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  1. Like many of the other stories.....I've been seen by women using the stalls in the mens room. Most recent was at a winery at an outdoor concert. I ended up with an erection because I was able to hear the women that started out watching me pee in the stall right next to me.....she sighed in relief.....was so exciting.
  2. The most open was a trough along the entire wall of the restroom at a convention center I was at for a Karate tournament. It was the first time I had seen one of those, so it took me awhile to be able to release...even though I really had to go.
  3. Hello....I'm new to the site and from the same area. 🙂
  4. I've been horny being at home. I'm new to this site, but getting excited already. My last outdoor was alongside my truck with the front and back door open. I had gone out so that I could have some privacy in the truck to masturbate. Needed a release and needed to pee before getting hard.
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