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Movie theater holding contest part 1

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This is a grace and julie story. This is the last one I wrote, and it is not posted in chonilogical order of the series, however ive been getting off to it a lot lately and wanted to share. For purposes of story, the girls have grown fond of holding it, and often have public holding competitions with each other. 

The two girls entered the theater quietly side by side and walked up to the counter where they're purchased they're tickets. It was a quiet Sunday, the girls had arrived 15 before the matinee performance of the classic Dances with wolves. The girls smirked at each other as they purchased they're tickets...knowing the movie was over three hours. The girls received they're tickets and headed for the concession. As they waited in line, intent on purchasing extra large sodas they chatted about they're weeks and respective lives, but theyre minds were focussed on what was to come next. They're were about to play one of the holding they'd grown to enjoy . They'd both been chugging ice cold water and tea all morning. The rules were simple. Each girl could empty they're bladder once in the hour before the movie. The goal was to wait through the entire movie. If one of them needed to go before the last credit rolled, the other won . Nothing was at stake, only pride. If both girls could hold it then it was considered a tie. 

The girls paid for their drinks and headed towards the thether. As they passed the bathroom, grace held up. "Mind holding my drink Jules? I'm bursting. Think I'll empty before we go in" she said with a smile. 
Julie smirked back. "Waiting until the last minute like usual grace?"she inquired, knowing the answer as she took graces drink.
"I don't plan on loosing today " she answered casually as she headed towards the ladies room, her curvy ass bouncing in the little denim mini skirt she had worn that day to match Julie's. She didn't have an intention of letting Julie win today. She was still burning at the fact that Julie had shown her up a few weeks earlier. Grace was usually good at these games, but a few weeks earlier she hadn't gaged her fluid intake well, and it had sent her running from the thether barely an hour into the movie desperate for the toilet, while Julie sat quietly with a smirk on her face and her bladder barely half full.

Grace entered the ladies and took her place in the queue, not long by standards, only 3 ladies waiting for 4 stalls. "I need a win" she thought as she waited her turn patiently. "If I repeat last times show I'll never here the end of it" she crossed her legs, now next in line. She was fuller then she realized.

A toilet flushed and a girl vacated the stall. Grace walked and shut the door, bolting it shut and turning to face the toliet. Its was pristine, "for once" she thought to herself, not that it mattered really she noted as she lifted her skirt and dropped her panties to mid thigh. Grace was a stand up girl and proud of it.

Spreading her lips, she took aim. He stream started perfectly, straight out from her body, clean and clear. It shot for half a foot before trailing off and arching down into the toliet with a splash. "Right in the centre" she thought with a smile as she also felt the relief of her bladder beginning to empty. She was proud of her aim and watched in fascination as her stream gained power with each second. 

"Always fun" she thought as the process of emptying continued. "Still" she sighed "toilets are so dull" Grace always enjoyed her standing pees more when they were into urinals. Problem was they weren't always easy to come by, especially in the ladies room. Availability was only half the problem....at 5ft 1 grace couldn't count the number of times she'd been unable to reach the porecilen pisser and had been relegated to the stall. 

Her had now gone on for 45 secs. Grace had now reached full flow. Her stream now half an inch thick shot from her urethra and arched into the toliet, the splash now a dull roar as it thundered into the water on impact. Grace still only felt about half empty, knew there was more. To come . "A waste really" she thought as her mind wandered back to were she'd rather be pissing. It'd been two busy to try on the way in but maybe after the movie she thought.... she'd never used the men's room her, she'd have to cross her fingers that the boys had wall length pissors, or that they were short enough. "I hate having to use the short one" she pouted, now finally feeling her bladder start to deflate to a 1/4 full. Grace usually liked to pinch off at 1/5 before her stream lot power but she knew she'd need a totally empty tank for today's match. 

As she reach a minute and a half of solid pissing she could feel herself loosing power . She closed the distance between herself and the toliet as it wained off, until she stood right over it, allowing the last bit to dribble from her bladder into the toliet. Feeling fully relieved, she took a minute to admire her handy work. A bowl full of light yellow pee and not a drop on the seat, a feet to be proud of for sure. Grace wiped and the flushed before vacating the stall and headed outside. 

Julie stood there waiting for her, drinks in hand with a smirk on her face. "Better?" She inquired
"Much" grace replied with a smile, grabbing her drink and starting to sip.
"Thats good" Julie replied still smirking "wouldn't want a repeat of last time would we" she laughed.
Grace shot her a glare as the walked into the thether to do battle 

To be continued
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