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  1. Well...it has been a long time since I have posted on here, and let's just say I have my reasons. I have lurked around the past several years and have tried to keep my distance from people (everyone...no one is singled out). I might start frequenting this site more often, as it seems some of my posts have been hits. To confirm your suspicions, yes, hpz48 was me on peeingcupid. I just never got anywhere with that site and was frustrated more than anything. And yes, I have been in discussions with some individuals on this site who know more about me than others, but I am not ready to contin
  2. Yeah definite lady bulge going on!! I totally agree...if you've got it, flaunt it! I know some women say it is uncomfortable, but not for me. I love the way it feels and how it defines my anatomy! And I know there are people out there who love to see it and it turns me on when I catch someone looking! And if you are offended by it, look away bitch!!
  3. LOL! Yes I guess you could say that! But with swimsuits and most of my pants/shorts, there is no fooling going on!! ;)
  4. Yes, I am one of those exceptions of which you speak. Obviously it is hard to generalize. I used to be very self-conscious about how big everything is down there. I actually went to a doctor as a teen who used the word hypertrophy to describe my situation. Not that getting a word to describe it helped, but knowing that I wasn't the first girl to be so large was comforting. Since then, I have embraced my size and love it!!! Isn't that a whole other forum? LOL!!!
  5. Well said! I have only two coworkers in a small office with paper thin walls and bathroom door. Both of my coworkers pee super loud but they are very distinctive as one is a male and the other a female. Sometimes I feel like the three of us are having a competition!!
  6. There may be some validity to big girls having big bladders, but I am 5'3" and my bladder capacity is crazy! I can and do control my flow and I might choose to gush it out over 30 seconds or I might flow it over 2+ minutes. Just depends on my mood and who might be listening! ;)
  7. I totally appreciate that you are a moderator for this forum and you are looking out for the best interest of it and its members. Like you found that pic and sent it to me, my friend did the same. Again, I appreciate your commitment to the site! I am just here to have some fun! :)
  8. My friend said she has seen that pic on one website before. I didn't know it was several at this point. Social media at its best! No worries, though, you can believe what you want!
  9. Hi Steve! Yes, that is actually me. I have adopted the YOLO train of thought so... I have to admit, though, that picture is several years old. I have different hair color/do now. And yes, I totally agree that public beaches are great for pissing! Most of the time ppl don't realize what you are doing, but sometimes I like to create a little doubt in their minds!!! Unfortunately I do not live near a beach so I am lucky to get there once a year.
  10. I have created many big, warm puddles in the hot southwest Florida sun!!
  11. I totally agree with sara babe! I purposefully go to my condo pool/hot tub with a full bladder to let it all go. It turns me on to know that ppl are swimming through it. I will sometimes pick a person and start a conversation with them and pee right next to them. And yes I love the beach, although I am not close at all. I love peeing all over my towel or in the sand with ppl around.
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