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Since this is a forum about pee fetish variations but not a sales forum, even diapers're an item to pee on, so thought I would ask if anyone here is interested in buying my diapers as I drown in my fetish games, it is also possible to get customized diapers, ie the customer can decide for yourself how many times they want me to drown the diapers before the customer buys them. If customers prefer to have pictures with the name of the diapers drowned and the number of times they drowned so this can be arranged too.

This to sell diapers as I drowns out in my fetish games is something completely new to me, and to sell something to foreign customers is also something completely new. Another thought, I also have to create a portfolio or image gallery with pictures on them diapers I drown in fetish games, then my customers can pay with PayPal and download the image on theirs computers.

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Guest Anonymous

How much money would it cost for a soaked goodnight girl diaper

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Peelover this seems to be a 2 year old "Ad" so you may not have much luck. The poster hasn't been active or made any new posts since Dec 2014

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