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  1. @Beautifulhiss so you'd recommend plenty of fish? I've never used that one before, but might give it a go. Seems more like a regular dating site, and I'm not looking for a relationship (got one already), just a pee play partner to explore with (I have permission from my partner)
  2. Hi Everyone! Been a lurker on here for years, with only a few occasional posts (mostly in the yellow salty pee thread). From Yorkshire, but I spend most of my time in Cambridgeshire these days. Anyone else from those places? Loved pee all my life, was always turned on when someone was desperate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, yellow is my favourite colour!
  3. Fellow Yorkshireman here too! Although I live in Cambridgeshire now
  4. So I'm aware some people on here suggest Fetlife for potential meets with like minded people (there's a specific option for watersports as an interest). But I recently had Fabswingers suggested to me as an alternative. I wondered if anyone else has used this (and had any luck with it)? It also has a specific option for watersports as an interest, and there seems to be a very large user base. Are there any other sites people recommend?
  5. Anyone have any suggestions/experiences using pee dating sites? My partner does NOT share my piss fetish, so has given me permission to seek a play partner (as long as nothing else is involved) but I've no idea how to find someone in my area interested in it
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