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  1. Do you have the other parts to this story or know where i can find them? Thanks
  2. Hi, is it possible to buy your pee on carpet and wall video? Looks hot!
    1. chantelle22


      No, sorry I don't "sell" videos. If I were going to contribute videos, they'd be free. And it wasn't a video, I did it for fun, haha.
    2. maaclr


      Even better! I'd love to see some videos from you! You can come over to my place and do it for fun anytime you like and i'll join in!! Like you i'm also located in Australia but don't know anyone with this fetish and no one seems to be interested. We must be unique or something.
    3. maaclr


      Forgot to ask, where are you in Aus?
  3. is those two labelled picland.to videos? where can i get it?
  4. Is that last one a video? Where can i find it... so hot

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