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    Hi, I'm Will!

    As far back as I can remember, I've always been absolutely fascinated by female urination. It's always seemed so powerful to me - which I guess has something to do with how I ended up such a submissive, when it comes to watersports and everything pee play-related!

    To my kinky mind, there is nothing more intimate than sharing my lovely wife's piss, in whatever way she might deign to bestow it on me - whether that's simply getting to watch as she pulls down her pants and soaks... Well, whatever she wants to soak - or taking her squirts straight from the source while she pleasures herself riding my face. She's such an absolute pee queen, and it is my honor and privilege to belong to her and satisfy her however she wants in return.

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    I love EVERYTHING about girly pee, but I'd have to say #1 is getting drowned by a powerful stream from her cunt
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    So many contenders for this! I couldn't possibly pick just one all-time favorite, so I'll tell you my most recent favorite:

    Last week, wifey rode along with me all day as I drove all over the metroplex, running errands and such. First thing that morning, she had me buy her an entire gallon of water to drink, and told me she wasn't going to be using any restroom today.

    True to her word, she absolutely drenched my car and everything in it with her incredible cunt, spraying load after load with unbelievable frequency... The sheer volume of piss was really astounding!

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  1. Oh man, if I suddenly woke up to having a female body? And (presumably for this scenario) wasn't married? Well, if I got my pick, I would definitely go for a female body like that of Ana Didovic, HornyRoxy, JackyBabe1, etc... Big bladder, strong and wide urethra. First thing, I'd want to see how powerfully I could pee. Most women can pee much harder and with higher throughput compared to most men; I would want to really push that to the limit. Doing this would absolutely make me horny as fuck, so I'd probably masturbate a lot throughout and enjoy the multiple orgasms and lack of
  2. I absolutely agree with you about the emotional connection and intimacy associated with pee sex!! I drink my wife's pee as often as 5 days a week (would like to get that up to every day!), yet we only have sex 2 or occasionally 3 times a week. Why do I want to drink her pee even on occasions when I know it won't lead to sex? Simple: intimacy. By tasting her pee, I get unique insight into what's going on with her body that particular day - is she well-hydrated, did she drink any coffee or alcohol, or consume any artificial sweeteners... Plus, I just love the feeling of tak
  3. I'm Will, and I'm very glad to be here! I'm amazed how long it took me to find this community, but as soon as I heard about it (i.e. earlier this morning), I knew I had to join. Guess I'll share a bit about myself and my fetish... Not sure how many others are like this, but my own pee fetish is very one-sided. Although I explored my own pee at a certain point in my life, that phase didn't last very long before I ultimately decided it's really just HER pee ("her" being whomever I'm attracted to) that I'm really interested in. "Interested in?" - no, scratch that - more like, "Obsessed
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