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  1. I certainly did. Cracking set of stories there! Unfortunately, I'd already found all of them so no new ones for me, but still nice to go back and revisit some old friends.
  2. Just so you know, for me at least long stories are what I'm looking for, and yours are some of the best around! No need to shorten them. I don't usually reply to story threads, simply because I have nothing original to say and just writing another "me too" post seems a bit pointless. I do always click the like button on a good story though.
  3. Took me a moment to find the original parts of this great story, so here they are in case anybody else needs them: https://peefans.com/topic/12629-her/ https://peefans.com/topic/12735-her-part-2/ https://peefans.com/topic/12992-her-part-3/
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