trying to forget about my bursting bladder. Half an hour later, a bump on the road woke me up, and this time I really had to go. I barely stood up and asked our tour guide to let me off the bus to pee. He declined and told me to hold it in 😩. I returned to my seat once again and played some music on my phone to distract myself from the aching pulsing bladder. 

After a while, my bestie woke up and walked up to me asking if I had to pee as well. I told her that I was bursting and with a hand between my thighs I got up to walk to the front of the bus to ask one more time for a pee break. I was at the verge of tears. Full bladder made me feel dizzy and almost sick. He told us that we won't be stopping until we reach the capital city, which is about four hours away. I almost fainted, but safely returned to my seat. Most passangers were sleeping, except for me and my bestie. We were really desperate for a pee. I still remember it vividly. I took a beach towel out of my bag and covered myself with it. The AC on the bus only made me want to pee more.

I fell asleep and suddenly woke up to a couple of droplets escaping my bladder. I knew that I had to control it, not to pee myself in front of everyone. I texted my mum saying the tour douche bag won't let us off the bus to pee and she told me:" just pee on the floor, darling". If i had been more daring, I'd definitely do that. However, I didn't want to be remembered as a girl who peed on the bus. One last time, we welked up to him informing him that there was a gas station 500 metres ahead. He just didn't care. 

I returned to my seat lifting my feet on the seat next to mine. I bent my knees trying my best to hold it. I was seriously about to burst any munute now. As everyone was still asleep i slowly took of my leggings and panties and let a small gush of piss into the seat next to mine, under the covers. It only lasted a couple of seconds. If I had continued, I'd overflow the seat and make a huge mess. So I stopped even though I was still bursting to pee. Nobody knew about my secret venture.

An hour and a half later, we reached the capital city. The moment our bus stopped, my bestie and I fleed off reaching the hotel. The receptionist at first didn't want to let us to use the restroom, but as I almost started crying, she showed us the way. We literally ran into the loo (only two stalls luckily) and I peed for 3 minutes full stream. It was painful but revealing. I never told anyone of my friends about my peeing venture...

I think the best thing to do in that situation is to say that you're going to be sick and then they'd probably have to let you off

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7 minutes ago, MC Cumzy said:

I think the best thing to do in that situation is to say that you're going to be sick and then they'd probably have to let you off

I tried that as well. I also almost cried. He was just an asshole. Like he'd lose 5 minutes of his precious time.

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