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The City Without a Ladies Room

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Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I wrote and posted the below story at another board a while ago, and the people there loved it, so I figured you all would love it to if you haven't read it yet.

Length: Over 13,000 words, broken into 4 separate chapters.

Contains: As the title implies a lot of Female Desperation, as well as some Peeing (mostly Male), Urinals, & a bit of sex.


The City Without a Ladies Room

It's hard to focus on work, or much of anything else when you really have to pee. I didn't need to pee, I had used the men's room only an hour ago. But I was still quite distracted because of my co-worker Erin, because I knew she really had to pee quite badly. Erin had come in shortly before 8 AM, sipping on a large Starbuck's coffee. She had finished draining it within an hour and helped herself to several refills with office coffee throughout the day.

I know what you're thinking, Erin could just take a quick break to visit the ladies room when she inevitably needed to pee after all that coffee. I would have thought the same thing, until I moved here recently to take this job. I had spent the first day traveling the city shopping for stuff for my apartment. I was always able to find a men's room in department stores, restaurants, and the malls. There were even plenty of urinals out in public places, often without much of any privacy screens, which plenty of men freely used. But throughout the entire day I never saw a single ladies room.

I began to realize as the day went by that many of the women I saw looked rather uncomfortable, especially the women working the stores I visited. Many of the women I saw kept shifting their legs around anxiously, a few were even openly holding themselves. It seemed that all the women I saw needed to pee, some of them quite badly by mid-afternoon. I soon realized they had been holding it all day since they had left home. But there was nowhere for the women to go, so they all just held it without complaint as they continued to work or shop, as if this was an ordinary thing. Women in this city were expected to hold it until they got home where they could finally use their own toilet.

Back to the present, Erin's love for her Starbuck's coffee was only making the lack of a ladies room even more of a problem for her bladder situation as the day went on. To my surprise Erin was fine throughout the morning despite draining several large cups of coffee. I guess when you can't pee in public and you love your coffee you build up a larger bladder overtime. But by the early afternoon Erin finally began to get fidgety and shift her legs around as she worked at her desk, but that didn't stop her from grabbing yet another coffee soon after coming back from lunch.

By 3 PM Erin was openly crossing her legs as we worked together on a project. She clearly needed to pee, probably quite badly by now, yet she was just starting on her 5th cup of coffee by my count. I had been silent on the subject all day, but given how bad her bladder situation appeared to be getting, and how we still had another 2 hours of work left, I had to say something.

"Erin, is that coffee really a good idea considering how much you've already had today?" I asked her.

"Truthfully, it's probably not Jeff. I've already gotta piss pretty bad when I get home, I haven't gone in 8 hours already" she admitted sheepishly as she took another sip of coffee, all while continuing to squirm around anxiously in her seat.

"Then maybe you shouldn't drink the rest of that cup of coffee, otherwise it'll make you need to pee even worse" I suggested sensibly. "I mean what is it, your 5th one today Erin? You must be dying to pee already, and we've still got 2 more hours left until quitting time!".

"I know, but I'm addicted Jeff, I've gotta have my coffee. Surely you understand, you've had nearly as much coffee as me Jeff " she pointed out, with an eye on my own coffee cup.

"Yes, but I've already had to use the office men's room 3 times today because of drinking all that coffee Erin. You haven't been able to go even once, and you've had more coffee then me already due to that large Starbuck's coffee you picked up on the way to work!" I pointed out. I left it unsaid how badly I had needed to pee before visiting the men’s room each time, I'm sure it's the last thing Erin would have wanted to hear while dealing with such a full bladder.

"Oh, don't worry about me Jeff, I can handle a little more coffee" Erin insisted without concern. Her coffee cup was anything but 'little' like she insisted. "I know I said I really had to pee bad when I got home, but I can hold it till then Jeff. This is hardly the first time I've risked having one too many cups of coffee out in public, I'm used to dealing with the consequences of my caffeine addiction Jeff. Now let's get back to work, shall we?".

I tried to focus on work with Erin like she asked, but it was extremely difficult to. Erin was already quite the eye candy to look at with her beautiful long dark hair, her slender body, and her warm smile. Not to mention she was about my age, mid-20's. How could I possibly focus on work when a girl like that was sitting next to me bursting for a pee, and squirming around in her seat in the sexiest way? How could I focus on work when I knew that Erin still had to hold on for several more hours, because there were no lady's rooms in the city? How could I focus on work when Erin insisted on continuing to drink more coffee anyway despite her obviously desperate need to pee? Bad as the situation was for Erin, the thought that she might not be able to make it excited me. Let's just say I was very glad that my crotch was hidden from Erin's view at that moment.

By 4:30 PM, with 9 and a half hours separating her from her last trip to her toilet at home, and her 5th cup of coffee fully drained, Erin couldn't sit still anymore. She rocked back and forth at the edge of her seat, trying to jam her heel against her pee hole as she tried to focus on her work. A quick look around the office told me that Erin was hardly alone in her struggle. Even the women who had tried to avoid drinking too much throughout the day had built up a large supply of piss in their bladder by now. The women were all clearly eager to rid themselves of their brewing load of boiling piss when they got home, some more then others, as seen by all their uncomfortable squirming. But none of them had drank as much coffee as Erin had, so she probably needed a piss the worst of all.

"Ok, maybe that last cup of coffee was a mistake Jeff" Erin finally admitted as she held herself. "I know you're thinking it Jeff, don't deny it" she added.

"I was debating telling you 'I told you so', but now I don't have to" I admitted. "I know you really love your coffee Erin, but you had to know you'd be feeling it later like this when you drank so much. Why do you do it to yourself when you know you won't be able to pee for a number of hours?".

"Because I refuse to let the availability of a toilet dictate my life Jeff" Erin answered stubbornly as she continued to squirm around anxiously in her seat. “And besides, if I didn’t need to piss bad by now towards the end of my shift, I’d be severely dehydrated Jeff. So, it’s better for me to drink a bunch of coffee like you guys, even if I can’t pee for a long while. My bladder will just have to deal with it and wait till I’m home”.
"Have you ever had to find a secluded alley to take a leak because you had too much coffee and waited too long?" I asked curiously.

"No! That's gross and illegal Jeff!" she answered with disgust. "And no, I wouldn't consider doing such a disgusting thing even if it were legal, I’d still hold it!" she added, with her legs now tightly crossed. "You guys may be able to drink your coffee and pee whenever you want, but not me, us ladies just have to hold it Jeff".

I'm sure the last half hour of work stretched out the slowest for Erin. By now I felt myself needing to pee yet again from my last coffee, and it was quickly becoming more urgent. I knew I should just get up and use the men's room, especially before I left the office. But I didn't want to miss a second of Erin's desperate struggle, so I held it with her without saying anything about my need.

When the clock finally hit 5 PM Erin was too busy typing up an email to notice the time, and I selfishly kept silent about it. I wondered how much longer Erin would keep working and delay her trip home for a much-needed piss if I said nothing. Erin was my next-door neighbor at the apartment I had recently moved into, so we both took the same bus to and from work. I knew we didn't need to rush out of the office right away at 5 PM to catch the first bus home, but we couldn't waste too much time before leaving either. It took 10 minutes before Erin finally realized what time it was, I was almost glad when she finally did, as I really needed to pee by that point.

"Jeff look at the time! We need get moving, otherwise we'll miss the first bus home" Erin announced anxiously as she moved to shut her computer down. I quickly followed suit. "I'm glad the workday is finally over Jeff. I really want to get home so that I can pee for the first time in 10 hours" she added happily as she fidgeted her legs around.

"Now that you mention it, I've definitely got to pee before we leave Erin. I wish the men's room wasn't in the opposite direction of the elevator" I told her. I wasn't trying to purposely delay Erin farther, I was seriously doubting that I could hold it till I got back home if I tried. I was about ready to grab my cock through my pants in desperation. Still, I couldn't help but feel insensitive telling Erin I needed to stop and take piss before we left, knowing that Erin needed to pee much worse and had been holding it for much longer.

Erin gave me an annoyed look. "We don't have time for you to run across the building for a piss Jeff, we'll miss the first bus for sure if you do. Just use the public urinals in the lobby area" Erin suggested in a matter-of-fact tone as she beckoned me to follow her to the elevator. She was referring to several urinals by the front door of the office building with practically no privacy except for your turned back. While I didn't have anything against using a urinal with basically no privacy, the thought of using it in front of Erin and the other women who hadn't been allowed to pee all day by the city sounded downright cruel to the girls.

"I think it would be better for both of us if I just ran to the men's room and caught up with you at the bus stop" I suggested as we waited for the elevator. Rather than accept my suggestion and leave it at that, Erin refused to drop the subject.

"What's wrong with just using the urinals in the lobby area Jeff? You aren't pee shy, are you?" she asked me frankly as she crossed her legs and squirmed around anxiously. Did Erin somehow not mind seeing other guys piss away in the urinals next to her, even when she badly needed relief herself?

"No Erin. I just don't want to be the jerk who pees right in front of a bunch of desperate women like you who haven’t been able to pee all day" I explained as we entered the elevator. I thought my answer should have been obvious to Erin already. To my surprise, rather than be grateful, I saw a flash of annoyance on Erin's face.

"I figured you must have felt that way when you didn't want to use the urinals Jeff. A lot of the guys who are new to the city feel pee shy like that around the public urinals at first" Erin said sympathetically, as she openly held herself and continued to squirm around anxiously. "Jeff, do you really think me, and the other women haven't seen guys using the public urinals countless times when we already really need to pee?" she asked me gently.

"Well... I admit I'm so new to this city that I never thought of that. I guess with how prevalent the public urinals are it's silly to think you haven't" I admitted. Erin nodded in acknowledgement as she crossed her legs. "But that doesn’t mean that it’s not being really unfair to you ladies" I added, to which Erin rolled her eyes.

"It's an everyday occurrence Jeff. I won't mind if you pee in the lobby area urinals in front of me, neither will the other office women. We see it all the time Jeff, it's nothing new" she reassured me. "Besides, the urinals are met for you guys to use Jeff. It wouldn't be fair to you for me and the ladies to tell you to just not to use them".

Silence stretched between us as I tried to wrap my head around Erin's reassurance and gentle encouragement, all while my bladder continued to bother me. Part of me thought that Erin's attitude on the subject made some sense given how long she'd lived in the city. But the other part of me couldn't get over the fact that a woman who hadn't peed in over 10 hours and had 5 large cups of coffee during that time (enough to make me piss myself twice) was trying to encourage me to pee in a urinal in front of her.

I was anxious and still had to piss like a racehorse when we got to the ground floor, but Erin no doubt needed to piss much worse then me. I glanced over at Erin again, she was holding so much boiling piss back that she had a noticeable bladder bulge, which her pants were painfully digging into. Erin continued to fidget around anxiously and subtly grab her crotch as she stepped off the elevator. "Erin, are you sure you want me to pee in the urinals instead of dashing to the men's room?" I asked her.

"Yes! Just go pee in the urinal already Jeff! I won't look" she promised impatiently as she shook her legs around. "Just try and hurry it up so that we make the first bus ok. You aren't the only one who really needs to piss Jeff!". In that moment Erin's insistence on me peeing in the urinal suddenly made a lot more sense. She was impatient to get home, and release her heavy load of boiling piss, that had been troubling her bladder for hours now. She was so eager to rid herself of the boiling piss that she was willing to listen to me pee in a urinal right next to her if it got her home to her toilet quicker.

I hurried to one of the urinals and began unzipping my pants to take my cock out. Despite her bladder's much greater need then mine, I saw Erin standing just a few feet off to the side rather than waiting for me outside. She waited with politely averted eyes as I began to pee in the urinal practically right next to her. Her legs were already tightly crossed before my noisy piss reached her ears. She began to rock back and forth a bit as she anxiously bit her lower lips upon hearing me start to piss.

Erin wasn't the only person around of course. In my peripheral vision I recognized Danielle from HR coming around the corner. She already looked rather uncomfortable after holding it for the entire workday. Her steps were as hurried as possible in high heels, and she had a noticeable bladder bulge stretching her skirt. When she realized I was pissing in one of the urinals I saw her grimace and openly hold herself. But like Erin had promised she said nothing, instead she hobbled her way past me and left through the front door.

Part of me couldn't help but be turned on by how Erin & Danielle suffered in silence as I continued to piss away. My cock began to harden, which slowed my piss down considerably. My piss and my partial erection were basically taunting Erin's poor swollen bladder. I felt guilty when I saw a bit of false hope in Erin's eyes that my slowing piss met that I was nearly done, only for the hope to vanish when I managed to resume pissing with full force again.

I felt guilty all over again. How could I expect Erin to be fine with waiting patiently for me as I finished my relieving piss, all while she was expected to wait and remain in dire of need of relief for herself? And yet Erin was the one who didn't see a problem with this unfair situation! She had insisted repeatedly that I piss in the urinals in front of her! I wondered again why she didn't just wait right outside for me where she wouldn't have to listen to me piss right next to her.

At times like this it disturbed me how much Erin and the other women of the city unquestionably obeyed the city's expectation that they hold it without complaint for however long they're away from home. Erin had been desperate to pee all afternoon, and I hadn't heard one complaint from her about how unfair it was that I got to pee while she had to hold it for much of her day. Any doubt I might have had when Erin denied ever peeing in a secluded alley when her bladder situation became too much for her to handle vanished. If she wanted to do so in secret to rid herself of what must have been a gallon of boiling piss brewing in her bladder by now without me around to witness it she could have easily been doing that right now.

When I finally finished my relieving piss after a long minute I flushed. Erin visibly flinched at the sound as she squirmed around and clawed at her crotch anxiously. I hurried to zip my pants back up as I turned to face Erin.

"Feel better now Jeff?" she asked with surprising calm despite her desperate fidgeting. "You sounded like you really needed it, I didn't think you'd go on for so long".

"Yes, but you could have just waited for me outside Erin" I pointed out.

"I could. But I figured it's better to help you get over your pee shyness now rather than later Jeff. You'll thank me later, it'll be a lot more convenient for you to be able to use any of the public urinals" she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "Now let's get moving Jeff, I seriously need to get home so that I can pee, I definitely had way too much coffee today".
Part 2: #GirlsShouldNotPee


Though Erin was the one who badly needed to get home so that she could pee, she had to take slower more measured steps than me to avoid jostling the big ball of piss brewing uncomfortably in her bulging bladder. While we tried to hurry to the bus stop it was still at least a dozen blocks away, and we had to wait to cross the street twice. I watched as Erin and several other women waiting to cross the street all crossed their legs nervously. The early evening rush home to pee after work was no doubt a daily ritual for all these women.

I subtly peeked my eyes over at every alley we passed, wondering if I would spy a brave woman doing something about her overfilled bladder after a long & desperate day at work. With so many women's bladders unrelieved since heading into work in the early morning, it didn't seem like a stretch for at least a few of them to be tempted enough to drop their pants and piss in a secluded alley. I hoped to at least spot evidence of it anyway via a yellow puddle and some used tissues they had left behind. Alas, I saw nothing on that front the entire way. Maybe this part of the city was just too crowded for any women to so brazenly risk breaking the law. Or maybe Erin spoke for more women than I thought when she reacted with such disgust to my question of whether she had ever dropped her pants and peed in an alley.

We both knew that we had almost certainly missed the bus when we found no one else waiting at the bus stop. We likely had at least another 15 minute wait for the next one. As if to add insult to injury for Erin, there happened to be a urinal right next to the bus stop, literally feet away from the bus bench. It was as if someone had put it there to taunt her and all the other women waiting for the bus by reminding them that they weren't allowed to pee, but the men could. Some women might have been desperate enough to attempt to use the urinal anyway, but not Erin I knew. She was a girl, she knew she was expected to wait, no matter how bad her bladder situation was getting after not peeing for the last 10 plus hours. Yet despite how unfair all this was I didn't hear a word of complaint from Erin as she sat down, crossed her fidgeting legs, and waited for the next bus with me.

While we were waiting, an ad on a large billboard a few blocks away caught my attention. It prominently featured a stern looking female cop, along with a simple message. 'Public Urination is against the law Ladies. Help keep our city clean. Report violators with #GirlsShouldNotPee'.

"Hashtag Girls should not pee? Shouldn't it at least be 'should not pee in public'? Or 'should only pee at home'?" I asked Erin as I pointed at the sign.

"Too long Jeff, #GirlsShouldNotPee gets the point across better" Erin answered casually even as she shifted around on the bus bench uncomfortably and grabbed her crotch. "And besides, it's memorable, which is the point of their ad campaign. It makes girls think twice about breaking the law when it's so easy to report it by using a hashtag".

"Speaking of the subject, there's something I've been wondering. Why does this city not have any ladies' rooms Erin? It doesn't seem fair having plenty of men's rooms and urinals out in the open for the guys, but nowhere for the ladies like you to pee Erin".

"A ladies' room? Don't be gross Jeff, that would be just as obscene as your idea of women peeing in a secluded alley" Erin replied with surprising conviction. Her disgust at the thought was clear in her tone, even though she had been dying to pee for hours now. "Besides, what kind of a woman would ever want to sit on a dirty toilet seat that's been used and probably pissed on by a few dozen women before her? That's why the city got rid of them decades ago Jeff, it was a public hygiene nightmare. I don't see why the rest of the world doesn't just follow suit".

"Well Erin, while a lot of women elsewhere in the world echo your complaints about filthy women's rooms, it doesn’t stop them from using the ladies' room all the time. Sometimes they even line up and wait to use the women's toilets when there aren't enough of them available. Those who are too disgusted by dirty toilets in the women's room, or obsessed over cleanliness, often look elsewhere or just wait they're home to pee like you do. I think plenty of women here would gladly use a ladies' room toilet if it were an option, even if you wouldn't".

"Exactly my point Jeff. That's why the city had to get rid of them! Women knew they were a filthy health hazard. But too many women were willing to use them anyway out of laziness, instead of holding it till they were home, where they could have used their own clean toilet. That's why the #GirlsShouldNotPee campaign was created, and why the law is so vigorously enforced. The last thing we want is for lazy women to decide it's ok to start dropping their pants and pee in a secluded alley whenever they need to go like you suggested earlier Jeff!".

"But then why all the men's rooms and urinals in public places? By your logic aren't they a filthy health hazard to Erin?" I asked.

"Because they knew that stopping guys like you from peeing in public was a losing battle Jeff. You guys would just whip it out and pee all over the city" Erin answered with a hint of resentment. "That's why there's so many urinals all over the place Jeff. Too many drunk or lazy guys were whipping it out and peeing in alleys instead of walking to the nearest men's room, making the city smell like piss! Us ladies by contrast are much better behaved when there's no place for us to pee Jeff. We just cross our legs and hold it like we're supposed to, even if we've been holding it all day already, which all of us working ladies have after a long day of work. We don't just drop our pants and pee wherever we please". Erin added the last part with a hint of feminine pride.

It seemed so backwards to me that Erin, the one struggling to keep her boiling hot pee contained because she had nowhere to let it out, was the one arguing that women like her shouldn't be given proper facilities to pee in public. Part of me felt bad for Erin not even having the option to pee all day out in public. But another part of me quietly enjoyed how Erin so passionately defended a system that didn't let her pee all day out in public. It was as if Erin secretly enjoyed it to, the way she had drank at least 5 large cups of coffee at work, knowing full well how bad it would make her need to pee later in the day when she would have no choice but to hold it. Maybe some of the other women secretly enjoyed holding it all day to.

While we were talking, neither of us realized that a guy was approaching the bus stop urinal until we heard him unzipping his fly. Erin glanced briefly in his direction just as he pulled his cock out and started to pee noisily into the urinal right in front of her. Wasn't it considered rude in this city to pee in a urinal in front of a woman who was clearly dying to get home so that she could piss after work I wondered? Then I remembered how Erin had encouraged me to do the same thing just 15 minutes ago, and how she had called my hesitation to do what that guy was doing 'pee shyness'.

Without uttering a word Erin looked away from the man to be polite. I watched Erin stoically sit there with her legs tightly crossed as the guy's noisy piss continued right next to her. The only break in Erin's stoic reaction was the way she bit her lip nervously as the guy's noisy piss continued for over 20 seconds with no signs of slowing. The way he was still pissing a gusher, it was as if the guy somehow hadn't peed all afternoon. Erin began to readjust her tightly crossed legs and grab her crotch as the guy's piss passed the 30 second mark. Erin's bladder had to be screaming at her with jealous rage at this unfair situation. Why should yet another guy's bladder get welcome relief in the urinal, while her desperately full bladder still had to wait even longer for relief because there were no toilets available for the girls? And yet Erin remained silent and outwardly calm as she kept her brimming load of boiling piss contained. Erin's stoic demeanor continued as the guy finally finished his long piss and zipped his fly back up.

My interest in Erin during all this wasn't missed by her. "You expected me to complain when he started to use the urinal, didn't you?" she asked me frankly. I nodded. "Why should I have complained Jeff? I didn't complain when you used the urinal before we left the office. He was a guy, he can pee in whatever urinal he wants, regardless of if I'm close enough to listen to him pee or not. If he wants privacy from me then he can use a men's room instead".

"Does it not bother you to see guys use a urinal right in front of you when you've been dying to pee for the last few hours?" I asked her.

Erin shook her head. "I'm used to it Jeff, it happens all the time in this city" she answered in a matter-of-fact tone. "And besides, I'm a girl, so it's not like I could use a urinal if I wanted to Jeff. That makes it easier to not be jealous, or tempted to use a men's room, knowing that there's only urinals in there that I can't use".

It was only at that moment that I realized Erin was right. All the men's room I had visited in the city had only urinals inside. I hadn't pondered why until now, but Erin's explanation made perfect sense. What better way to prevent desperate women from barging into the men's room to use the toilets then by not putting any toilets that the women could use in the men's room? All the city's public men's room would no doubt have become an unofficial unisex restroom otherwise, which obviously wasn't what the people who had banned public women's toilets had wanted.

The second bus was running late today. We had been waiting at the bus stop for over 25 minutes before it finally showed up, over 10 minutes late. As it came to a stop in front of us I couldn't help but notice that the bus had a large #GirlsShouldNotPee ad plastered on its side. It had the same stern looking female cop on it, but its message was a bit different. It read 'Public Urination is against the law Ladies. Don't pee in public! Cross your legs and hold it ladies. Report violators with #GirlsShouldNotPee'. I began to wonder how many people used the hashtag to report women illegally peeing in public as the ads asked. I made a mental note to myself to check it out later.

Unfortunately for me and Erin all the seats on the bus were already taken, a dozen people were already standing and gripping the handholds. Several of the people standing were women who looked just as desperate to pee after a long day of work as Erin. The way Erin partially hobbled towards the back of the bus in the sexiest way with a fist glued to her crotch, and her thighs bent inward, I thought someone might be merciful and give up their seat for the poor desperate girl. But no one did, and Erin didn't try to ask one of the guys to give her their seat. So, Erin stood in the back of the bus, forced to grip the handhold with one hand, while she squirmed around crossing her legs and grabbing her crotch with the other hand. It was obviously far from an ideal scenario for a girl who badly needed to pee.

"Will you be alright standing like this?" I asked her in a whisper so that the others wouldn't overhear us.

Despite her great need for a piss, and her visibly bulging bladder, she brushed my concern off. "I'll manage Jeff, it's not like I have a choice" she muttered tensely, her discomfort loud and clear in her voice as the bus started moving.

During the ride all the women looked decidedly uncomfortable, many were shifting their crossed legs around anxiously, some were even openly holding themselves like Erin. Many of the women were clearly dressed in work attire, so obviously they were in the midst of rushing home after work to pee for the first time since the early morning. Some of the men did their best to ignore the obvious signs of bladder distress among all the women. But a few men couldn't take their eyes off the most obviously desperate women sitting or standing near them.

While I kept an eye on Erin during the ride, another young mid-20's woman was soon grabbing an equal amount of my attention. She boarded the bus at the very next stop. She wore the typical uniform of a retail business, light blue jeans and a company shirt with her name on it, Lana. The second Lana boarded the bus it was clear to me that her bladder situation was nearing the breaking point. She pee danced more franticly than anyone else as she hobbled into the bus with slow baby steps and both hands glued to her crotch.

I saw Lana whisper frantically to a few people she passed in search of a place to sit down, begging for their seat, but no one would give up their seat. So, she ended up standing in the back of the bus a few feet from me and Erin. Lana was too frantic to pee to even bother to grab a handhold with one hand to steady herself when the bus moved. A quick glance told me that Lana was sporting an even larger bladder bulge then Erin. Either Lana had drank a lot more then Erin during the day, or she had just gotten off a double shift, or perhaps both. The pressure Lana's throbbing pee hole had to resist to keep her flood of urine contained had to be nearly unbearable. Lana's bladder was clearly full to the brim, she looked like she was ready to burst any minute.

Several minutes later my hunch was proving correct. I realized something was happening when Lana began to blush a deep red. The pressure in Lana's bladder was just too much for her to handle. Since she was facing me (and away from most of the other passengers) I saw the dark blue piss stain spreading across her jeans before my eyes. Lana managed to stop the leak after a few seconds, but not before it spread at least 4 inches from her front to partially down the inside of one of her pantlegs. I wondered if partial accidents like this were illegal under the city's anti-female urination laws. The panicked look in Lana's eyes and the way she tried to cover the wet spots with her hands told me that it probably was. A quick glance out of the corner of my eyes told me that Erin had been too preoccupied with her own overfilled bladder to notice Lana's leak. I shifted a half a foot to the side to help block Lana's wet patch from Erin's view.

Lana hurried off the bus at the very next stop as fast as her legs could carry her. I had my doubts that it was the stop she had originally intended to get off at. I was 100% certain that Lana fully intended to find as private a place as possible to illegally pop a squat before she completely pissed her jeans the rest of the way.

The rest of the bus ride was uneventful. As she promised, Erin managed to hold on with the rest of the desperate women during the remainder of the ride. It took another 15 minutes for the bus to arrive at our stop, shortly before 6 PM. From there we had only a 5 minute walk home to our next door apartments. I figured all would be over soon, and Erin would finally get to use her toilet for the first time in 11 hours to take a much needed pee. Little did I know what the rest of the evening had in store for us...

"So, do you have any plans for dinner?" I asked Erin after we got off the bus.

"No, but now that you mention it, I'm starving" Erin admitted as she crossed her legs while we waited to cross the street.

"Well then, got any suggestions where we should go?" I asked her. "I'm afraid I don't know of many places yet since I'm still new to the city".

Erin hesitated for a moment, as if pondering her options, all while she continued to pee dance anxiously on the spot. "You want to stop at Cascade's Diner on the way home?" she asked. "It's only 2 blocks away".

"Sure, but don't you want to stop by your apartment to pee first? I'm sure you've needed to pee for hours now" I replied. Surely Erin had just misspoke?

"To be honest, it would be really nice to be able to pee Jeff. I've needed to pee since mid-morning after my second cup of coffee. Drinking the rest of the coffee made me need to pee pretty bad all afternoon" Erin admitted sheepishly as she shifted around uncomfortably.

"You've had to pee for the last 8 hours?" I asked. Erin nodded in acknowledgement. "Then we should definitely stop by your apartment before dinner to let you pee".

To my surprise Erin slowly shook her head. "Thanks for the offer Jeff, but no. I really need to pee bad, but I don't need to take a pee break right now, I can wait a while longer if I have to" she insisted, even as she openly held herself. "It would be really selfishly for me to inconvenience you with a 10 minute detour to my apartment just so I can pee, even if you're offering to be inconvenienced for me Jeff. I mean, us girls aren't supposed to pee out in public after all, we're supposed to cross our legs and hold it Jeff".

Part of me wanted to argue with Erin that it wasn't selfish for her to demand that she needed a pee break before dinner when she had needed to pee for the last 8 hours. But I knew from the look on her face that it was futile to argue with her. It was the city's culture, and all the years Erin had lived in it, that was making the decision for her. I was suggesting she do something that she had been taught by society was taboo, even if it wasn't illegal for her to use her own toilet. The #GirlsShouldNotPee ads everywhere probably only helped farther reinforce the rules of the city's culture Erin had learned to live by.

But at the same time, a selfish part of me wanted to let Erin continue to hold it, and have her pent up boiling hot piss continue to brew uncomfortably in her rock hard bulging bladder for a while longer over dinner. She had already held it for so long, how much longer could she keep holding it? Could she keep holding it through dinner, even after an additional glass or two of water? Would something else about the city's culture that I was unaware of keep Erin from finally peeing when she got home after dinner? Tonight's dinner would certainly be a lot more interesting then I had originally anticipated.
Part 3: Cascades of Piss
We arrived at Cascade's diner during the evening rush hour. A dozen people were ahead of us waiting for a table, half of them women in clear discomfort from the urgent needs of their visibly bulging bladders. Erin and all the women waiting in line had their legs tightly crossed as they shifted around uncomfortably, but the lack of a ladies room left them with no choice but to continue to hold all their pent up boiling hot pee in even longer. Like Erin, all these women could have chosen to go home to take a badly needed piss before dinner. But instead they had all chosen to purposely show up with their desperately full bladders still unrelieved for many hours.

I glanced back at Erin, and she gave me a gentle smile as she crossed her legs and squirmed around uncomfortably like the rest of the women. "I don't know why you look so surprised Jeff. Did you really think I was going to be the only girl showing up here needing to pee?" she whispered quietly enough for only me to hear.

I nodded my head. "I know that you ladies can't pee in public, even if your bladder is filled to the brim and you've been dying to pee for many hours. But I figured that the first thing any girl's going to do after work in this city is go home to pee".

"If we weren't going anywhere sure, I would have eagerly gone home to pee in that case Jeff" Erin admitted as she anxiously rubbed her slim thighs together hard, trying to resist the urge to openly grab her pussy like a desperate little girl. "I normally make the first bus home and get to pee by now, so it's already been longer than I usually need to wait. I'm getting kind of desperate".

"So then why didn't you agree to stop by your apartment to pee first when I suggested it?" I asked.

"Because us ladies aren't supposed to pee out in public. Doesn't insisting we need to stop by our home so we can pee on our way to dinner sound a lot like using a public ladies room to you Jeff? That's why it would have been selfish of me to inconvenience you with a detour to my apartment just so I could pee. I didn't want you to feel like I took an unfair advantage of your kindness to pee instead of holding it like I was supposed to".

"So you're saying I accidentally kept you from peeing by inviting you out to dinner after work?".

Erin nodded. "It's nothing Jeff, don’t feel guilty about it. I'll just cross my legs and hold it in a while longer, it's what us girls are supposed to do in this city. I hold it all the time when I'm expected to" Erin insisted despite the 11 hours' worth of boiling hot pee she still badly needed to let out. A small part of me felt bad for Erin still having to hold it for even longer. But a bigger part of me realized gleefully that Erin had just told me how to keep any 'well behaved' lady in the city, like Erin, from peeing for a long while. The evil part of me knew that in the not too distant future I would definitely have to use this newfound knowledge to keep Erin from using her toilet for a very long time.

When the line moved up enough for us to step inside the diner I began to fully appreciate just how successful the city's #GirlsShouldNotPee campaign was at changing women's behavior and social norms. Every woman I could see in the diner was clearly dealing with a very uncomfortably full bladder, nearly all of them were squirming around anxiously in their seat, a few were even openly holding themselves.

One particularly desperate looking college aged woman in jeans and a dark hoodie stood out to me. She kept clenching her thighs together, and scissoring her legs back and forth franticly, all with a worried look on her face that none of the other women shared. She looked to be minutes away from peeing all over the floor, she had clearly been forced to put off her pee for far too long. She glanced anxiously towards the men's room, as if seriously contemplating it as an emergency alternative to possibly peeing her pants, yet she remained in her seat.

Another desperate woman in the diner initially stood out to me because I recognized her from the office, her name was Katy, she was our company's CEO. Katy was the only woman in a group of 8 at her table, the men were all other people from the office. Katy was the only one at her table who looked very uncomfortable; she had her legs double crossed, but she couldn't keep them still as she fidgeted around anxiously underneath the table, clearly in urgent need of relief after a long day without any. Yet none of the men seemed to care that their CEO badly needed to pee, they all expected her to hold it till she was home like the other women. Katy for her part seemed determined to play the confident CEO for the men, continuing to remain talkative and sip on her drink, no matter how much pressure was building on her exhausted little pee hole, begging for release. When a fidgeting waitress offered her table a refill of their drinks, Katy, still squirming desperately in her seat, was the first to hold out her empty glass for a refill, as if to show the men she could still drink like them without concern for her throbbing bladder.

Even the women who worked at the diner looked like they hadn't been able to pee in many hours the way they all fidgeted around regularly. One pretty brunette waitress with the nametag Jennifer pinned to her shirt seemed more desperate then the rest of the staff. She was the only waitress with a fist openly shoved deep into her crotch as she hobbled towards the kitchen.

If we were anywhere else in the world all these women would be impatiently lining up to use the ladies room, and the line would no doubt be enormous. But since there were no ladies rooms in the city, and the women knew they were expected to wait, they all just held it without complaint. To be fair, I'm sure there were women in the city who would have sensibly refused to go out to dinner after work without peeing first, but there didn't seem to be any of them here as far as I could tell.

I thought Erin's lack of relief for the last 11 hours, and the addition of yet more liquid to her bladder over dinner, was going to be the worst of her problems at Cascade's diner. But I quickly realized I was wrong when our host took us to our table. It seemed Cascade's diner took its name literally in their decorations, because a beautiful waterfall fountain, with plenty of noisily running water, was at the center of their diner. It was as if the person who had designed the décor was hoping to witness plenty of desperate women diners with cascades of piss flowing down their legs. I glanced back at the desperate girl in the jeans and dark hoodie, wondering if her exhausted bladder would make her the first to have piss running down her legs. Or maybe it would be our CEO Katy, even though she tried to play the confident woman with the iron bladder for the guys. The rumors around the office were that she often drank a lot of tea at work, if true that tea had to be putting quite a strain on her tired & overworked bladder by now.

Our host seated us near the fountain, where Erin could easily hear it's constant torturous trickling sound loud and clear. Erin couldn't help but ram both her fists into her desperately throbbing pussy like a desperate little girl as she took her seat. To Erin it must have been like sitting next to a guy taking an endlessly long pee in front of her. Yet not a word of complaint escaped Erin's lips, it seemed she was used to having her bladder put in very uncomfortable situations like this and being expected to wait. It was almost like Erin secretly enjoyed putting herself in these desperate situations because she liked the feeling of a full bladder, maybe a lot of women secretly did in this city. Maybe that was part of why Erin obeyed the law & seemed to support the #GirlsShouldNotPee campaign so unquestionably.

While the pressure had been building in Erin's bladder all day thanks to all the coffee she had drank earlier, that didn't stop her from draining half her glass of water in the first 10 minutes. We hadn't even gotten our food yet. I stared incredulously at her, as Erin franticly shifted around in her seat while ramming a fist into her quivering pee hole. My staring wasn't unnoticed by Erin, who returned a knowing smile.

"I know Jeff, I really shouldn't be drinking all this water, especially when I already need to pee so frigging bad" Erin admitted as she continued to squirm around in her seat in the sexiest way. "The thing is I really don't want to suffer from dehydration, and to do that I've got to drink plenty of water, even though I haven't been able to pee since heading to work over 11 hours ago!".

"Why the concern about not drinking enough? Have you had medical issues from dehydration before?" I asked.

"No, but the doctors are always nagging us ladies to stay well hydrated to avoid dehydration issues. My doctor is always telling me 'if you don't need to pee really bad by the mid-afternoon then you aren't drinking enough water', and right now it's several hours past mid-afternoon. I've been dutifully following my doctor's advice throughout the day, with all that coffee earlier, so yeah, I really need to pee bad when I get home Jeff, it's getting to be an emergency".

"Easy for your doctor to give you those instructions, he can pee whenever he wants to. You're the one who has to hold it when your bladder swells up to the size of a melon after all that coffee, with no place to let it out all day" I pointed out.

"My doctor is a lady, so she has to hold it at work and out in public just like me, and she follows her own advice on this subject" Erin informed me with a slightly annoyed tone. "Also your concern is nice Jeff, but I'll be ok with not having my usual after work pee. It's nice when I get to pee after work. But sometimes I don't get a chance to and I need to keep holding it a while longer into the evening" she stated matter-of-factly, as if she couldn't care less whether she got to pee or not, despite the liters of boiling hot pee already sitting restlessly in her bulging bladder. With an attitude like that I knew the rest of dinner would be very interesting for me, and very uncomfortable for Erin as she filled her already full bladder with even more drinks.

"Ready to go Jeff?" Erin asked anxiously after we had finished dinner. I knew she was eager to leave so she could go home and pee. She sat at the edge of her seat with her legs tightly crossed, jerking around quick and anxiously with her fists shoved into her pussy. Even by Erin's iron bladder standards it must have been an emergency by now. It didn't look like it would take much more for Erin's boiling hot pee to start uncontrollably cascading out in a massive flood, especially after the 2 glasses of water she had drank in the last hour.

So of course I shook my head. "Not quite, I know you've been waiting to go all day, and you must need it quite badly by now, but I really need to slip into the men's room before we leave" I answered truthfully. I knew I was being cruel; I could have easily held it and let Erin get home a few minutes sooner to take her very badly needed pee. But hey, Erin was the one who had been encouraging me all day to not think about her bladder needs when I had to go. And Erin had willingly chosen to drink all that coffee and water throughout the day when she knew full well that there was no place for her to pee in public!

Rather than be annoyed, or protest that she urgently needed to get home so that she could use her toilet, Erin nodded meekly. "Go ahead and pee Jeff. I can cross my legs and wait like a good girl until you come back" she replied deferentially, even as her exhausted little pee hole was no doubt quivering under the strain of holding so much pent up pee back for so long. I imagine a 'bad girl' in Erin's mind would have complained about me going off to pee yet again while she was getting close to pissing her pants after being denied relief for the last 12 hours.

"I'll try to be quick Erin, I'm really sorry to keep you waiting while I go yet again" I said as I stood up.

"There's no need to feel guilty Jeff, I'm supposed to hold it, that's why there's no ladies rooms in public. You guys can pee whenever you want" she calmly reassured me as I left the table.

It continued to amaze me the way Erin so easily accepted without complaint that I got to pee yet again, while she had to keep holding it, even though she had been dying to pee for hours now! It seemed the only thing stronger than Erin's bladder, was her commitment to behaving like a proper lady, by obediently holding her liters of hot pee in without complaint like ladies were expected to in this city. Surely she wouldn't keep holding it without complaint until she couldn't wait any longer and began to piss herself? I wondered in that moment what the limits to her 'ladylike manners' and bladder endurance were. Maybe if I kept stalling her trip home I could find out tonight... starting with making my trip to the men's room longer than necessary... knowing Erin would obediently hold it and keep waiting for me...

Part 4: Not Giving a Lady Permission to Pee
As we waited to cross the street Erin bobbed up and down anxiously. Her reservoir of hot pee had been brewing uncomfortably in her visibly bulging bladder for most of the day. Yet it had been me, and not Erin, who got to use the toilet before we left the diner. Despite her urgent need for a long overdue afterwork piss, Erin had politely waited for several minutes while I used the men's room, all without a word of complaint. But what choice did Erin really have but to keep her throbbing little pee hole firmly clamped shut and wait? The city forbade her from ever peeing in public, even if it was an emergency, and Erin had made clear her support for the city's strict anti-female-public urination laws. So like a model female citizen Erin had dutifully held it in all day, even as she drank coffee like an addict, filling her bloated bladder to the brim. She had even endured listening to several guys pee freely in front of her at the public urinals, while she had to keep holding it in for hours. And now the chilly evening air was no doubt cruelly working it's magic on Erin's very unrelieved bulging bladder. Her fists were openly shoved into her desperately throbbing pussy as we waited for the traffic to pass.

But of course the evil part of me still didn't want to let Erin go home and pee quite yet. I was enjoying her 12 toilet-less hours far too much. Erin was so accustomed to being denied a chance to pee all day at work that she hadn't even complained once about her filling bladder. Yet she had still fiercely defended the city's lack of any ladies rooms when I brought it up earlier. It made me wonder if Erin was secretly enjoying her own daily desperate plight to. Maybe that was part of why she didn't seem to mind holding it from the early morning to evening.

Unfortunately it was too late in the evening for me to suggest we go out somewhere else like to the movies or a bar. We both had work tomorrow morning. So instead I asked Erin if she wanted to come back to my apartment and have a pint of beer or two with me. Erin smiled and nodded in agreement; she didn't even mention the possibility of her maybe swinging by her apartment so she could pee first.

Erin fidgeted around in anxious anticipation as I unlocked my front door. She looked as if she was hoping to dash straight to my toilet as fast as her high heels would let her. The evil part of me would have loved to prevent that by telling Erin she wasn't allowed to use my toilet for some contrived reason. I had little doubt Erin would dutifully hold it for me if I asked her not to use my toilet. The thought of making Erin continue to hold it another hour or more at my place even though my toilet was right there nearly gave me a raging hard-on. But then again, perhaps there was a good chance Erin might choose to hold her pee in for a while longer despite the availability of my toilet. I didn't know all the rules of this city. But I did know Erin had previously seemed rather disgusted at the thought of sharing a public toilet with a bunch of other women. Perhaps that met Erin wouldn't even consider using my toilet under any circumstances, even if it was an emergency. Or perhaps it was against the rules for her to use my toilet I wondered as I opened the door.

My bathroom was right across from the front door, so Erin couldn't miss it when we came in. She glanced longingly at my toilet through the open door, as if sorely tempted to go use it. But she politely remained rooted to the spot, crossing her legs and shifting around in obvious discomfort as she glanced at me expectantly. Perhaps Erin was hoping I would invite her to use my toilet, if so she was going to be sorely disappointed.

"Have a seat while I fetch us some beer" I told Erin, pointing to a seat facing the open bathroom door. Erin nodded obediently and moved to sit down, all while still anxiously glancing in the direction of my toilet. Even though she had been dying to pee for hours now, it seemed Erin was too timid to simply ask to use my toilet. Or perhaps it was considered inappropriate for a lady to even ask to use someone else's toilet, let alone use it without their permission.

I returned with two pint-sized cans of beer (473 ml). I made sure to feign a look of confusion as I handed one to Erin. "I thought you were going to hurry straight to my toilet to take a badly needed pee as soon as I let you in? Don't you want to go pee before drinking a pint or two of beer?" I inquired carefully. I made sure to avoid implying I was knowingly granting her permission to use my toilet.

"…I didn't want to be rude Jeff, or take advantage of you being new to the city. You never said I could use your toilet, so I figured it would be better if I just held it" Erin answered, as she bit her lips nervously. "It's well within your rights to refuse to let me use your toilet, for any reason. If you refuse to give me permission I'm not allowed to pee at your place" she stated matter-of-factly, as she squirmed around in her seat in desperation.

"Would you like my permission to go pee then?" I asked, making sure to not actually give her permission in the process. Erin smiled nervously.

"…I don't know, I can hold it if you want me to Jeff" she replied uncertainly as she fidgeted around uncomfortably in her seat. She obviously wasn't used to someone bothering to ask if she'd like to use their toilet. "I've needed to pee really frigging bad since we entered Cascade's diner though, so it would be nice to pee" she admitted anxiously as she eyed my toilet.

"I take it guys don't normally let you pee when they invite you over then?" I asked. Erin nodded in agreement.

"Most guys in the city prefer us girls treat their toilets like just another men's urinal we aren't allowed to use. Some guys don't even let their girlfriend use their toilet, even when she stays the night. But I usually prefer to just hold it anyway. I hate the thought of sitting on someone else's potentially dirty toilet seat, I'm really germophobic" she explained. I grinned inwardly at Erin's confession. The city's rules, and Erin's aversion to using any 'foreign' toilets, were going to make it easy for me to keep her from peeing for a very long time.

"Well, if you'd prefer to hold it for several more hours, I don't see why I should let you pee then, even if you were about to drink a few pints of beer" I replied. Erin grimaced, her throbbing bladder clearly not liking the thought of needing to hold on for a few more hours while she drank a few beers. She bent forward and jammed both hands into her crotch. Her pants were painfully digging into her swollen bladder bulge, adding to the enormous strain already on her exhausted little pee hole.

"…I was kind of hoping you'd at least consider letting me pee though. I've been holding it in since 7 AM, and I've had a lot to drink today, so I'm absolutely bursting for a piss right about now. …But I'll understand if you'd rather I hold it a while longer". She paused, grinding her thighs together frantically in her seat, as she struggled to keep her liters of boiling hot pee from erupting like a volcano through her exhausted little pee hole. "Are you going to let me pee then or not?" she asked matter-of-factly.

I shook my head. "I know you really need to pee bad, but I think you can hold it" I replied. Erin nodded meekly in acceptance, as if she had expected my refusal. "I hope you don't mind me making you wait; I know it's been many hours since you've last been able to pee".

"It's alright Jeff, if you want me to hold it you don't have to let me use your toilet. My friends would have also expected me to hold it for them" she assured me unemotionally, as if she hadn't really cared if she got to pee or not. She clenched her thighs together, and scissored her legs back and forth frantically in her seat. Yet she still took a long sip from her pint of beer, despite knowing she wouldn't be able to pee for a while now, I almost got a raging hard-on right there!

A few hours later, I still couldn't believe how easy it had been to get Erin to agree to hold it for me, even though my toilet was right in front of her. It would have been easy for Erin to ignore my refusal, plop herself on my toilet seat, and taken a nice long badly overdue pee. But like a proper lady she behaved herself, and held it like I asked her to, all while she drank her beer. She hadn't even asked me to reconsider when I said no, she had just simply accepted that she wasn't allowed to pee.

The two of us both ended up draining two pints of beer each (946 ml total) at a leisurely pace over the next two hours. It was just after 9 PM now, which met Erin had so far lasted through 14 toilet-less hours of bladder endurance. The exhausted muscles in her womanhood must have been really straining to continue to hold back her massive flood of boiling hot piss by now. She sat on the edge of her seat, absolutely bursting for the toilet as she frantically twisted her legs into desperate knots. My open bathroom door was still right across from Erin's seat, the white porcelain throne inside just waiting for her to sit on it and open her exhausted floodgates. Erin glanced longingly at its offered relief for the hundredth time that hour, as if she were seriously thinking about using it.

Except of course I had cruelly told Erin that she wasn't allowed to use my toilet. For all she knew I would have allowed her to pee, if only she hadn't told me I could refuse to let her use my toilet if I wanted to. If only she hadn't told me that guys generally expected the ladies they invited over to hold it. If only she had been able to swing by her place first, to take a quick pee break in her own bathroom. From Erin's perspective my bathroom might as well have had only a urinal in it, since there was no way I was letting her pee, and she probably knew that. Actually… now that I thought about it, I did need to take another piss myself… which gave my evil side a cruel idea that I had to act on.

"Well, I really need to go drain the main vein again after those last couple of beers" I announced as I stood up. For a split second I saw what looked like real worry in Erin's eyes, as her swollen bladder no doubt fiercely protested at the thought of me using the toilet yet again, while she was still stuck holding it. I had probably peed at least 5 times already since Erin's last trip to the toilet 14 long hours ago. The city could be so unfair to the bladder's of well-behaved ladies like Erin. Erin bit her lips nervously, and shoved her fists into her crotch as she writhed around anxiously in her seat. "You won't mind if I go take a piss, will you Erin?" I asked her politely. Part of me hoped she finally complained about how bad she already needed to pee.

Instead Erin merely shook her head. "No, you can pee whenever you want in your own home Jeff, even if you're still not going to let me pee" she replied matter-of-factly. There was no hint of jealousy, or resentment in her tone, even though I could have let her pee almost two hours ago.

"Good, and yes, I'd prefer if you could hold it a while longer". Erin nodded meekly in acknowledgement as she grinded her crossed legs together anxiously, and kept her hands jammed deep into her crotch. "I hope you don't mind how I've already asked you to hold it for the last 2 hours. I know you've been waiting to take a badly needed pee break for a really long time now" I added. Erin shook her head indifferently.

"Don't feel bad Jeff, it's your right to refuse to let me pee at your place. It doesn't matter if I'm absolutely bursting, or if I've been holding it for over 24 hours, I'm still expected to be a lady and wait" she answered indifferently. "Besides, I've seen thousands of cocks peeing in the public urinals over the years, when I hadn't been allowed to pee in least 12 hours. And at least a half dozen cocks from people I once dated peeing in their own toilets, while I was really desperate, but still wasn't allowed to pee at least until tomorrow morning. I'm used to it all" she assured me in the same matter-of-fact tone, as she continued to squirm around in her seat like a hot piss filled mess.

"Well, if you don't mind seeing guys pee in front of you, then I don't really care if you watch or not" I said as I stepped into the bathroom. Without even bothering to close the door, I whipped my cock out, walked up to the toilet, and started peeing. Because of the layout of my bathroom, and because Erin was sitting right outside it, she had a perfect sideview of my pissing cock.

I half expected Erin to look away, both for modesty's sake, and her bladder's sake. But she didn't. In my peripheral vision I saw her nakedly staring at my pissing cock, a look of excitement on her face. Despite all 14 desperate, toilet-less hours she had already endured, Erin was clearly enjoying this just as much as me! She knew she wasn't allowed to share in my relief, but Erin didn't seem to care. She just smiled eagerly as she watched me piss, even as she writhed around frantically in utter desperation. My cock stiffened significantly at Erin's enjoyment of all this despite her utterly desperate need to pee, which only seemed to make her smile bigger. Unfortunately my erection also made it a lot harder for me to finish peeing. My aim became more erratic from my partial erection, and my stream slowed down significantly, but Erin certainly didn't seem to mind.

When I finished I tucked my cock back in, washed my hands quickly, and turned around to see Erin blushing furiously, excitement still on her face. "That… was really hot Jeff. I see a lot of pissing cocks in public when I… pretend to politely look away, but I don't normally get such a great view" she confessed lustfully.

"And I think it's really hot how you still haven't been able to pee yet for the last 14 hours" I confessed.

"Good, because it's really enjoyable for me to. It makes me so frigging horny when I'm just absolutely bursting to piss like I am now" she told me excitedly as she scissored her legs back and forth frantically. "A lot of times I only get to pee twice a day, because my friends never let me use their toilet. And I'm too germophobic to even touch most people's toilets in the first place. I'll pee if I get a chance to use a clean toilet without breaking the rules, since those opportunities are so rare for us ladies in this city. But if I can't pee I don't mind holding it all day till I get home".

"Well then, it's a good thing I didn't let you pee when I invited you over" I replied with a grin, Erin nodded in agreement. "I appreciate you being a lady for me Erin, and not taking advantage of my ignorance of the rules so you could pee. You could have easily asked to use my toilet when I first let you in, without explaining the rules to me. I would have said yes without a second thought, and let you hurry right to my toilet to take a nice long pee" I pointed out.

"I know I could have Jeff, but I didn't want to be a rude guest. Everyone in this city hates girls who just use your toilet without asking. A visiting lady should always wait for her host's permission before she pees" Erin answered proudly. "Besides, I'd really prefer to use my own toilet whenever possible. No offense Jeff, but I'm so germophobic that I don't like touching toilets someone else just used. I would have peed if you let me when I first came in, but now I'd rather just hold it to avoid touching your potentially dirty toilet".

"Well, if you don't want to pee, then I won't give you permission to. I'm sure you can be a lady and hold it a while longer for me" I teased. "I promise I'll let you go home and use your own toilet in another hour or two" I added. Erin, with her fists jammed into her crotch, and a relieved smile on her face, nodded in agreement.

With the two of us both feeling quite lustful for each other I inevitably ended up leading Erin to my bedroom so we could have sex. The sight of Erin hurriedly undoing her pants, and ripping them and her panties down to her knees, as if she were in a hurry to use the toilet practically made me fully erect. Her massively swollen bladder now bulged out farther than the bladder's of any of the other desperate women I had seen today. At first I worried if Erin would even be able to hold it when I started fucking her, especially when I brought her to orgasm. I didn't want her to pee uncontrollably all over my bed. I didn't even have a trash can near my bed for her to use in an emergency. I asked her about this while we finished undressing.

"You're not allowing me to pee Jeff, so I won't" she replied haughtily. "Your concern is nice, but come on Jeff, you know I'm not going to pee in a trash can. I'm much too ladylike for that" she teased as she bobbed around anxiously, her hands gripping her sweaty pussy.

And so I ended up going to town on Erin. Her exhausted bladder tried to rebel against her iron control, and forcibly release her liters of boiling hot pee right there, but Erin wouldn't let herself feel relief so easily. When I let her ride my dick I could feel her exhausted sphincter constantly clenching very hard to keep her throbbing little pee hole clamped tightly shut. No wonder why she could hold such an unbearably full bladder all day long without any relief. I guess this was just one of the benefits of living in a city without any ladies rooms, it made the sex much better. Neither of us wanted to stop, so our sex dragged on for a while before we were both fully spent.

If we had been at Erin's apartment, she could have slipped right into her bathroom, and finally let herself pee after we had our fun. But she wasn't, and she knew she still couldn't pee at my apartment, because I still wasn't going to let her use my toilet. And even if I did, Erin had made clear she didn't want to use my 'dirty' toilet. I offered to let Erin pee in a large bucket for me, but she flatly refused.

"I wouldn't pee in your bucket even if it was an absolute emergency Jeff. I'm supposed to behave like a lady, and only pee in toilets" she replied firmly as she wriggled around frantically with her fists jammed into her crotch. That met Erin had only one option, redressing herself, and making the short walk back to her apartment, where she could finally pee after 15 long hours of waiting.

Erin twisted herself into desperate knots, and pee danced shamelessly as she compressed her poor engorged bladder back into her too-tight clothing. I expected Erin to be half-assed about dressing herself, so she could get home and sit on her badly needed toilet a little sooner. But to my surprise she took her time carefully buttoning up her pants, even as she nervously nibbled on her lips at the added pressure it put her overtaxed bladder.

Erin looked like her bladder was about ready to explode the entire 50 meter walk back to her apartment. Her fists were jammed into her crotch the entire time, and she was so desperate she could barely walk in her high heels. I fully expected Erin to kiss me good night, and leave me at the door when we arrived at her apartment. But to my delight she held the door open, and motioned for me to come inside with her, all while her body language screamed for me to hurry up so she could pee.

"I've already seen you pee, so it's only fair I let you see me pee" she explained mischievously as she hurried in after me.

"What if I said I'd prefer if you could wait?" I teased jokingly.

"Then you should have asked me to stay the night, and refused to let me pee at your place" she teased back, as if trying to give me an idea for later, as she hobbled to her toilet. The sight of her own toilet seemed to make Erin extra frantic as she hurriedly undid her pants again. I watched her rip her pants and panties down in one swift motion, and plop herself on the toilet seat, before finally unleashing Niagara Falls. 15 hours' worth of pent up boiling hot piss gushed out of Erin's pussy like a firehose, as a look of utter relief spread across her face. It took almost 3 full minutes for Erin's gusher to die down to a few dribbles, and finally stop.

"We're definitely doing this again. How about catching dinner and a movie Friday night?" I asked her as she grabbed a few sheets of toilet paper.

"Oh… you know that won't give me any time to go home and pee after work…" Erin teased. I nodded in agreement. "You were a lot tougher on my poor bladder then most people new to the city. Most of them would have let me pee at their place after I explained the rules, but after tonight I'm glad you didn't. Some guys have a lot of trouble adapting to living to in this city, but I can tell you'll do just fine Jeff. I'll see you after work this Friday then" she said with a wicked smile. I nodded in agreement. We both knew I definitely wasn't going to be letting Erin use the toilet for a very long time that Friday night.

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