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Random idea, but I just wondered if such a thing is even possible.

Basically a pee related version of a traditional radio podcast where 2 people (minimum) chat out loud (maybe through voice calls via Skype etc.?) about a pre-selected topic each week that could be voted for in advance by Peefans members.

Maybe VIP members could get a chance to be on the podcast itself with the host(s), and/or have access to an uncut version of the podcast or something.

If PeeFans Podcast can't be hosted here then maybe it could be hosted on YouTube or somewhere else instead, with a link to it being posted on here.


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Love the idea, and can actually imagine that proving quite popular. It can definitely be hosted here. 

I think the key would be if at least one of our female members is happy to be involved to make it more balanced, as actually hearing pee discussion and stories would be hot as well as interesting.

Could also have quick updates on other pee-related news or updates from popular pee sites etc (e.g. the best new video releases and so on).

Certainly potential here. Would be keen to hear other people's thoughts.  

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