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  • Birthday 11/17/1962

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    gay crossdresser
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    hehe anything that pays
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    mature submissive...no limit....i enjoy a good old toilet session...golden showers?
    bring them on... and its a great vitamin drink hehehe
    i like to drink frim the tap or taps(if i get lucky)....nothing is a turn off

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    i love the taste...drink.my own a lot if i cant meet a man to feed me...love fresh or morning piss... even met a few that freeze it and put it it in my vodka...or any kind of spirit...i do like getting soaked also...would be great in a full bath..mmm
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    rough guy i meet at times ties my hands behind my back chucks me in his bath in my undies.... pulls a stocking over my head the waterboards me...its heaven

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  1. hi im pretty new to this site..im gonna go exploring it soon...find out what is what...so for now i will watch my Qs and Pees 😇😂😈
  2. thanxx feeling a warm...and dry...hehe.. welcome already xx
  3. 😇completely by chance...though i was searching for a site like this...im glad i found it xxx
  4. hi im Terri a cd...glad i have found a forum site like this...hiya to all looking forward to meeting all you pee fans...especially the men xxx hehe
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