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  1. I'll let you know if I come across something that's not easily accessible
  2. Honestly I have no idea how common it is. And no, she didn't wipe
  3. She probably just pulled them to the side, or yes, she could have not been wearing any.
  4. I re-read my post today, and I can't quite figure out what I was going for here, but I'm almost certain that's not a real expression lol
  5. Yes... We all are raised differently and I never took a piss standing at home, I still don't. Part of this is because I'm lazy as shit and don't want to bother with aiming, part of it is due to my inability to sense whether or not I need to shit until my bladder's empty and as such I don't want to bother with having to switch positions. The other reason is my house is poorly insulated and due to this if I were to stand, the entire house would be able to hear it and as stated before, I'm too lazy to master the techniques of curving the bullet to get that perfect silent piss. When I'm in pu
  6. BTW that video is of a woman picking at a peeling ceiling while nonchalantly dumping piss onto both the ladder and all over the floor
  7. Note: This is my second post on this site so please give me some slack if I've posted it to the wrong place If there's a video you like on Youtube, then you can generally rest assured that it will still be there the next time you want to watch it, porn on the other hand is a whole other kettle of fish. Especially within the sub-genres porn you'll find that stuff comes and goes really fast if posted by a non-verified users on many websites. I feel that as a community we have suffered immensely from events such as the recent mass-purging that comprised of the majority of the platform's vide
  8. Note: This is my first post on this website and I intend to remain some what active, please feel free to ask me any questions 🙂 Note 2: I am intentionally being vague for the sake of this individual's privacy. This experience of mine wasn't of much significance to me at the time, however a few years later when I learned how abnormal this experience was, I decided to glue down that memory and protect it from slipping away into the mists of time. I was in my second year of french preschool and my teacher (I'm pretty sure she was in her 30s) would generally wear cords
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