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  1. You’re what I’m looking for in a woman. Wow. Just wow
  2. That’s a good question because i myself haven’t found a great solution. Due to the fact that I’m lazy and the thought of cleaning up takes all the fun out of it i usually won’t do it if the clean up our ways the thrill of peeing somewhere in the first place. Because if that reason i have been experiencing more so with ways i know i won’t have to clean up (i.e. doing it somewhere Discretely in public, Experiencing with diapers which has been pretty fun actually, or doing it in places or around people idc if they have to clean it up). ive found its more fun not to clean it up
  3. Other than the toilet, a diaper or the shower
  4. A onesie is a fun choice. It’s like a towel that you can wear lol
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