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    I am fairly new at this piss play fetish. At first I was so ashamed with myself after pissing all over me. Now I am obsessed with my piss play and can’t get enough of it. I live by myself so I can enjoy the smell of my dried pee all over my body. It’s all so exhilarating and really turns me on.

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    Peeing all over myself every morning and rubbing it in. I also save a few containers of my pee from the day before and then pour it on my head and let it run down over my face and into my mouth and all over me.

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  1. Newby here. I take a solitary golden shower every morning. I cover the drain with a stopper and then love to play in my pee rubbing it all over me and letting it dry for a couple of hours before I shower again. I love the smell and the smooth silkiness fell of my skin. Just curious if this is a common form of piss play and especially for those who live alone?
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